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1 Bauer, Susanne.
Biobank Boxes: Technologies of Population. I: Boxes: A Field Guide. Manchester: Mattering Press 2020 ISBN 978–1-912729–01–2. p. 380-395
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2 Bauer, Susanne.
Navigation Tools for Studying Boxes: A User’s Manual. I: Boxes: A Field Guide. Manchester: Mattering Press 2020 ISBN 978–1-912729–01–2. p. 44-51
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3 Bauer, Susanne; Schlünder, Martina; Rentetzi, Maria.
Boxes: A Field Guide. Manchester: Mattering Press 2020 (ISBN 978–1-912729–01–2) 624 p.
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4 Güttler, Nils; Schlünder, Martina; Bauer, Susanne.
The Ur-Box. Multispecies Take-off from Noah´s Ark to Animal Air Cargo. I: Boxes: A Field Guide. Manchester: Mattering Press 2020 ISBN 978–1-912729–01–2. p. 214-229
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5 Amelang, Katrin; Bauer, Susanne.
Following the algorithm: How epidemiological risk-scores do accountability. Social Studies of Science 2019 ;Volume 49.(4) p. 476-502
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6 Bauer, Susanne.
Beyond the Nuclear Epicenter. Health Research, Knowledge Infrastructures and Secrecy at Semipalatinsk. Cahiers du monde russe 2019 ;Volume 60.(2-3) p. 493-516
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7 Bauer, Susanne.
Indexing, Coding, Scoring: The Engine Room of Epidemiology and its Routinized Techno-Digestions. Somatechnics 2019 ;Volume 9.(2-3) p. 223-243
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8 Bauer, Susanne.
Soviet Radiation Biology: Navigating the Boundaries of Closed Worlds. Transnational Perspectives on Soviet Cutting-Edge Technology; 2019-01-31 - 2019-02-01
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9 Bauer, Susanne; Güttler, Nils; Schlünder, Martina.
Encounters in Borderlands: Borderlining Animals and Technology at Frankfurt Airport. Environmental Humanities 2019 ;Volume 11.(2) p. 247-279
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10 Hoeyer, Klaus; Bauer, Susanne; Pickersgill, Martyn.
Datafication and accountability in public health: Introduction to a special issue. Social Studies of Science 2019 ;Volume 49.(4) p. 459-475
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11 Bauer, Susanne.
Extracting, Scaling, Re-Producing: How digital modelling re-aligns and valuates salmon and public health. “The Good Economy”: If valuation studies and “the bioeconomy” meet; 2018-06-07 - 2018-06-10
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12 Bauer, Susanne.
Following the algorithm: time and synchronisation in an epidemiological risk score. Symposium: "Life Times. Medical temporalities in conflict"; 2018-06-15
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13 Bauer, Susanne.
Invited Commentary: Nuclear Technopolitics. Half-lives, short and long. Nuclear Technopolitics in the Soviet Union and Beyond; 2018-03-22 - 2018-04-23
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14 Bauer, Susanne.
Science and Technology Studies: Resources for Transdisciplinary Investigations. Unconventional Convention “Knowing the Naryn river”; 2018-04-25 - 2018-04-30
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15 Bauer, Susanne; Hanke, Christine.
Locating the data centre. Attending to place in the study of cloud computing. Conference of the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST); 2018-07-25 - 2018-07-28
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16 Markabayeva, Akbayan; Bauer, Susanne; Pivina, Lyudmila; Bjørklund, Geir; Chirumbolo, Salvatore; Kerimkulova, Aiman Saylaubekovna; Semeneva, Yulia; Belikhina, Tatyana.
Increased prevalence of essential hypertension in areas previously exposed to fallout due to nuclear weapons testing at the Semipalatinsk Test Site, Kazakhstan. Environmental Research 2018 ;Volume 167. p. 129-135
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17 Talleraas, Tina; Bauer, Susanne.
