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1 Maul, Daniel.
Derechos Humanos, Desarrollo y Descolonización. La Organización Internacional del Trabajo entre 1940 y 1970.. Madrid: Plaza y Valdes 2017 (ISBN 978-84-16032-91-4) 466 p.
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2 Maul, Daniel.
The Rise of a Humanitarian Superpower. American NGOs and International Relief, 1917–1945. I: Internationalism, Imperialism and the Formation of the Contemporary World: The Pasts of the Present. Palgrave Macmillan 2017 ISBN 3319606921. p. 129-148
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3 Maul, Daniel.
American Quakers, the Emergence of International Humanitarianism, and the Foundation of the American Friends Service Committee, 1890–1920. I: Dilemmas of Humanitarian Aid in the Twentieth Century. Oxford University Press 2016 ISBN 9780198778974. p. 63-87
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4 Maul, Daniel.
The ILO, Asia and the Beginnings of Technical Assistance, 1945-60. I: The ILO from Geneva to the Pacific Rim. West meets East. Palgrave Macmillan 2016 ISBN 9781137554734. p. 110-133
5 Maul, Daniel.
The politics of neutrality: The American Friends Service Committee and the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939. European Review of History 2016 ;Volume 23.(1-2) p. 82-100
6 Maul, Daniel.
Humanitärer Aufbruch - Internationale Hilfe in der Zwischenkriegszeit.. Geschichte in Wissenschaft und Unterricht 2015 ;Volume 66.(1/2) p. 46-60
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7 Maul, Daniel.
"Um Exército de Representantes Silencioso": As ONGs Americanas e o Surgimento de Mecanismos Internacionais de Ajuda Humanitária (1917-1939). I: Os Passados do Presente. Internacionalismo, Imperialismo e a Construcao do Mundo Contemporaneo. Livraria Almedina 2015 ISBN 9789724061627. p. 211-233
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