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1 Gutema, Tariku Mekonnen; Atickem, Anagaw Meshesha; Alemu, Diress Tsegaye; Bekele, Afework; Sillero-Zubiri, Claudio; Marino, Jorgelina; Kasso, Mohammed; Venkataraman, Vivek V.; Fashing, Peter; Stenseth, Nils Christian.
Foraging ecology of African wolves (Canis lupaster) and its implications for the conservation of Ethiopian wolves (Canis simensis). Royal Society Open Science 2019 ;Volume 6.(9) p. 1-9
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2 Aticho, Abebayehu; Gemeda, Dessalegn Obsi; Feyssa, Debela Hunde; Jiru, Dereje Bekele; Beyene, Abebe; Seyoum, Dinberu; Snelder, Denyse J; Feyisa, Gudina Legese; Aynalem, Shimelis; Archibald, George; Gutema, Tariku Mekonnen.
Assessment of black crowned crane and wattled crane population and spatiotemporal distribution in Jimma Zone, Southwest Ethiopia. Global Ecology and Conservation 2018 ;Volume 16.
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3 Gutema, Tariku Mekonnen; Atickem, Anagaw Meshesha; Lemma, Alemayehu; Bekele, Afework; Sillero-Zubiri, Claudio; Zinner, Dietmar; Farstad, Wenche Kristin; Arnemo, Jon Martin; Stenseth, Nils Christian.
Capture and immobilization of African wolves (Canis lupaster) in the Ethiopian Highlands. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 2018 ;Volume 54.(1) p. 175-179
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4 Woldemariam, Wondimu; Gutema, Tariku Mekonnen; Morrison, Kerryn; Aticho, Abebayehu.
Assessment of wetland flora and avifauna species diversity in Kafa Zone, Southwestern Ethiopia. Journal of Asia-Pacific Biodiversity 2018 ;Volume 11.(4) p. 494-502
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5 Gutema, Tariku Mekonnen; Atickem, Anagaw Meshesha; Bekele, Afework; Sillero-Zubiri, Claudio; Kasso, Mohammed; Alemu, Diress Tsegaye; Venkataraman, Vivek V.; Fashing, Peter; Zinner, Dietmar; Stenseth, Nils Christian.
Competition between sympatric wolf taxa: an example involving African and Ethiopian wolves. Royal Society Open Science 2018 ;Volume 5.(5) p. 1-9
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6 Atickem, Anagaw Meshesha; Simeneh, Getachew; Bekele, Afework; Gutema, Tariku Mekonnen; Sillero-Zubiri, Claudio; Hill, Russell A; Stenseth, Nils Christian.
African wolf diet, predation on livestock and conflict in the Guassa mountains of Ethiopia. African Journal of Ecology 2017 ;Volume 55.(4) p. 632-639
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7 Gutema, Tariku Mekonnen.
Conflict between sympatric wolf taxa in the Ethiopian highlands and its conservation implications. CEES Annual Student Conference 2017; 2017-09-25 - 2017-09-26
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8 Buechley, Evan R.; Sekercioglu, Cagan H.; Atickem, Anagaw Meshesha; Gebremichael, Gelaye; Ndungu, James Kuria; Mahamued, Bruktawit Abdu; Beyene, Tifases; Gutema, Tariku Mekonnen; Lens, Luc.
Importance of Ethiopian shade coffee farms for forest bird conservation. Biological Conservation 2015 ;Volume 188. p. 50-60
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9 Gutema, Tariku Mekonnen.
The behavioural ecology of the African wolf (Canis lupus lupaster) in the Ethiopian highlands. CEES Annual Student Conference; 2015-10-14 - 2015-10-15
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10 Gutema, Tariku Mekonnen; Atickem, Anagaw Meshesha.
The behavioural Ecology of the African wolf (Canis lupus lupaster) in the Ethiopian highlands. CEES Annual Student Conference; 2014-10-21 - 2014-10-22
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