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1 Ndongson, Bernadin Dongmo; Lang, Guang-Ping; Mece, Odeta; Hechaichi, Nadine; Lajqi, Trim; Hoyer, Dirk; Brodhun, Michael; Heller, Regine; Wetzker, Reinhard; Franz, Marcus; Levy, Finn Olav; Bauer, Reinhard.
Reduced ambient temperature exacerbates SIRS-induced cardiac autonomic dysregulation and myocardial dysfunction in mice. Basic Research in Cardiology 2019 ;Volume 114:26.(3) p. 1-20
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2 Bloch, Laura; Ndongson, Bernadin Dongmo; Kusch, Angelika; Dragun, Duska; Heller, Regine; Huber, Otmar.
Real-time monitoring of hypertrophy in HL-1 cardiomyocytes by impedance measurements reveals different modes of growth. Cytotechnology (Dordrecht) 2016 ;Volume 68.(5) p. 1897-1907