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1 Andersen, Tor Kristian; Huszthy, Peter Csaba; Gopalakrishnan, Ramakrishna Prabhu; Jacobsen, Johanne Tracey; Fauskanger, Marte; Tveita, Anders Aune; Grødeland, Gunnveig; Bogen, Bjarne.
Enhanced germinal center reaction by targeting vaccine antigen to major histocompatibility complex class II molecules. npj Vaccines 2019 ;Volume 4:9. p. 1-13
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2 Gudjonsson, Arnar; Andersen, Tor Kristian; Gjerstad, Vibeke Sundvold; Bogen, Bjarne; Fossum, Even.
Endocytosis Deficient Murine Xcl1-Fusion Vaccine Enhances Protective Antibody Responses in Mice. Frontiers in Immunology 2019 ;Volume 10. p. 1-12
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3 Mooij, Petra; Grødeland, Gunnveig; Koopman, Gerrit; Andersen, Tor Kristian; Mortier, Daniella; Nieuwenhuis, Ivonne G.; Verschoor, Ernst J.; Fagrouch, Zahra; Bogers, Willy M.; Bogen, Bjarne.
Needle-free delivery of DNA: Targeting of hemagglutinin to MHC class II molecules protects rhesus macaques against H1N1 influenza. Vaccine 2019 ;Volume 37.(6) p. 817-826
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4 Andersen, Tor Kristian; Zhou, Fan; Cox, Rebecca Jane; Bogen, Bjarne; Grødeland, Gunnveig.
A DNA vaccine that targets hemagglutinin to antigen-presenting cells protects mice against H7 influenza. Journal of Virology 2017 ;Volume 91:e01340-17.(23) p. 1-13