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1 Martin, Christie; Radišić, Jelena; Stovner, Roar Bakken; Blikstad-Balas, Marte; Klette, Kirsti.
Exploring the use of mathematics observation tools across contexts - How do these tools shape our understanding of instructional quality when applied in different school settings?. QUINT Conference; 2019-06-18 - 2019-06-20
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2 Stovner, Roar Bakken.
Conceptual and Procedural Feedback across 164 Norwegian Mathematics Lessons. CERME11; 2019-02-06 - 2019-02-10
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3 Stovner, Roar Bakken; Nortvedt, Guri A..
Using video data to research teachers’ feedback practices – a matched comparison approach. QUINT Conference; 2019-06-18 - 2019-06-20
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4 Luoto, Jennifer Maria; Stovner, Roar Bakken; Nortvedt, Guri A.; Buchholtz, Nils.
Methodological challenges when scaling up research on instructional quality in mathematics. I: Perspectives on professional development of mathematics teachers. Proceedings of MADIF 11 The eleventh research seminar of the Swedish Society for Research in Mathematics Education. Karlstad, January 23–24, 2018. Sverige: SMDF 2018 ISBN 978-91-984024-2-1. p. 211-220
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5 Stovner, Roar Bakken.
Do Mathematics-Specific and General Observation Instruments Capture Different Aspects of Instruction?. Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association; 2018-04-13 - 2018-04-17
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6 Stovner, Roar Bakken.
Får elevene gruble nok? Dilemmaer ved å gi støtte i matematikktimene.
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7 Stovner, Roar Bakken; Nortvedt, Guri A.; Buchholtz, Nils; Luoto, Jennifer Maria.
Symposium of Researching the Quality of Mathematics Teaching. MADIF11; 2018-01-23 - 2018-01-24
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8 Stovner, Roar Bakken.
How Do Norwegian Mathematics Teachers Provide Feedback During Their Lessons in Lower Secondary Schools?. ECER; 2017-08-22 - 2017-08-25
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