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1 Bruusgaard, Kristin Ven.
Russia killed arms control. Why does it want to save New START?. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 2020
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2 Bruusgaard, Kristin Ven; Kerr, Jaclyn A..
Crisis Stability and the Impact of the Information Ecosystem. I: Three Tweets to Midnight. Effects of the Global Information Ecosystem on the Risks of Nuclear Conflict. Stanford, CA: Hoover Institution Press 2020 ISBN 978-0-8179-2335-8. p. 137-159
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3 Bruusgaard, Kristin Ven.
"Russland som regional utfordrer" i Truslene - Konseptene - Ressursene - Alliansen. : Instiutt for Forsvarsstudier 2019 ;Volume 11-12.4 p. IFS Insight(2019)
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4 Bruusgaard, Kristin Ven.
Should nuclear power be expanded significantly into developing countries?. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 2019
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5 Bruusgaard, Kristin Ven; Braut-Hegghammer, Målfrid.
Farlig Avtalekollaps. Dagens næringsliv 2019
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6 Bruusgaard, Kristin Ven.
Deterrence in the High North. Den norske Atlanterhavskomité - internett-tekster 2018 ;Volume 2018.(3)
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7 Bruusgaard, Kristin Ven.
Heres Why U.S. Tactical Nukes are a Bad Idea. The National Interest 2018
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8 Bruusgaard, Kristin Ven.
Putins wish list does not include destroying Trump. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 2018
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9 Bruusgaard, Kristin Ven.
The Russian Rogue in the New Nuclear Posture Review. Texas National Security Review (TNSR) 2018
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10 Bruusgaard, Kristin Ven.
The myth of Russia's lowered nuclear threshold. War on the Rocks 2017
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11 Bruusgaard, Kristin Ven.
Er Russland uforutsigbart?. Dagens næringsliv 2016
FORSV Untitled
12 Bruusgaard, Kristin Ven.
Russian Strategic Deterrence. Survival (London. 1959) 2016 ;Volume 58.(4) p. 7-26
FORSV Untitled
13 Bruusgaard, Kristin Ven.
Russlands NATO-politikk. Oslo: Institutt for Forsvarsstudier 2016 4 p. IFS Insight(1/2016)
FORSV Untitled
14 Bruusgaard, Kristin Ven.
Crimea and Russia's Strategic Overhaul. Parameters 2014 ;Volume 44.(3) p. 81-90
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15 Bruusgaard, Kristin Ven; Andresen, Rolf-Inge Vogt.
Permanent Readiness Units in the Russian Armed Forces. Kjeller: Forsvarets Forskningsinstiuttt 2009
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16 Åtland, Kristian; Bruusgaard, Kristin Ven.
When Security Speech Acts Misfire: Russia and the Elektron Incident. Security Dialogue 2009 ;Volume 40.(3) p. 333-353
FFI FORSV Untitled
17 Bruusgaard, Kristin Ven.
En norsk sikkerhetspolitisk strategi. Minerva (Oslo) 2007 ;Volume 42.(04) p. 8-14
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18 Bruusgaard, Kristin Ven.
Peacekeeping and the modernized Russian Armed Forces. Kjeller: Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt 2007 (ISBN 978-82-464-1188-0) 29 p.
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19 Bruusgaard, Kristin Ven.
Putins Pokerspill. Minerva (nettutgaven) 2007
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20 Bruusgaard, Kristin Ven.
Fiskerikonflikter i Barentshavet - Potensial for eskalering?. Kjeller: Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt 2006 65 p.
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21 Bruusgaard, Kristin Ven.
Protecting the energy weapon - New tasks for the Russian armed forces?. Kjeller: Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt 2006 (ISBN 978-82-464-1115-6)
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