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1 Norby, Truls Eivind; Kalland, Liv-Elisif Queseth.
Protons in heavily doped CeO2 and related compounds. 22nd International Conference on Solid State Ionics; 2019-06-16 - 2019-06-21
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2 Norby, Truls Eivind; Kalland, Liv-Elisif Queseth; Løken, Andreas; Bjørheim, Tor Svendsen; Haugsrud, Reidar.
Hydration of fluorite-related rare-earth cerates. Nonstoichiometric Compounds; 2019-03-10 - 2019-03-14
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3 Kalland, Liv-Elisif Queseth; Norberg, Stefan T.; Kyrklund, Jakob; Hull, Stephen; Eriksson, Sten G.; Norby, Truls; Mohn, Chris Erik; Knee, Christopher S.
C-type related order in the defective fluorites La2Ce2O7 and Nd2Ce2O7 studied by neutron scattering and ab initio MD simulations. Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics - PCCP 2016 ;Volume 18.(34) p. 24070-24080
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4 Hu, Yang; Saeed, Sarmad Waheed; Kalland, Liv-Elisif Queseth; Sharova, Nataliya; Lorentzen, Ingvild; Norby, Truls.
Characterisation of Electrical Properties of Oxide Materials. 7th KIFEE International Symposium on Environment, Energy and Materials; 2014-03-16 - 2014-03-19
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5 Kalland, Liv-Elisif Queseth; Haugsrud, Reidar; Knee, Christopher; Norby, Truls.
Protons in rare earth fluorites. The 17th International Conference on Solid State Protonic Conductors; 2014-09-14 - 2014-09-19
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6 Bjørheim, Tor Svendsen; Løken, Andreas; Kalland, Liv-Elisif Queseth.
Tailoring Oxides For Energy Technology. META : Magazine 2013 (1) p. 10-13
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7 Kalland, Liv-Elisif Queseth; Magraso, Anna; Mancini, Alessandro; Tealdi, Cristina; Malavasi, Lorenzo.
A combined DFT and neutron PDF study of the local structure in lanthanum tungstate. 19th Conference on Solid State Ionics (SSI19); 2013-06-02 - 2013-06-07
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8 Kalland, Liv-Elisif Queseth; Magraso, Anna; Mancini, Alessandro; Tealdi, Cristina; Malavasi, Lorenzo.
Local Structure of Proton-Conducting Lanthanum Tungstate La28-xW4+xO54+delta: a Combined Density Functional Theory and Pair Distribution Function Study. Chemistry of Materials 2013 ;Volume 25.(11) p. 2378-2384
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9 Xing, Wen; Kalland, Liv-Elisif Queseth; Li, Zuoan; Haugsrud, Reidar.
Defects and Transport Properties in TiNb2O7. Journal of The American Ceramic Society 2013 ;Volume 96.(12) p. 3775-3781
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10 Erdal, Skjalg; Kalland, Liv-Elisif Queseth; Hancke, Ragnhild; Polfus, Jonathan Marc; Haugsrud, Reidar; Norby, Truls; Magraso, Anna.
Defect structure and its nomenclature for mixed conducting lanthanum tungstates La28-xW4+xO54+3x/2. International journal of hydrogen energy 2012 ;Volume 37.(9) p. 8051-8055
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11 Kalland, Liv-Elisif Queseth; Besikiotis, Vasileios; Mohn, Chris Erik; Haugsrud, Reidar.
Density functional theory study of La2Ce2O7: Structure and defects. 2012 MRS Spring meeting; 2012-04-09 - 2012-09-13
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12 Magraso, Anna; Polfus, Jonathan Marc; Frontera, Carlos; Canales-Vazquez, Jesus; Kalland, Liv-Elisif Queseth; Hervoches, Charles Herve; Erdal, Skjalg; Hancke, Ragnhild; Islam, M. Saiful; Norby, Truls; Haugsrud, Reidar.
Complete structural model for lanthanum tungstate: a chemically stable high temperature proton conductor by means of intrinsic defects. Journal of Materials Chemistry 2012 ;Volume 22.(5) p. 1762-1764
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13 Mohn, Chris Erik; Bjørheim, Tor Svendsen; Kalland, Liv-Elisif Queseth.
Modelling fuel cells for the future. META : Magazine 2012 ;Volume 3. p. 30-33
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14 Kalland, Liv-Elisif Queseth; Magraso, Anna.
Experimental analysis and modeling of the structure of Lanthanumtungstate, La28­xW4+xO54+δ . Workshop on proton conductors in Oslo; 2011-05-16 - 2011-05-16
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