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1 Adolfsson, Johanna.
“Moving forward together”: International individualism meets local communalism when discussing empowerment and development with rural Malawians. Research group seminar; 2019-04-04 - 2019-04-04
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2 Adolfsson, Johanna.
Spiritual insecurity and political power. "25 YEARS OF DEMOCRACY: GOVERNANCE AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN MALAWI"; 2019-02-28 - 2019-02-28
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3 Adolfsson, Johanna.
SUM-Forum: "Negotiating Girl Power: empowering women and girls to build sustainable livelihoods". SUM-Forum; 2019-04-02 - 2019-04-02
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4 Adolfsson, Johanna.
The Philosophy of Nudge and the Psychology of Consumption. The Philosophy of Nudge and the Psychology of Consumption; 2019-01-30 - 2019-01-30
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5 Adolfsson, Johanna; Madsen, Ole Jacob.
“Nowadays there is gender”: “Doing” global gender equality in rural Malawi. Theory & psychology 2019 p. 1-21
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6 Kloster, Maren Olene; Adolfsson, Johanna.
Kvinnen - en smart investeringsmulighet. Fett 2019 p. 36-39
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7 Adolfsson, Johanna.
Diskurs- og narrativ analyse. forelesning; 2018-09-14 - 2018-09-14
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8 Adolfsson, Johanna.
"There is no gender in this car!": Psychological Concepts Constructing the Global Development Agenda. Seminar; 2018-02-14 - 2018-02-14
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9 Adolfsson, Johanna; Madsen, Ole Jacob.
'Nowadays there is gender': 'doing' global gender policy in rural Malawi'. CIPC 2018; 2018-10-04 - 2018-10-07
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