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1 Artús Suàrez, Lluís; Jayarathne, Upul; Balcells, David; Bernskoetter, Wesley H.; Hazari, Nilay; Jaraiz, Martin; Nova, Ainara.
Rational selection of co-catalysts for the deaminative hydrogenation of amides. Chemical Science 2020 ;Volume 11.(8) p. 2225-2230
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2 Artús Suàrez, Lluís.
Microkinetic modelling of CO2 reduction. NordCO2 summer school; 2019-10-01 - 2019-10-04
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3 Artús Suàrez, Lluís.
Workshop for COPASI microkinetic modelling. Workshop in microkinetic modelling with COPASI; 2019-03-26 - 2019-03-27
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4 Artús Suàrez, Lluís; Balcells, David; Nova, Ainara.
Rational Cocatalyst Design for Amide Hydrogenolysis Based on DFT Calculations. 10th Triennial Congress of the International Society for Theoretical Chemical Physics; 2019-07-11 - 2019-07-17
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5 Leischner, Thomas; Artus Suarez, Lluis; Spannenberg, Anke; Junge, Kathrin; Nova, Ainara; Beller, Matthias.
Highly selective hydrogenation of amides catalysed by a molybdenum pincer complex: scope and mechanism. Chemical Science 2019 ;Volume 10.(45) p. 10566-10576
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6 Artus Suarez, Lluis.
Computational study on amide hydrogenolysis to methanol and amine.. FutureFeed Closing Seminar; 2018-08-16 - 2018-08-16
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7 Artus Suarez, Lluis.
Computational study on amide hydrogenolysis to methanol and amine.. NordCO2 Winter meeting; 2018-05-15 - 2018-05-16
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8 Artus Suarez, Lluis; Culakova, Zuzana; Balcells, David; Bernskoetter, Wesley H; Eisenstein, Odile; Goldberg, Karen I.; Hazari, Nilay; Tilset, Mats; Nova, Ainara.
The Key Role of the Hemiaminal Intermediate in the Iron-Catalyzed Deaminative Hydrogenation of Amides. ACS Catalysis 2018 ;Volume 8.(9) p. 8751-8762
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9 Artus Suarez, Lluis; Nova, Ainara; Balcells, David; Tilset, Mats.
Computational study on the iron-catalyzed hydrogenation of amides to methanol and amines. Computational Catalysis for Sustanaible Chemistry; 2018-06-13 - 2018-06-15
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10 Artus Suarez, Lluis; Nova, Ainara; Balcells, David; Tilset, Mats.
Hydrogenation of amides to methanol and amines with an iron-based catalyst. A computational study.. International congres of quantum chemistry; 2018-06-18 - 2018-06-23
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11 Artus Suarez, Lluis; Nova, Ainara; Balcells, David.
Earth-abundant metal catalyst for amide hydrogenation to methanol.. EuCOMC 2017; 2017-07-09 - 2017-07-13
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12 Gholizadeh Dogaheh, Samira; Heras Ojea, María José; Rosado Piquer, Lidia; Artus Suarez, Lluis; Khanmohammadi, Hamid; Aromí, Guillem; Sañudo, Eva Carolina.
CoII and CuII Fluorescent Complexes with Acridineā€Based Ligands. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (EurJIC) 2016 ;Volume 20. p. 3314-3321