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1 Lavelle, Timothy J; Alver, Tine Norman; Heintz, Karen Marie; Wernhoff, Patrik; Nygaard, Vegard; Nakken, Sigve; Øy, Geir Frode; Bøe, Sigurd; Urbanucci, Alfonso; Hovig, Eivind.
Dysregulation of MITF Leads to Transformation in MC1R-Defective Melanocytes. Cancers 2020 ;Volume 12.(7) Suppl. 1719 p. 1-20
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2 Alver, Tine Norman; Lavelle, Timothy J; Longva, Ane Sager; Øy, Geir Frode; Hovig, Johannes Eivind; Bøe, Sigurd.
MITF depletion elevates expression levels of ERBB3 receptor and its cognate ligand NRG1-beta in melanoma. OncoTarget 2016 ;Volume 7.(34) p. 55128-55140
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3 Eftestøl, Einar; Alver, Tine Norman; Gundersen, Kristian; Bruusgaard, Jo C..
Overexpression of SMPX in adult skeletal muscle does not change skeletal muscle fiber type or size. PLOS ONE 2014 ;Volume 9.(6)
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