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1 .
The role of culture in English Language Teaching. : Payame Noor University 2019 300 p.
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2 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Adam Kirsch, The Global Novel: Writing the World in the 21st Century Paperback. Columbia Global Reports. Ostrava Journal of English Philology 2018 ;Volume 10.(1)
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3 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Challenges of the new curriculum in Norway. International Partners Conference; 2018-10-01 - 2018-10-05
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4 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Detective fiction and World War One. International Scholar presentation; 2018-02-14
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5 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Empathetic narrative technique in the graphic novel: the case of Persepolis (2008). Seventh International Conference on Language and Literary Studies; 2018-05-18 - 2018-05-19
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6 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Empathy and theory of mind in the graphic novel. The case of Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis. 8th international SELICUP conference; 2018-10-24 - 2018-10-26
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7 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Everyone Loves a Good Story: Reading for Pleasure, Reading for Understanding. : Acta Didactica Norge 2018 (ISBN 978-1-107-14465-1) ;Volume 12.80 p. Acta Didactica Norge - tidsskrift for fagdidaktisk forsknings- og utviklingsarbeid i Norge(2)
HIOF Untitled
8 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Laying Bare parts of Australia: displacement and the human rights culture. Australian studies conference; 2018-01-17 - 2018-01-18
HIOF Untitled
9 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Maisie Dobbs: a self-reliant detective in an increasingly technological world. Murder, she tweeted: Crime narratives and the digital age’conference; 2018-08-23 - 2018-08-24
HIOF Untitled
10 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Metacognition and Reader Response: the use of reading logs in the envisionment-building classroom. Acta Didactica Norge 2018 ;Volume 12.(2) p. 1-27
HIOF Untitled
11 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Post-modernism and post- Margaret Atwood: the state of Canadian literature Today as the past meets the present. Exploring Canada: Exploits and Encounters; 2018-08-08 - 2018-08-11
HIOF Untitled
12 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Principles of the Lingua Franca Approach in the Iranian Context. Second national conference on English Language Studies: Applied Linguistics perspectives on EFL; 2018-04-29 - 2018-04-30
HIOF Untitled
13 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Reading and Metacognition. : Acta Didactica Norge 2018 Acta Didactica Norge - tidsskrift for fagdidaktisk forsknings- og utviklingsarbeid i Norge(-)
HIOF Untitled
14 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Tanti, Melissa, Jeremy Haynes, Daniel Coleman, and Lorraine York (eds.). Beyond Understanding Canada: Transnational Perspectives on Canadian Literature (Edmonton: University of Alberta Press, 2017). British Journal of Canadian Studies 2018 ;Volume 31.(1) p. 124-125
HIOF Untitled
15 .
The role of electronic feedback in students' academic texts. : Lund University Press 2018 100 p.
HIOF Untitled
16 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
‘Why we need to read and understand literature: Literariness and Hans Rosling’s Factfulness'. The Journal of Applied Linguistics and Applied Literature: Dynamics and Advances (JALDA) 2018
HIOF Untitled
17 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
World War One, fiction, and memory. International Scholar presentation; 2018-02-21
HIOF Untitled
18 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
‘Writing and presenting in English’. One-day lecture and workshop for PhD students at Parma University. Lecture and workshop for PhD students; 2018-05-08
HIOF Untitled
19 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson; Knutsen, Karen Sue Patrick.
Reading for pleasure, reading for understanding: Reading and metacognition in the English language classroom. Acta Didactica Norge 2018 ;Volume 12.(2) p. -
HIOF Untitled
20 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson; Oukhnavova-Shmyrova, Irina.
Academic Writing in English for Teachers, Researchers and Students. A Handbook. : Jan Kochanowski University Press 2018 150 p.
HIOF Untitled
21 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson; Svenhard, Britt W..
The importance of trust and local participation in the implementation of the new Norwegian school curriculum. "Trust in governance": Education, languages, policies; 2018-05-09
HIOF Untitled
22 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Den litterära journalisten Gustaf Hellström söker sanningen i Sovjet Unionen. I: Resa i Stalins Ryssland. Gustaf Hellströms Reportage från Sovjetunionen sommaren 1937. : Nomen 2017 ISBN 9789188713384.
