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1 Fuglestad, Eirik Magnus; Palmer, Erika.
Har odelsretten ført til jamnare fordeling av jordeigedom i Noreg?. Nationen 2019
2 Fuglestad, Eirik Magnus; Palmer, Erika.
Land ownership and distribution: Modeling the relationship to property law in the Norwegian case. Journal of Rural Studies 2019 ;Volume 72. p. 11-22
3 Roman, Sabin; Palmer, Erika.
The Growth and Decline of the Western Roman Empire: Quantifying the Dynamics of Army Size, Territory, and Coinage. Cliodynamics 2019
4 Palmer, Erika.
The heavy cost of care: Systemic challenges in Norwegian work absenteeism. Social Sciences 2018 ;Volume 7:94.(6) p. 1-17
5 Roman, Sabin; Palmer, Erika; Brede, Markus.
The dynamics of human-environment interactions in the collapse of the Classic Maya. Ecological Economics 2018 ;Volume 146. p. 312-324
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6 Palmer, Erika.
Beyond Proximity: Consequentialist Ethics and System Dynamics. Etikk i praksis 2017 ;Volume 11.(1) p. 89-105
UiB Untitled
7 Palmer, Erika.
Morten Knudsen and Werner Vogd (eds.): Systems Theory and the Sociology of Health and Illness: Observing Healthcare. Czech Sociological Review 2017 ;Volume 6.
UiB Untitled
8 Palmer, Erika.
Structural disadvantage: Evidence of gender disparities in the Norwegian pension system. Social Sciences 2017 ;Volume 6:22. p. 1-15
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9 Palmer, Erika.
Systems Engineering Applied to Evaluate Social Systems. Analyzing systemic challenges to the Norwegian welfare state. : Universitetet i Bergen 2017 (ISBN 978-82-308-3921-8)
NTNU UiB Untitled
10 Palmer, Erika; Wilson, Benedicte.
Models with Men and Women: Representing Gender in Dynamic Modeling of Social Systems. Science and Engineering Ethics 2017 p. 1-21
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11 ; Palmer, Erika.
Developing and Integrating Life Cycle Management Methods in Project Management Systems Case: Faveo Prosjektledelse AS. Trondheim, Norway: Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management NTNU 2013 66 p.
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