Avsrekkingens pris. Klassekampen 2018 p. 20-21-
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18 Bauer, Susanne.
Following the Algorithm. The Social Life of Risk Scores. Norwegian-Russian Academic Network: Science, Technology and Medicine: Global Challenges; 2017-11-14 - 2017-11-16
UiO Untitled
19 Bauer, Susanne.
Locating cybersecurity. Teknovatøren 2017 (14) p. 36-37
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20 Bauer, Susanne.
Radiation Science After the Cold War. The Politics of Measurement, Risk, and Compensation in Kazakhstan. I: Health, Technologies and Politics in Post-Soviet Settings: Navigating Uncertainties. Palgrave Macmillan 2017 ISBN 9783319641485. p. 225-249
UiO Untitled
21 Bauer, Susanne.
Science Studies. I: Handbuch Wissenschaftsgeschichte. Verlag J. B. Metzler 2017 ISBN 3476024652. p. 55-67
UiO Untitled
22 Bauer, Susanne; Heinemann, Torsten; Lemke, Thomas.
Einleitung. Einführung in die Science and Technology Studies. I: Science and Technology Studies. Klassische Positionen und aktuelle Perspektiven. Suhrkamp 2017 ISBN 978-3-518-29793-3. p. 7-40
UiO Untitled
23 Bauer, Susanne; Heinemann, Torsten; Lemke, Thomas.
Science and Technology Studies. Klassische Positionen und aktuelle Perspektiven. Suhrkamp 2017 (ISBN 978-3-518-29793-3) 646 p.
UiO Untitled
24 Bauer, Susanne; Kalmbach, Karena; Kasperski, Tatiana.
From Pripyat to Paris,from Grassroots Memories to Globalized Knowledge Production: The Politics of Chernobyl Fallout. I: Nuclear Portraits: Communities, the Environment, and Public Policy. University of Toronto Press 2017 ISBN 9781442626294. p. 149-189
UiO Untitled
25 Bauer, Susanne.
'Persönlichkeitsanalyse' als akademische Inwertsetzung. Zeitschrift für medienwissenschaft 2016 ;Volume 2. p. 160-165
UiO Untitled
26 Bauer, Susanne.
Population Genetics, Cybernetics of Difference, and Pasts in the Present: Soviet and post-Soviet Maps on Human Variation. History of the Human Sciences 2015 ;Volume 28.(5) p. 146-167
UiO Untitled
27 Bauer, Susanne; Kleiber-Bischof, Christine.
Risk Assessors and Bio-Participants: Homo Europaeus in Contemporary Nutrition and Health Research. Comparativ. Zeitschrift für Globalgeschichte und vergleichende Gesellschaftsforschung 2015 ;Volume 25.(5/6) p. 191-210
UiO Untitled
28 Bauer, Susanne.
Bauer, Susanne: Mutations in Soviet public health science: Post-Lysenko medical genetics, 1969–1991. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C: Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences 2014 ;Volume 47.(3) p. 163-172
UiO Untitled
29 Bauer, Susanne.
Ernährung als epigenetische Schaltstelle. Wie die Nutrigenomik Körper, Nahrung und Sozialität neu zusammenfügt. I: Kulturen der Epigenetik. Vererbt, codiert, übertragen. Walter de Gruyter 2014 ISBN 978-3-11-031603-2. p. 11-22
UiO Untitled
30 Bauer, Susanne.
From Administrative Infrastructure to Biomedical Resource: Danish Population Registries, the 'Scandinavian Laboratory', and the 'Epidemiologist’s Dream'. Science in Context 2014 ;Volume 27.(2) p. 187-213
UiO Untitled
31 Bauer, Susanne.
Lenin spannt aus. Alexander Sinowjews „Homo sovieticus“ – eine mehrfache Provokation.. Zeithistorische Forschungen 2014 ;Volume 11. p. 485-492
