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1 Petursdottir, Thora.
Anticipated futures? Knowing the heritage of drift matter. International Journal of Heritage Studies (IJHS) 2020 ;Volume 26.(1) p. 87-103
UiT Untitled
2 Petursdottir, Thora.
Hernámið frá sjónarhóli fornleifafræðinnar: fornleifarannsókn á minjum úr síðari heimsstyrjöld á Skálum á Langanesi. Reykjvík: Fornleifastofnun Íslands 2020 87 p.
UiO Untitled
3 Farstadvoll, Stein.
A speculative archaeology of excess: Exploring the afterlife of a derelict landscape garden. Tromsø: UiT Norges arktiske universitet 2019 140 p.
UiT UiO Untitled
4 Petursdottir, Thora.
Fra arkeologisk kulturarv til kulturarvsarkeologi. Kulturvernforbundets kulturminnedager; 2019-09-13 - 2019-09-13
UiO Untitled
5 Petursdottir, Thora.
Fragment to form. Things Adrift; 2019-03-21 - 2019-03-22
UiO Untitled
6 Petursdottir, Thora.
Writing things. TAG Theoretical Archaeology Group annual conference; 2019-05-03 - 2019-05-05
UiO Untitled
7 Petursdottir, Thora; Godin, Geneviève.
At the pace of things: archaeology in the Anthropocene. TAG Theoretical Archaeology Group annual conference; 2019-05-03 - 2019-05-05
UiO UiT Untitled
8 Petursdottir, Thora; Olsen, Bjørnar Julius.
ARV/ERBE. [Artistic or museum-related presentation] ARV/ERBE utstilt ved Humboldt University, Berlin. Humboldt University, UiT, Tromsø Museum; Berlin. 2019-09-05 - 2019-10-05
UiO UiT Untitled
9 Petursdottir, Thora; Olsen, Bjørnar Julius.
Tingenes verdi - museets arv. Ottar 2019 ;Volume 65.(2) p. 31-40
UiT Untitled
10 Olsen, Bjørnar Julius; Nango, Joar; Pétursdóttir, Þóra.
ARV. [Artistic or museum-related presentation] Jubileumsutstilling UiT 50 år, Senter for Grunnforskning (CAS) 25 år. UiT/Tromsø Museum og CAS; Tromsø. 2018-03-26 - 2018-10-02
UiT Untitled
11 Olsen, Bjørnar Julius; Pétursdóttir, Þóra.
Søppel eller kulturarv?. Vin og viten; 2018-04-11 - 2018-04-11
UiT Untitled
12 Pétursdóttir, Þóra.
Drift. I: Multispecies Archaeology. Routledge 2018 ISBN 9781138898981. p. 85-101
UiT Untitled
13 Pétursdóttir, Þóra.
Gengið á reka: fornleifafræði mannaldar. Árbók hins Íslenzka fornleifafélags 2018 p. 7-36
UiT Untitled
14 Pétursdóttir, Þóra.
Lyrics for a duskier enlightenment. in response to Alexandra Ion. Archaeological Dialogues 2018 ;Volume 25.(2) p. 205-213
UiT Untitled
15 Pétursdóttir, Þóra.
On nearing and knowing drift matter. Workshop on Beila╠łufigkeit (incidentalness) in archaeology; 2018-04-26 - 2018-04-27
UiT Untitled
16 Pétursdóttir, Þóra.
Things in passing. Heritage in Motion. People, Things and Materials in New Places (PhD seminar); 2018-11-12 - 2018-11-17
UiT Untitled
17 Pétursdóttir, Þóra; Tim Flohr, Sørensen.
Indecent and Obscene? A view from a depraved ethics of the contemporary. CHAT (Contemporary and Historical Archaeology in Theory); 2018-10-26 - 2018-10-28
