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1 Borgersen, Trond Arne; Rynning, Marjo.
Reflections on Credit Market Incentives in a Small Open Economy with a Dominant Market Player. The Case of Norwegian Banking. International Journal of Economics and Business 2019 ;Volume 7.(1 & 2) p. 43-62
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2 Rynning, Marjo.
Prerequisites for niche savings bank's survival: Unattractive economic statistical outlook, but positive political support in the local municipality. I: Discussing Borders, Escaping Traps: Transdisciplinary and Transspatial Approaches. Waxmann Verlag 2019 ISBN 978-3-8309-4045-6. p. 199-215
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3 Rynning, Marjo.
The Influence of New Technology on the Home Market Competition and the Strategies Chosen by Norwegian Savings Banks in 2000–2010. Managerial and Decision Economics (MDE) 2017 ;Volume 38.(2) p. 252-276
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4 Rynning, Marjo.
Kan våre studenter lære mer hvis vi forteller dem mindre?. UNIPED 2014 ;Volume 37.(3) p. 49-62
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5 Rynning, Marjo.
A stated preference study among norwegian decision-makers in urban transport issues - hypotheses. Transport√łkonomisk institutt 2006 Arbeidsdokument - Transportøkonomisk institutt(OI/1891/2006)
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6 Rynning, Marjo.
A stated preference study among norwegian decision-makers in urban transport issues - sample and method. Transport√łkonomisk institutt 2006 Arbeidsdokument - Transportøkonomisk institutt(OI/1892/2006)
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7 Andersen, Otto; Rynning, Marjo-Riitta.
Prediction of export intentions - managing with structural characteristics?. Scandinavian Journal of Management 1994 ;Volume 10.(1) p. 17-27
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8 Rynning, Marjo-Riitta.
Optimal pricing og telecommunication services. Bergen: SNF 1994 (ISBN 9788272964671) 115 p.
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9 Rynning, Marjo-Riitta; Andersen, Otto.
Structural and behavioral predictors of export adoption: a Norwegian study. Journal of International Marketing 1994 ;Volume 2.(1) p. 73-89
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10 Rynning, Marjo-Riitta.
Eksportbedrifter i Bergensregionen: en undersøkelse av industribedrifters koplinger til det lokale næringslivet. Bergen: SNF 1993 (ISBN 8272963558) 42 p.
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11 Rynning, Marjo-Riitta.
Næringsmiddelindustrien i Bergensregionen. Bergen: SNF 1993 (ISBN 8272963566) 44 p.
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12 Rynning, Marjo-Riitta.
Asenteiden muuttumisen edellytykset ja lainalaisuudet. I: Ympäristökasvatus. Helsinki: Aikuiskasvatuksen tutkimusseura 1992 ISBN 951-692-287-2. p. 69-77
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13 Rynning, Marjo-Riitta.
Successful consulting with small and medium-sized vs. large clients: meeting the needs of the client?. International Small Business Journal 1992 ;Volume 11.(1) p. 47-60
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14 Rynning, Marjo-Riitta; Andersen, Otto.
The capabilities, co-operation and diversification connection. I: Marketing for Europe - marketing for future: Proceedings of the 21st annual conference of the European Marketing Academy. Aarhus, Denmark: EMAC 1992 ISBN 8789695070.
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15 Andersen, Otto; Rynning, Marjo-Riitta.
An empirical illustration of an alternative approach to measuring the market power and high-profit hypothesis. International Journal of Industrial Organization 1991 ;Volume 9.(2) p. 239-249
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16 Rynning, Marjo-Riitta.
Typiske konsulentoppdrag og vellykkete konsulentoppdrag: konsulenters og klienters synspunkter. Bergen: SNF 1991 (ISBN 8272961571) 76 p.
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17 Johnstad, Tom; Lorentzen, Torbjørn; Rynning, Marjo-Riitta.
Kunnskapsformidlere i Norge. Bergen: Næringsøkonomisk institutt NØI 1990 (ISBN 8272960966) 35 p.
18 Rynning, Marjo-Riitta.
Norske empiriske evalueringsstudier om effekter av distrikts- og regionalpolitiske virkemidler i foretaks-/bedriftsrettede virkemidler. Bergen: Næringsøkonomisk institutt NØI 1990 (ISBN 8272961148) 72 p.
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19 Rynning, Marjo-Riitta.
Overføring av konsulentkunnskap til SMB og store klienter: konsulentfirmaers synspunkt. Bergen: Næringsøkonomisk institutt NØI 1990 (ISBN 8272961253) 43 p.
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20 Rynning, Marjo-Riitta.
Økonomisk utvikling i nyetablerte industribedrifter. Bergen: Næringsøkonomisk institutt NØI 1990 (ISBN 8272961091) 53 p.
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21 Vatne, Eirik; Rynning, Marjo-Riitta; Aase, Tor Halfdan.
Hva skjedde i det lokale næringslivet?. I: Gassdrevet distriktsutbygging: samfunnsmessige virkninger av Kårstø-utbyggingen. Kommuneforlaget AS 1990 ISBN 9788272427305.
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22 Rynning, Marjo-Riitta.
Kunnskaps- og teknologiformidling i Norge - en annotert bibliografi. Bergen: Næringsøkonomisk institutt NØI 1989 (ISBN 8272960877) 140 p.
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23 Rynning, Marjo-Riitta.
Reciprocity in a gift-giving situation. Journal of Social Psychology 1989 ;Volume 129.(6) p. 769-778
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24 Amburgey, Terry L.; Lehtisalo, Marjo-Riitta; Kelly, Dawn.
Suppression and failure in the political press: government control, party affiliation, and organizational life chances. I: Ecological Models of Organizations. Cambridge, MA, USA: Ballinger Publishing Company 1988 ISBN 0887302084. p. 153-173
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25 Andersen, Otto; Lehtisalo, Marjo-Riitta.
Evaluering av markedsføringstilskudd: en bedriftsundersøkelse. Bodø: Nordlandsforskning 1987 (ISBN 8273210634) 185 p.
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26 Andersen, Otto; Lehtisalo, Marjo-Riitta.
Evaluering av markedsføringstilskudd: sammendrag og synspunkter. Bodø: Nordlandsforskning 1987 (ISBN 8273210642) 21 p.
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27 Lehtisalo, Marjo-Riitta.
The influence of price on product evaluation: an information processing perspective. Evanston, IL, USA: Northwestern University 1986 354 p.
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