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1 Kumar, Susmit; Fjellvåg, Øystein; Sjåstad, Anja Olafsen; Fjellvåg, Helmer.
Physical properties of Ruddlesden-Popper (n = 3) nickelate: La4Ni3O10. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 2019 ;Volume 496.
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2 Kumar, Susmit; Waller, David; Fjellvåg, Helmer; Sjåstad, Anja Olafsen.
Development of custom made bimetallic alloy model systems based on platinum-rhodium for heterogeneous catalysis. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 2019 ;Volume 786. p. 1021-1029
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3 Pal, Santosh Kumar; Frommen, Christoph; Kumar, Susmit; Hauback, Bjørn; Fjellvåg, Helmer; Woodcock, T. G.; Nielsch, K; Helgesen, Geir.
Comparative phase transformation and magnetocaloric effect study of Co and Mn substitution by Cu in MnCoGe compounds. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 2019 ;Volume 775. p. 22-29
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4 Kumar, Susmit; Nagell, Marius Uv; Sjåstad, Anja Olafsen; Fjellvåg, Helmer.
Low-dimensional Ruddlesden-Popper nickelates La4(NixCo1-x)3O10: Effect of cobalt doping on physical properties and dimensionality. ICAFM 2017; 2017-01-06 - 2017-01-08
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5 Samarasingha, Pushpaka; Andersen, Niels Højmark; Sørby, Magnus Helgerud; Kumar, Susmit; Nilsen, Ola; Fjellvåg, Helmer.
Neutron diffraction and Raman analysis of LiMn1.5Ni0.5O4 spinel type oxides for use as lithium ion battery cathode and their capacity enhancements. Solid State Ionics 2016 ;Volume 284. p. 28-36
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6 Nagell, Marius Uv; Kumar, Susmit; Sørby, Magnus Helgerud; Fjellvåg, Helmer; Sjåstad, Anja Olafsen.
Structural and magnetic aspects of La4(Co1-xNix)3O10+δ (0 ≤ x ≤ 1). Phase Transitions 2015 ;Volume 88.(10) p. 979-990
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7 Pinilla-Cienfuegos, Elena; Kumar, Susmit; Manas-Valero, Samuel; Canet-Ferrer, Josep; Catala, Laure; Mallah, Talal; Forment-Aliaga, Alicia; Coronado, Eugenio.
Imaging the magnetic reversal of isolated and organized molecular-based nanoparticles using magnetic force microscopy. Particle & particle systems characterization 2015 ;Volume 32.(6) p. 693-700
8 Kumar, Susmit; Sørby, Magnus Helgerud; Fjellvåg, Helmer; Sjåstad, Anja Olafsen.
Crystal structure and magnetic properties of La4(Co1-xNix)3O10+δ (0 <= x <= 1). E-MRS Fall Meting 2014; 2014-09-15 - 2014-09-19
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