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1 Aasen, Solveig.
Crossmodal Aesthetics: How Dance and Music Can Match. The Philosophical Quarterly 2020
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2 Aasen, Solveig.
Depicting Movement. Australasian Journal of Philosophy 2020
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3 Aasen, Solveig.
Spatial Aspects of Olfactory Experience. Canadian Journal of Philosophy 2018 p. 1-21
UiO Untitled
4 Aasen, Solveig.
Are olfactory objects spatial?. iCog Blog 2017
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5 Aasen, Solveig.
Object-Dependent Thought Without Illusion. European Journal of Philosophy 2017 ;Volume 25.(1) p. 68-84
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6 Aasen, Solveig.
Å sanse det abstrakte: Bildet som persepsjonsobjekt og kunstobjekt. Filosofisk supplement 2017 (1) p. 46-55
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7 Aasen, Solveig.
Pictures, presence and visibility. Philosophical Studies 2016 ;Volume 173.(1) p. 187-203
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8 Aasen, Solveig.
Visibility constraints in depiction: objects experienced versus objects depicted. The Philosophical Quarterly 2016 ;Volume 66.(265) p. 665-679
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