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1 Brennan, Matt; Devine, Kyle.
Music streaming has a far worse carbon footprint than the heyday of records and CDs—new findings. The Conversation 2019
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2 Devine, Kyle.
Decomposed: The Political Ecology of Music. MIT Press 2019 (ISBN 9780262537780) 328 p.
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3 Devine, Kyle.
Digital Music Consumption Has Led to Increase in Greenhouse Gas Emissions, New Study Finds. Billboard [Internet] 2019-04-08
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4 Devine, Kyle.
E-mails, applications mobiles, centres de données : le numérique, un véritable glouton énergétique. L'Orient-Le Jour [Internet] 2019-07-13
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5 Devine, Kyle.
Emissions From Music Consumption Reach Unprecedented High, Study Shows. Pitchfork [Internet] 2019-04-08
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6 Devine, Kyle.
Is Streaming Music Dangerous to the Environment? One Researcher Is Sounding the Alarm. Rolling Stone [Internet] 2019-05-23
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7 Devine, Kyle.
Is streaming music worse for the environment than buying CDs and records?. Australian Broadcasting Corporation [Internet] 2019-06-04
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8 Devine, Kyle.
Noise pollution: What you need to know about the carbon footprint of streaming music. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation [Internet] 2019-04-21
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9 Devine, Kyle.
Real Cost of Streaming. Cape Talk (South Africa) [Radio] 2019-04-09
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10 Devine, Kyle.
Streaming Music Shamed for its Inadvertent Carbon Output. Gizmodo [Internet] 2019-04-09
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11 Devine, Kyle.
The Internet’s Carbon Footprint. IRL: Online Life is Real Podcast [Internet] 2019-07-15
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12 Devine, Kyle.
The Slow Violence of Music: An Infrastructural History of Sound Reproduction. IASPM Canada Annual Conference; 2019-05-24 - 2019-05-26
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13 Devine, Kyle.
The World Remade. Reasonably Sound (podcast) [Internet] 2019-08-19
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14 Devine, Kyle.
Vinyle ou streaming : quel support musical pollue le plus la planète ?. Télérama [Internet] 2019-07-28
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15 Devine, Kyle; Brennan, Matt; Collinson Scott, Jo.
The Cost of Music. IASPM Biennial Conference 2019; 2019-06-24 - 2019-06-28
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16 Devine, Kyle.
Musicology Without Music?. Musicology Without Borders; 2018-04-26 - 2018-04-28
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17 Devine, Kyle.
Desert Island Discomorphoses: Listening Formations and the Material Cultures of Music. I: Defining the Discographic Self: Desert Island Discs in Context. Oxford University Press 2017 ISBN 9780197266175. p. 67-82
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18 Devine, Kyle.
Making Infrastructures Audible: An Introduction. Organized Sound: Anthropologies and Musicologies of Infrastructure; 2017-09-08 - 2017-09-10
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19 Devine, Kyle.
Plastic Makes Perfect: Popular Music Before Production and After Consumption. IASPM-Canada Annual Conference; 2017-05-25 - 2017-05-28
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20 Devine, Kyle.
Recorded Music and the Capitalist World System. 19th Biennial IASPM Conference; 2017-06-01 - 2017-06-05
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21 Devine, Kyle.
Recorded Music: Theory and Plastic. International Musicological Society Congress; 2017-03-19 - 2017-03-23
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22 Nielsen, Nanette; Devine, Kyle; Hagen, Per Ole; Gadir, Tami.
How We Got into Academia, and How to Get (More) Out of It: Ideas Entrepreneurship in Action. Music2020: Interdisciplinarity, Innovation, Impact; 2017-06-15
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23 Born, Georgina; Devine, Kyle.
Introduction: Gender, Creativity, and Education in Digital Musics and Sound Art. Contemporary Music Review 2016 ;Volume 35.(1) p. 1-20
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24 Devine, Kyle.
Bugs, Rocks, Oil, and Light: Material Politics and Recordings as Cultural Artifacts. International Musicological Society Meeting; 2016-07-01 - 2016-07-06
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25 Devine, Kyle.
Even in the Quietest Moments: Loudness and Power in “Speaker Culture”. Popular Music and Power; 2016-06-24 - 2016-06-25
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26 Devine, Kyle.
L’intensité matérielle de l’écoute musicale sous forme de données. I: Où va la musique? Numérophose et nouvelles experiences d’écoute. Presses des Mines 2016 ISBN 9782356714077. p. 47-64
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27 Devine, Kyle.
Organized Sound: Music, Media, Infrastructure. Society for Ethnomusicology Annual Meeting; 2016-11-11 - 2016-11-13
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28 Devine, Kyle.
Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Music, Materiality, Infrastructure. IASPM-US & Canada Annual Meeting; 2016-05-27 - 2016-05-30
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29 Devine, Kyle.
Sound Media Research Report. Ottawa: Canada Science and Technology Museum 2016 37 p.
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30 Born, Georgina; Devine, Kyle.
Music technology, gender, and class: Digitization, educational and social change in Britain. Twentieth-Century Music 2015 ;Volume 12.(2) p. 135-172
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31 Devine, Kyle.
The Material Intensity of Listening to Music as Data: Ruptures and Continuities. Musimorphoses: On the Future of Music Listening in the Digital Era; 2015-11-11 - 2015-11-13
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32 Devine, Kyle; Everrett, Tom.
Solid Sound? Staging, Perspective, and Practice in the History of Stereo. IASPM Canada Annual Meeting; 2015-05-27 - 2015-05-30
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33 Devine, Kyle Ross.
Decomposed: A political ecology of music. Popular Music 2015 ;Volume 34.(3) p. 367-389
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34 Devine, Kyle Ross; Shepherd, John.
The Routledge Reader on the Sociology of Music. Routledge 2015 (ISBN 9781138856363) 386 p.
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35 Devine, Kyle Ross; Théberge, Paul; Everrett, Tom.
Living Stereo: Histories and Cultures of Multichannel Sound. Bloomsbury Academic 2015 (ISBN 9781623565510) 304 p.
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36 Devine, Kyle; Shepherd, John.
Music and the Sociological Imagination—Pasts and Prospects. I: The Routledge Reader on the Sociology of Music. Routledge 2015 ISBN 9781138856363. p. -
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37 Devine, Kyle; Théberge, Paul; Everrett, Tom.
Introduction: Living Stereo. I: Living Stereo: Histories and Cultures of Multichannel Sound. Bloomsbury Academic 2015 ISBN 9781623565510. p. 1-34
38 Devine, Kyle Ross.
A Mysterious Music in the Air: Cultural Origins of the Loudspeaker. Popular Music History 2014 ;Volume 8.(1) p. 5-28
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39 Devine, Kyle Ross.
Imperfect Sound Forever: Loudness Wars, Listening Formations and the History of Sound Reproduction. Popular Music 2013 ;Volume 32.(2) p. 159-176
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