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1 Allern, Elin Haugsgjerd; Hansen, Vibeke Wøien; Marshall, David; Rasmussen, Anne; Webb, Paul D.
Competition and interaction: Party ties to interest groups in a multidimensional policy space. European Journal of Political Research 2020
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2 Allern, Elin Haugsgjerd; Poguntke, Thomas; Otjes, Simon; Hansen, Vibeke Wøien; Saurugger, Sabine; Marshall, David.
Conceptualizing and measuring party-interest group relationships. Party Politics 2020
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3 Arnesen, Daniel; Hansen, Vibeke Wøien.
Oslos innbyggeres forventninger til kommunens tilrettelegging på tros- og livssynsfeltet. Oslo: Institutt for samfunnsforskning 2020 (ISBN 978-82-7763-676-4) 68 p. Rapport – Institutt for samfunnsforskning(2020:7)
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4 Allern, Elin Haugsgjerd; Hansen, Vibeke Wøien.
Organiserte interesser: Hvem har tilgang til partiene?. I: Makt og opposisjon : De politiske partiene som demokratisk paradoks. Universitetsforlaget 2019 ISBN 978-82-15-03431-7. p. 161-175
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5 Allern, Elin Haugsgjerd; Hansen, Vibeke Wøien; Otjes, Simon; Rasmussen, Anne; Røed, Maiken; Bale, Tim.
All about the money? A cross-national study of parties’ relations with trade unions in 12 western democracies. Party Politics 2019 p. 1-11
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6 Hansen, Vibeke Wøien; Maiken, Røed.
Explaining participation bias in EU online consultations. EUROPP. LSE blog.
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7 Røed, Maiken; Hansen, Vibeke Wøien.
Explaining Participation Bias in the European Commission's Online Consultations: The Struggle for Policy Gain without too Much Pain. Journal of Common Market Studies 2018 ;Volume 56.(6) p. 1446-1461
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8 Holtermann, Helge; Hansen, Vibeke Wøien; Hovi, Jon; Stankovic, Tatjana.
Bargaining, Enforcement, and Civil War. American Political Science Association's Annual Meeting; 2016-09-01 - 2016-09-04
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9 Hansen, Vibeke Wøien.
Incomplete information and bargaining in the EU: An explanation of first-reading non-agreements. European Union Politics 2014 ;Volume 15.(4) p. 472-495
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10 Høyland, Bjørn; Hansen, Vibeke Wøien.
Issue-specific policy-positions and voting in the Council. European Union Politics 2014 ;Volume 15.(1) p. 59-81
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