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1 Prendergast, Claire Nicole.
Infant Understanding of Different Forms of Social Exclusion. Brain Sciences 2019 ;Volume 9.(9)
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2 Prendergast, Claire Nicole; Eftedal, Nikolai Haahjem; Ikonomeas, Alexander Gustav Fredriksen; Brun, Aurora; Huth, Håkon; Bredesen, Marit.
The Norwegian version of the five factor narcissism inventory for vulnerable narcissism and the grandiose narcissism subscale of indifference: Psychometric properties of the long‐ and short‐form versions. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology 2019 ;Volume 60.(5) p. 492-500
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3 Kunst, Jonas R.; Bailey, April; Prendergast, Claire Nicole; Gundersen, Aleksander.
Sexism, rape myths and feminist identification explain gender differences in attitudes toward the #metoo social media campaign in two countries. Media Psychology 2018
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4 Prendergast, Claire Nicole; Thomsen, Lotte.
‘Selvations’ in Social Motivation. Social justice research 2017 ;Volume 30.(3) p. 1-8
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5 Fitzpatrick, Marilyn; Henson, Alisha; Grumet, Robin; Poolokasinghman, Gauthamie; Foa, Clare; Comeau, Thea; Prendergast, Claire Nicole.
Challenge, focus, inspiration and support: Processes of values clarification and congruence.. Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science 2016 ;Volume 5.(1) p. 7-15
6 Prendergast, Claire Nicole.
In the intimacy of my “enaction”: Modeling kohut’s “bipolar self” as an autopoietic system: A dialectic approach to phenomenological research in contemporary psychoanalytic self psychology. Psychoanalytic Review 2016 ;Volume 103.(3) p. 317-339
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7 O'Rourke, Breffni; Prendergast, Claire Nicole; Shi, Lijing; Smith, Bryan; Stickler, Ursula.
Eyetracking in CALL – present and future. I: WorldCALL: Sustainability and Computer-Assisted Language Learning. Bloomsbury Academic 2015 ISBN 9781474248303.
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