UiT Untitled
18 Olsen, Bjørnar Julius; Pétursdóttir, Þóra.
Sværholt: Poetics of Memory. I: Inside and Beside the Camp. Helsinki: The Academy of Fine Arts 2017 ISBN 978-952-7131-36-7. p. 88-95
UiT Untitled
19 Pétursdóttir, Þóra.
Climate Change: Archaeology and Anthropocene. Archaeological Dialogues 2017 ;Volume 24.(2) p. 175-205
UiT Untitled
20 Pétursdóttir, Þóra; Olsen, Bjørnar Julius.
Theory Adrift: The Matter of Archaeological Theorizing. Journal of Social Archaeology 2017 ;Volume 18.(1) p. 97-117
UiT Untitled
21 Kramvig, Britt; Huse, Tone; Verran, Helen Ruth; Pétursdóttir, Þóra.
How and why do objects come to matter in the Arctic?. Dark Ecology and Arctic Encounters Forum; 2016-06-15; 2016-06-15 - 2016-06-16
UiO UiT Untitled
22 Olsen, Bjørnar Julius; Pétursdóttir, Þóra.
Unruly Heritage: Tracing Legacies in the Anthropocene. Arkæologisk Forum 2016 ;Volume 35. p. 38-45
UiT Untitled
23 Pétursdóttir, Þóra.
After Discourse: Archaeology and Anthropocene. CAS senter for grunnforskning, fagseminar; 2016-10-26 - 2016-10-26
UiT Untitled
24 Pétursdóttir, Þóra.
Archaeology of Drift Matter: Driftwood and the Movement of Things Around People. MA Seminar: On the Move: Archaeological and Historical Approaches to Mobility and Movement; 2016-09-21 - 2016-09-21
UiT Untitled
25 Pétursdóttir, Þóra.
Arriving at the Past: Challenges in Archaeological Reasoning. Dialogues with the Past, Nordic Graduate School in Archaeology, Open Lecture; 2016-11-01 - 2016-11-01
UiT Untitled
26 Pétursdóttir, Þóra.
Book review of: ‘Industrial Heritage in Denmark: Landscapes, Environments and Historical Archaeology. Edited by Caspar Jørgensen and Morten Pedersen Aarhus: Kultur Styrelsen and Aarhus University Press. 285 pp. ISBN 978 87 7124 108 2. Nordicum-Mediterraneum 2016 ;Volume 11.
UiT Untitled
27 Pétursdóttir, Þóra.
Cold Wars and Summer-Night Dances: An Archaeology of the Iron Curtain: Material and Metaphor, by Anna McWilliams and Minnen från vår samtid: Arkeologi, materialitet och samtidshistoria (Memories of our Time: Archaeology, Materiality and Contemporary History) by Maria Persson. Journal of Contemporary Archaeology 2016
UiT Untitled
28 Pétursdóttir, Þóra.
Drift. Hybrid Matters symposium, Theatre Academy Helsinki; 2016-11-24 - 2016-11-25
UiT Untitled
29 Pétursdóttir, Þóra.
For love of ruins. I: Elements of Architecture: Assembling archaeology, atmosphere and the performance of building spaces. Routledge 2016 ISBN 978-1138775411. p. 365-386
UiT Untitled
30 Pétursdóttir, Þóra.
Hagræðing menningararfs. Vísir [Newspaper] 2016-03-17
UiT Untitled
31 Pétursdóttir, Þóra.
Radical Ontologies? Archaeology in the Age of the Anthropocene. RATS (Radical Archaeological Theory Symposium) conference; 2016-03-03 - 2016-03-05
UiT Untitled
32 Pétursdóttir, Þóra.
Strange and Estranged: On bringing Things Close. TAG - Theoretical Archaeology Group Conference; 2016-12-19 - 2016-12-21
UiT Untitled
33 Pétursdóttir, Þóra; Huse, Tone; Kramvig, Britt.
How and why do objects come to matter in the Arctic?. Dark Ecology and Arctic Encounters Forum; 2016-06-15 - 2016-06-15
