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1 Langsæther, Peter; Gjerløw, Haakon; Søyland, Martin G..
Is all PR good PR? How the content of media exposure affects candidate popularity.. Electoral Studies 2019 ;Volume 57. p. 143-152
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2 Søyland, Martin G.; Høyland, Bjørn.
Electoral Reform and Parliamentary Debates. Legislative Studies Quarterly 2019 ;Volume 44.(4) p. 593-615
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3 Lapponi, Emanuele; Søyland, Martin G.; Velldal, Erik; Oepen, Stephan.
The Talk of Norway: A Richly Annotated Corpus of the Norwegian Parliament, 1998–2016. Language Resources and Evaluation 2018 ;Volume 52.(3) p. 873-893
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4 Søyland, Martin G..
Survival of the Ministers: On Ministerial Durability in Postwar Norway. Scandinavian Political Studies 2017 ;Volume 40.(2) p. 182-206
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5 Søyland, Martin G..
Tilbakeholden og ekspansiv liberalisme: - Om utenrikspolitikk i State of the Union-taler. Internasjonal Politikk - Skandinavisk tidsskrift for internasjonale studier 2015 ;Volume 73.(1) p. 7-28
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