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1 Behn, Daniel Friedrich; Berge, Tarald Laudal; Langford, Malcolm.
Poor states or poor governance? Explaining outcomes in investment treaty arbitration. Northwestern Journal of International Law and Business 2018 ;Volume 38.(3) p. 333-389
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2 Berge, Tarald Laudal.
Investment Treaty Drafting and Investor Claims for Arbitration - implications for policymakers. Executive Training on Investment Treaties and Arbitration for Government Officials; 2018-08-03
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3 Berge, Tarald Laudal.
Jonathan Bonnitcha, Lauge N. S. Poulsen and Michael Waibel. 2017. The Political Economy of the Investment Treaty Regime (Oxford: Oxford University Press). The Review of International Organizations 2018
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4 Berge, Tarald Laudal; Alschner, Wolfgang.
Reforming Investment Treaties: Does treaty design matter?. Investment Treaty News Quarterly 2018 p. 7-10
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5 Berge, Tarald Laudal; Hveem, Helge.
The International Regime for Investment: A History of Failed Multilateralism. I: Handbook of the International Political Economy of the Corporation. Edward Elgar Publishing 2018 ISBN 978 1 78536 252 1. p. 311-328
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6 Berge, Tarald Laudal; Kuyper, Jonathan William.
Book Review - The Rise of Investor-State Arbitration: Politics, Law, and Unintended Consequences. Global Policy 2018
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7 Berge, Tarald Laudal; Langford, Malcolm.
Hvor var Norge?. Dagens næringsliv 2018
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8 Kirkebø, Tori Loven; Berge, Tarald Laudal.
Metodiske synder fra NUPI. Klassekampen 2016 p. 24-24
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9 Langford, Malcolm; Behn, Daniel Friedrich; Berge, Tarald Laudal.
Poor States or Poor Governance? Explaining Outcomes in Investment Treaty Arbitration. Conference on Empirical Legal Studies; 2016-06-21 - 2016-06-22
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10 Andresen, Martin Eckhoff; Berge, Tarald Laudal.
BSU-ordningen bør avvikles. Dagbladet 2015
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