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1 Pietka, Wojciech; Khnykin, Denis; Bertelsen, Vibeke; Lossius, Astrid Haaskjold; Stav-Noraas, Tor Espen; Hol, Johanna; Galtung, Hilde; Haraldsen, Guttorm; Sundnes, Olav.
Hypo-osmotic stress drives IL-33 production in human keratinocytes - An epidermal homeostatic response. Journal of Investigative Dermatology 2018 ;Volume 139.(1) p. 81-90
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2 Elstad, Maja; Vanggaard, Leif; Lossius, Astrid Haaskjold; Walløe, Lars; Bergersen, Tone Kristin.
Responses in acral and non-acral skin vasomotion and temperature during lowering of ambient temperature. Journal of Thermal Biology 2014 ;Volume 45. p. 168-174
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3 Lossius, Astrid Haaskjold.
Treatment Options for Visceral Leishmaniasis: A Systematic Review of Clinical Studies Done in India, 1980-2004. Lancet. Infectious Diseases (Print) 2005 ;Volume 12.(5) p. 763-774
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