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1 Gopalakrishnan Saroja, Seethapathy; Raclariu, Ancuta Cristina; Anmarkrud, Jarl Andreas; Wangensteen, Helle; de Boer, Hugo.
DNA Metabarcoding Authentication of Ayurvedic Herbal Products on the European Market Raises Concerns of Quality and Fidelity. Frontiers in Plant Science 2019 ;Volume 10. p. 1-11
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2 Gopalakrishnan Saroja, Seethapathy; Kaliamoorthy, Ravikumar; Paulsen, Berit Smestad; de Boer, Hugo; Wangensteen, Helle.
Ethnobotany of dioecious species: Traditional knowledge on dioecious plants in India. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 2018 ;Volume 221. p. 56-64
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3 Gopalakrishnan Saroja, Seethapathy; Tadesse, Margey; Malterud, Karl Egil; Shaanker, R.U.; de Boer, Hugo; Ravikanth, G.; Wangensteen, Helle.
DNA strekkodeanalyser og kvantitativ NMR spektroskopi av garciniafrukter og ekstrakter. Farmasidagene 2018; 2018-11-06 - 2018-11-08
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4 Gopalakrishnan Saroja, Seethapathy; Tadesse, Margey; Urumarudappa, Santhosh Kumar J.; Gunaga, Srikanth V.; Vasudeva, Ramesh; Malterud, Karl Egil; Shaanker, Ramanan Uma; de Boer, Hugo; Ravikanth, Gudasalamani; Wangensteen, Helle.
Authentication of Garcinia fruits and food supplements using DNA barcoding and NMR spectroscopy. Scientific Reports 2018 ;Volume 8:10561. p. 1-12
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5 Gopalakrishnan Saroja, Seethapathy.
Slik påvirker planters sexliv avling og smak. [Newspaper] 2017-05-17
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6 Gopalakrishnan Saroja, Seethapathy; Wangensteen, Helle.
Skyggesidene ved åpen publisering: indiske forskere utnyttes av røvertidsskrifter. Nytt Norsk Tidsskrift 2017 ;Volume 33. p. 165-173
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7 Gopalakrishnan Saroja, Seethapathy.
Predatory publishers gain foothold in Indian academia’s upper echelon. Science Magazine [Journal] 2016-12-14
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8 Gopalakrishnan Saroja, Seethapathy; Santhosh Kumar, JU; Hareesha, AS.
India's scientific publication in predatory journals: Need for regulating quality of Indian science and education. Current Science 2016 ;Volume 111.(11) p. 1759-1764
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9 Tidemann, Grethe; Gopalakrishnan Saroja, Seethapathy.
Rovtidsskrifter undergraver indisk forskning. Uniforum [Newspaper] 2016-02-18
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