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1 Ellingsen, Josef Gert Åsheim; Venkatachalapathy, Vishnukanthan; Azarov, Alexander; Nilsen, Ola; Kuznetsov, Andrej.
Al incorporation during metal organic chemical vapour deposition of aluminium zinc oxide. Thin Solid Films 2020 ;Volume 709. p. -
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2 Azarov, Alexander; Galeckas, Augustinas; Wendler, Elke; Ellingsen, Josef Gert Åsheim; Monakhov, Edouard; Svensson, Bengt Gunnar.
Normal and reverse defect annealing in ion implanted II-VI oxide semiconductors. Journal of Applied Physics 2017 ;Volume 122. p. 115701-
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3 Bathen, Marianne Etzelmüller; Bergum, Kristin; Ellingsen, Josef Gert Åsheim; Grini, Sigbjørn; Sky, Thomas Neset; Aarseth, Bjørn Brevig.
Omvisning for Arendal VGS. Skolebesøk; 2017-02-03 - 2017-02-03
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4 Bergum, Kristin; Borgersen, Jon Arthur; Ellingsen, Josef Gert Åsheim; Frodason, Ymir Kalmann; Galeckas, Augustinas; Ingebrigtsen, Mads Eide; Kuznetsov, Andrej; Sky, Thomas Neset.
Omvisning MiNaLab. Omvisning MiNaLab, Chinese Academy of Sciences; 2017-08-11 - 2017-08-11
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5 Bergum, Kristin; Borgersen, Jon Arthur; Ellingsen, Josef Gert Åsheim; Hallén, Anders; Ingebrigtsen, Mads Eide; Kuznetsov, Andrej.
Omvisning MiNaLab, Slemdal skole 4. trinn.. Omvisning MiNaLab, Slemdal skole 4. trinn.; 2017-06-01 - 2017-06-01
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6 Frodason, Ymir Kalmann; Bergum, Kristin; Sky, Thomas Neset; Ingebrigtsen, Mads Eide; Borgersen, Jon; Ellingsen, Josef Gert Åsheim; Galeckas, Augustinas; Kuznetsov, Andrej.
MiNa-Lab tour highlighting LENS activities. Visit from Tsinghua University to the University of Oslo; 2017-08-10 - 2017-08-10
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