UiO UiT Untitled
34 Pétursdóttir, Þóra; Sørensen, Tim Flohr.
On the Trace: An Introduction. On the Trace; 2016-09-22 - 2016-09-23
UiT Untitled
35 Pétursdóttir, Þóra.
Die Sorge für Verfallendes: Theoretisierung von materiellem Kulturerbe. I: Lost in Things - Fragen an die Welt des Materiellen. Waxmann Verlag 2015 ISBN 978-3-8309-3175-1. p. 105-127
UiT Untitled
36 Pétursdóttir, Þóra.
For Love of Ruins: Aesthetics of Ruination and Heritage Value. International Congress of Historical Sciences, August 23rd – 29th; 2015-08-23 - 2015-08-29
UiT Untitled
37 Pétursdóttir, Þóra.
Heritage, Ruins and the Archaeology of the Recent Past. University of Bergen/Bergen Museum research seminar series; 2015-02-13 - 2015-02-13
UiT Untitled
38 Pétursdóttir, Þóra.
Sharing ground. Current Swedish Archaeology 2015 ;Volume 23. p. 67-71
UiT Untitled
39 Pétursdóttir, Þóra.
Wrack Zone Archaeology: The Heritage of Stranded Things. Nordic TAG; 2015-04-16 - 2015-04-18
UiT Untitled
40 Grabowski, Radoslaw; Olsen, Bjørnar Julius; Pétursdóttir, Þóra; Witmore, Christopher.
Teillager 6 Sværholt: The archaeology of a World War II prisoner of war camp in Finnmark, arctic Norway. Fennoscandia Archaeologica 2014 ;Volume XXXI. p. 3-24
UiT Untitled
41 Olsen, Bjørnar Julius; Pétursdóttir, Þóra.
Ruin Memories: Materialities, Aesthetics and the Archaeology of the Recent Past. Routledge 2014 (ISBN 9780415523622) 492 p.
UiT Untitled
42 Pétursdóttir, Þóra.
Hlutir, menning, minjar: Hugleiðing um arfleifð. University of Iceland research seminar series; 2014-11-28 - 2014-11-28
UiT Untitled
43 Pétursdóttir, Þóra.
Things out-of-hand: the aesthetics of abandonment. I: Ruin Memories: Materialities, Aesthetics and the Archaeology of the Recent Past. Routledge 2014 ISBN 9780415523622. p. 335-364
UiT Untitled
44 Pétursdóttir, Þóra; Olsen, Bjørnar Julius.
An archaeology of ruins. I: Ruin Memories: Materialities, Aesthetics and the Archaeology of the Recent Past. Routledge 2014 ISBN 9780415523622. p. 3-29
UiT Untitled
45 Pétursdóttir, Þóra; Olsen, Bjørnar Julius.
Modern Ruins: Remembrance, Resistance, and Ruin Value. I: Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology. Springer 2014 ISBN 978-1-4419-0466-9. p. 4983-4994
UiT Untitled
46 Petursdottir, Thora.
Aesthetizication and ruin porn? A reply to the critique of ruin photography. XIII Nordic TAG; 2013-04-21 - 2013-04-24
UiT Untitled
47 Petursdottir, Thora.
Approaching Modern Ruins: Photos, Memos and Ruin Memories. Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA) annual conference; 2013-01-09 - 2013-01-12
UiT Untitled
48 Petursdottir, Thora.
Concrete matters: towards an archaeology of things. : Universitetet i Tromsø 2013 (ISBN 978-82-8244-107-0) 242 p.
UiT Untitled
49 Petursdottir, Thora.
Ruin/ruination: the aesthetics of heritage. Lost in things: Questioning functions and meanings of the material world; 2013-11-28 - 2013-11-29
UiT Untitled
50 Pétursdóttir, Þóra.
Concrete matters: Ruins of modernity and the things called heritage. Journal of Social Archaeology 2013 ;Volume 13.(1) p. 31-53
UiT Untitled
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