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1 Ghannoum, Salim; Antos, Kamil; Netto, Waldir Leoncio; Gomes, Cecil; Köhn-Luque, Alvaro; Farhan, Hesso.
CellMAPtracer: A User-Friendly Tracking Tool for Long-Term Migratory and Proliferating Cells Associated with FUCCI Systems. Cells 2021 ;Volume 10.(2) p. 1-18
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2 Ghannoum, Salim; Netto, Waldir Leoncio; Fantini, Damiano; Ragan-Kelley, Benjamin; Parizadeh, Amirabbas; Jonasson, Emma; Ståhlberg, Anders; Farhan, Hesso; Köhn-Luque, Alvaro.
DIscBIO: A User-Friendly Pipeline for Biomarker Discovery in Single-Cell Transcriptomics. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2021 ;Volume 22.(3) p. 1-19
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3 Eck, Franziska; Phuyal, Santosh; Smith, Matthew D.; Kaulich, Manuel; Wilkinson, Simon; Farhan, Hesso; Behrends, Christian.
ACSL3 is a novel GABARAPL2 interactor that links ufmylation and lipid droplet biogenesis. Journal of Cell Science 2020 ;Volume 133.(18) p. 1-16
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4 Farhan, Hesso.
Rendezvous of Retro-2 at the ER. Nature Chemical Biology 2020 ;Volume 16.(3) p. 229-230
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5 Farhan, Hesso.
Tyrosine kinase signaling in and on the endoplasmic reticulum. Biochemical Society Transactions 2020 ;Volume 48.(1) p. 199-205
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6 Gilljam, Karin Margaretha; Holm, Kristine Lillebø; Zahoor, Muhammad; Centonze, Federica Grazia; Farhan, Hesso; Blomhoff, Heidi Kiil.
Differential Effects of Reactive Oxygen Species on IgG versus IgM Levels in TLR-Stimulated B Cells. Journal of Immunology 2020 ;Volume 204.(8) p. 2133-2142
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7 Reiterer, Veronika; Pawlowski, Krzysztof; Desrochers, Guillaume; Pause, Arnim; Sharpe, Hayley J.; Farhan, Hesso.
The dead phosphatases society: a review of the emerging roles of pseudophosphatases. The FEBS Journal 2020 ;Volume 287.(19) p. 4198-4220
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8 Centonze, Federica Grazia; Farhan, Hesso.
Crosstalk of endoplasmic reticulum exit sites and cellular signaling. FEBS Letters 2019 p. 1-9
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9 Centonze, Federica Grazia; Reiterer, Veronika; Nalbach, Karsten; Saito, Kota; Pawlowski, Krzysztof; Behrends, Christian; Farhan, Hesso.
LTK is an ER-resident receptor tyrosine kinase that regulates secretion. Journal of Cell Biology 2019 ;Volume 218.(8) p. 2470-2480
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10 Cui, Yixian; Parashar, Smriti; Zahoor, Muhammad; Needham, Patrick; Mari, Muriel; Zhu, Ming; Chen, Shulian; Ho, Hsuan-Chung; Reggiori, F; Farhan, Hesso; Brodsky, Jeffrey L; Ferro-Novick, Susan.
A COPII subunit acts with an autophagy receptor to target endoplasmic reticulum for degradation. Science 2019 ;Volume 365.(6448) p. 53-60
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11 Phuyal, Santosh; Farhan, Hesso.
Multifaceted Rho GTPase Signaling at the Endomembranes. Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology 2019 ;Volume 7.(127)
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12 Plissonnier, Marie-Laure; Cottarel, Jessica; Piver, Eric; Kullolli, Majlinda; Centonze, Federica Grazia; Pitteri, Sharon; Farhan, Hesso; Meunier, Jean-Christophe; Zoulim, Fabien; Parent, Romain.
LARP1 binding to hepatitis C virus particles is correlated with intracellular retention of viral infectivity. Virus Research 2019 ;Volume 271.(197679)
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13 Farhan, Hesso; Legler, D; Uetz-von Allmen, Edith; Rippl, Alexandra V.
A unique signal sequence of the chemokine receptor CCR7 promotes package into COPII vesicles for efficient receptor trafficking. Journal of Leukocyte Biology 2018
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14 Farhan, Hesso; Zahoor, Muhammad.
Crosstalk of Autophagy and the Secretory Pathway and Its Role in Diseases. International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology 2018 ;Volume 337. p. 153-184
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15 Saponara, Enrica; Visentin, Michele; Baschieri, Francesco; Seleznik, Gitta; Martinelli, Paola; Esposito, Irene; Buschmann, Johanna; Chen, Rong; Parrotta, Rossella; Borgeaud, Nathalie; Bombardo, Marta; Malagola, Ermanno; Caflisch, Amedeo; Farhan, Hesso; Graf, Rolf; Sonda, Sabrina.
Serotonin uptake is required for Rac1 activation in Kras-induced acinar-to-ductal metaplasia in the pancreas. Journal of Pathology 2018 ;Volume 246.(3) p. 352-365
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16 Farhan, Hesso; Kundu, Mondira; Ferro-Novick, Susan.
The link between autophagy and secretion: A story of multitasking proteins. Molecular Biology of the Cell 2017 ;Volume 28.(9) p. 1161-1164
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17 Murphy, James M.; Farhan, Hesso; Eyers, Patrick A..
Bio-Zombie: The rise of pseudoenzymes in biology. Biochemical Society Transactions 2017 ;Volume 45.(2) p. 537-544
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18 Reiterer, Veronika; Pawłowski, Krzysztof; Farhan, Hesso.
STYX: A versatile pseudophosphatase. Biochemical Society Transactions 2017 ;Volume 45.(2) p. 449-456
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19 Reiterer-Farhan, Veronika; Figueras‐Puig, Cristina; Le Guerroue,, Francois; Confalonieri, Stefano; Vecchi, Manuela; Jalapothu, Dasaradha; Kanse, Sandip; Deshaies, Raymond J; Di Fiore, Pier Paolo; Behrends, Christian; Farhan, Hesso.
The pseudophosphatase STYX targets the F‐box of FBXW7 and inhibits SCFFBXW7 function. EMBO Journal 2017 ;Volume 36.(3) p. 260-273
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20 Farhan, Hesso.
Regulation of EGFR surface levels by COP II-dependent trafficking. Journal of Cell Biology 2016 ;Volume 215.(4) p. 441-443
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