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1 Josefsson, Sarah Elisabet; Beiske, Klaus; Blaker, Yngvild Nuvin; Førsund, Mette S; Holte, Harald; Østenstad, Bjørn; Kimby, Eva; Köksal, Hakan; Wälchli, Sébastien; Bai, Baoyan; Smeland, Erlend B; Levy, Ronald; Kolstad, Arne; Huse, Kanutte; Myklebust, June.
TIGIT and PD-1 mark intratumoral T cells with reduced effector function in B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Cancer immunology research 2019 ;Volume 7.(3) p. 355-362
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2 Köksal, Hakan; Dillard, Pierre; Josefsson, Sarah Elisabet; Maggadottir, Solrun Melkorka; Pollmann, Sylvie Mireille; Fåne, Anne; Blaker, Yngvild Nuvin; Beiske, Klaus; Huse, Kanutte; Kolstad, Arne; Holte, Harald; Kvalheim, Gunnar; Smeland, Erlend B; Myklebust, June Helen; Inderberg, Else Marit; Wälchli, Sébastien.
Preclinical development of CD37CAR T-cell therapy for treatment of B-cell lymphoma. Blood Advances 2019 ;Volume 3.(8) p. 1230-1243
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3 Josefsson, Sarah Elisabet Göthberg; Huse, Kanutte; Kolstad, Arne; Beiske, Klaus; Pende, Daniela; Steen, Chloe Beate; Inderberg, Else Marit; Lingjærde, Ole Christian; Østenstad, Bjørn; Smeland, Erlend B; Levy, Ronald; Irish, Jonathan M.; Myklebust, June.
T cells expressing checkpoint receptor TIGIT are enriched in follicular lymphoma tumors and characterized by reversible suppression of T-cell receptor signaling. Clinical Cancer Research 2017 ;Volume 24.(4) p. 870-881
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