UiO Untitled
32 Bauer, Susanne.
Studying BRCA performativity: re-calibrations by and of the social sciences. I: Breast Cancer Gene Research and Medical Practices. Transnational Perspectives in the Time of BRCA. Routledge 2014 ISBN 9780415824064. p. 209-219
UiO Untitled
33 Bauer, Susanne.
Virtual Geographies of Belonging. The Case of Soviet and Post-Soviet Human Genetic Diversity Research. Science, Technology and Human Values 2014 ;Volume 39.(4) p. 511-537
UiO Untitled
34 Bauer, Susanne; Fleming, Martha; Olsén, Jan Eric.
Im Zwischenraum von Labor und Museum: Eine Ausstellung zur Biomedizin.. I: Wissenschaft im Museum. Ausstellung im Labor. Kulturverlag Kadmos 2014 ISBN 978-3-86599-223-9. p. 174-195
UiO Untitled
35 Bauer, Susanne; Vuković, Marija Brajdić; Dányi, Endre; Fabók, Márton; Tchalakov, Ivan.
Postsocialism and STS. A subplenary at EASST. EASST Review 2014 ;Volume 33.(4) p. 5-8
UiO Untitled
36 Bauer, Susanne.
Modeling Population Health. Reflections on the Performativity of Epidemiological Techniques in the Age of Genomics. Medical Anthropology Quarterly 2013 ;Volume 27.(4) p. 510-530
UiO Untitled
37 Bauer, Susanne.
Technoscience im Museum. Interventionen in Biomedizin und Museologie. I: Eingreifen, kritiseren, verändern!? Interventionen ethnographisch und gendertheoretisch. Münster: Westfälisches Dampfboot 2013 ISBN 978-3-89691-913-7. p. 228-241
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38 Bauer, Susanne; Blacker, Sarah; Güttler, Nils; Schlünder, Martina.
The Racehorse on the Runway. The hybrid ecologies of Frankfurt Airport show us how homes and borders intersect. nautilus science magazine 2013 ;Volume 8.
UiO Untitled
39 Bauer, Susanne; Holmberg, Christine; Bischof, Christine.
Making Predictions: Computing Populations. Science, Technology and Human Values 2013 ;Volume 38.(3) p. 398-420
UiO Untitled
40 Bauer, Susanne.
Verteilte Handlungsmacht im Experiment - Von der Epistemologie zu multiplen Ontologien. Berichte zur Wissenschaftsgeschichte 2012 ;Volume 35. p. 341-350
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41 Bauer, Susanne; Schlünder, Martina; Reiß, Christian; Hüntelmann, Axel.
Cakes und Candies - Zur Geschichte der Ernährung von Versuchstieren. Berichte zur Wissenschaftsgeschichte 2012 ;Volume 35. p. 275-285
UiO Untitled
42 Bauer, Susanne; Bischof, Christine; Haufe, Stephan Gabriel; Beck, Stefan; Scholze-Irrlitz, Leonore.
Essen in Europa. Kulturelle 'Rückstände' in Nahrung und Körper. Transcript Verlag 2010 (ISBN 9783837613940) 194 p.
UiO Untitled
43 Bauer, Susanne; Bergermann, Ulrike; Hanke, Christine; von Oldenburg, Helene; Reiche, Claudia; Sick, Andrea.
Prototypisieren. Eine Messe für Theorie und Kunst. Bremen: thealit.FRAUEN.KULTUR.LABOR 2009 (ISBN 9783930924141) 272 p.
UiO Untitled
44 Bauer, Susanne; Wahlberg, Ayo.
Contested Categories. Life Sciences in Society. Ashgate 2009 (ISBN 9780754676188) 210 p.
UiO Untitled
45 Bauer, Susanne.
The Health Impact of Atmospheric Nuclear Testing. Cancer Epidemiology in Areas Adjacent to the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site, Kazakhstan. Peter Lang Publishing Group 2006 (ISBN 3631537301) 233 p.
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