HIOF Untitled
23 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Elinor Barr. Swedes in Canada: Invisible Immigrants. British Journal of Canadian Studies 2017 ;Volume 30.(1)
HIOF Untitled
24 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Evolution and Imagination in Victorian Children's Literature av Jessica Straley. English Studies: A Journal of English Language 2017 ;Volume 98.(3) p. 346-347
HIOF Untitled
25 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Higher education in Sweden. Visiting scholar; 2017-04-07
HIOF Untitled
26 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Intercultural communication in the context of minor languages. Konferense; 2017-11-22 - 2017-12-02
HIOF Untitled
27 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Knowledge through transformation of experience and its implications for teacher education. A case study. Changing perspectives and approaches in contemporary teaching; 2017-10-23 - 2017-10-25
HIOF Untitled
28 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Lois Lowry's 'The Giver': a dystopia couched in Secrets.. End Games; 2017-08-16
HIOF Untitled
29 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Malissa Tanti, Jeremy Haynes, Daniel Coleman, Lorraine York (eds.). Understanding Canada. Transnational Perspectives on Canadian Literature. British Journal of Canadian Studies 2017
HIOF Untitled
30 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Margaret Atwood. The Burgess Shale. The Canadian Writing Landscape of the 1960s. CLC Kreisel Lecture Series. American Studies in Scandinavia 2017 ;Volume 49.(2)
HIOF Untitled
31 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Reading Literature. Judith Langer and the Envisionment-building classroom. Litteraturdidaktisk konferens; 2017-10-06
HIOF Untitled
32 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Reading practices among students'. International Week; 2017-03-27 - 2017-03-29
HIOF Untitled
33 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Ryan Trimm. Heritage and the Legacy of the Past in Contemporary British Literature and Culture. English studies 2017
HIOF Untitled
34 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Science, Fiction, and the Fin-de-Siècle Periodical Press. English Studies: A Journal of English Language 2017 ;Volume 98.(4) p. 442-443
HIOF Untitled
35 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Tereza Topolovska. The Country House Revisited. Variations on a theme from Forster to Hollinghurst. Ostrava Journal of English Philology 2017 ;Volume 9.(2) p. 73-74
HIOF Untitled
36 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
The challenges of writing a master's thesis in English: 5 key areas. Visiting scholar; 2017-03-03
HIOF Untitled
37 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Values in Second Language Education. Konferense; 2017-11-26
HIOF Untitled
38 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Will Tattersdill. Science, Fiction and Fin-de-Siecle Periodical Press. English studies 2017
HIOF Untitled
39 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson; Sarvandy, Elham.
English Language Teaching in Iran: Tradition versus Modernity. Chinese Journal of Applied Linguistics 2017 ;Volume 40.(1) p. 112-119
HIOF Untitled
40 Mikkelsen, Robert Lewis; Knutsen, Karen S Patrick; Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Upper-secondary-school Norwegian history books and Norwegian collaboration with the Germans during World War Two. A story of consensus. Interdisiplinary Conference on Hate Speech: Denfinitions. Interpretations, and Practices; 2017-06-09 - 2017-06-11
HIOF Untitled
41 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Downton Abbey: A Golden Age or Social Mobility in Reverse?. I: Golden Epochs and Dark Ages: Perspectives on the Past. Lublin: Wydawnictwo KUL 2016 ISBN 978-83-8061-317-1.
HIOF Untitled
42 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Downton Abbey och den bild den ger av samhællet. Avdeling før Økonomi, Språk og Samfunn; 2016-09-21
HIOF Untitled
43 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Downton Abbey och Førsta Værldskriget. Høørs Førelæsningsserie; 2016-11-24
HIOF Untitled
44 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Gustaf Hellström, Excerpt: IGustaf Hellström, Foreign Correspondent for Dagens Nyheter (The Daily News) in Paris, 1911–1917. I: Literary Journalism and World War I: Marginal Voices. Presses universitaires de Nancy 2016 ISBN 9782814302822.
HIOF Untitled
45 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Gustaf Hellstrøm i London och hans reportage om suffragettrørelsen. Gothenburg Book Fair; 2016-09-22 - 2016-09-25
HIOF Untitled
46 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Londons mentala karta. Gustaf Hellströms litterära skildringar av London. I: Reporter i världens största stad: Gustaf Hellström i London 1907-1910. : Nomen 2016 ISBN 9789188329950. p. 149-167
HIOF Untitled
47 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Læsprojekt Høgskolan Kristianstad. Kvalitetsprojekt vid Høgskolan Kristianstad; 2016-08-26 - 2016-08-26
HIOF Untitled
48 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Making the Invisible Visible. Swedish Emigration to Canada in a new study by Elinor Barr. Scandinavian Association for American Studies; 2016-09-29 - 2016-10-01
HIOF Untitled
49 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Peter Ackroyd. A Horror and a Beauty: The World of Peter Ackroyd's London Novels. Ostrava Journal of English Philology 2016 ;Volume 8.(2)
HIOF Untitled
50 Ekstam, Jane Mattisson.
Reading articles in English. A report on our reading project January-August 2016. Kvalitetskonferens; 2016-08-26 - 2016-08-26
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