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1 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
CoFutures Comment #2. CAS InSync FridaySync; 2019-01-04 - 2019-01-04
UiO Untitled
2 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
CoFutures Comment #3. Science Fiction Inside Colonialism; 2019-02-02 - 2019-02-02
UiO Untitled
3 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
Future Histories from the Middle East and South Asia: Introduction. Future Histories from the Middle East and South Asia; 2019-05-20 - 2019-05-20
UiO Untitled
4 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
MÅ“bius. I: Aliens in Popular Culture. Greenwood Press 2019 ISBN 978-1440838323.
UiO Untitled
5 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
Retrofuturism in the Ruins of History. InSync Colloquium; 2019-05-27 - 2019-05-27
UiO Untitled
6 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
Rev. of “Lingua Cosmica: Science Fiction from Around the World, edited by Dale Knickerbocker, University of Illinois Press, 2018.”. Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction 2019 ;Volume 131.
UiO Untitled
7 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
Rev. of “Speculative Realism and Science Fiction, by Brian Willems, Edinburgh UP, 2017”. SFRA Review 2019
UiO Untitled
8 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
Review of "Other Worlds and the Narrative Construction of Otherness, edited by E. Adami, F. Bellino, and A. Mengozzi, Mimesis International, 2017.". Science Fiction Studies 2019 ;Volume 46.(1) p. 394-397
UiO Untitled
9 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
Science Fictionality and Speculative Futures. Science Fictionality and Speculative Futures; 2019-08-19 - 2019-08-19
UiO Untitled
10 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
Tarkovsky’s Solaris. I: Aliens in Popular Culture. Greenwood Press 2019 ISBN 978-1440838323.
UiO Untitled
11 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva; Bowker, Geoffrey C..
Ant Network Theory. Nature and Culture 2019 ;Volume 5. p. 26-49
UiO Untitled
12 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva; Jia, Xia; Yao, Wang.
The Common People’s Life in the Near Future. Barents Spektakkel 2019; 2019-02-14 - 2019-02-14
UiO Untitled
13 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva; Jordheim, Helge.
Multiple Times of Everpresence. Garage Museum of Contemporary Art Moscow 2019
UiO Untitled
14 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva; Mandhwani, Aakriti; Maity, Anwesha.
"Indian Genre Fiction: Languages, Literatures, Classifications". I: Indian Genre Fiction: Pasts and Future Histories. Routledge 2019 ISBN 9781138559981. p. 1-14
UiO Untitled
15 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva; Mandhwani, Aakriti; Maity, Anwesha.
Indian Genre Fiction: Pasts and Future Histories. Routledge 2019 (ISBN 9781138559981) 212 p.
UiO Untitled
16 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
Alle Grenser er Midlertidige: 10 undersøkelser. Oslo: Transnational Arts Production 2018 (ISBN 9788269024111) 48 p.
UiO Untitled
17 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
Atemporal Futures in Early Bangla Kalpavigyan. Future Histories from the Middle East and South Asia; 2018-09-25 - 2018-09-25
UiO Untitled
18 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
Disorient the Planet-Now!. Science Fiction Studies 2018 ;Volume 45.(2) p. 377-380
UiO Untitled
19 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
Frankenstein's Descendants. Workshop of Horrible Creations: 200 Years of Frankenstein; 2018-11-22 - 2018-11-22
UiO Untitled
20 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
“Heresies: Science Fictionality and Making of Futures.” Podium.. Heresis Lecture; 2018-02-03
UiO Untitled
21 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
Lem Cells. Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction 2018 ;Volume 47.(2)
UiO Untitled
22 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
Quantum Fiction and New Forms of Time. The social life of time: power, discrimination and transformation; 2018-06-07 - 2018-06-07
UiO Untitled
23 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
Rev of “Robot Ecology and the Science Fiction Film by J. P. Telotte. Routledge, 2016.”. Science Fiction Studies 2018
UiO Untitled
24 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
Syncing Futures. InSync Opening Colloquium; 2018-08-28 - 2018-08-28
UiO Untitled
25 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
200 Years of Genre. Frankenstein 200 år. Fagseminar; 2018-11-16 - 2018-11-16
UiO Untitled
26 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
Epic Heroes on a Postcolonial Planet. International Conference for the Fantastic in the Arts; 2017-03-22 - 2017-03-26
UiO Untitled
27 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
"Is Science Fiction still Science Fiction when it is written on Saturn? (or Aliens, Alienation and Science Fiction". [Artistic or museum-related presentation] Momentum9: Nordic Biennial of Contemporary Art. ; . 2017-06-17 - 2017-10-11
UiO Untitled
28 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
Kalpavigyan and Imperial Technoscience: Three Nodes of an Argument. Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts 2017 ;Volume 28.(1)
UiO Untitled
29 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
NORCON28. [Artistic or museum-related presentation] NORCON28: Norwegian Convention of Science Fiction and Fantasy. ; . 2017-11-24 - 2017-11-26
UiO Untitled
30 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
Rev. of "Magid, Annette M., ed. Apocalyptic Projections: A Study of Past Predictions, Current Trends and Future Intimations as Related to Film and Literature.". Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts 2017 ;Volume 28.(1)
UiO Untitled
31 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
"Robots and Rights: Automatons, Artificial Intelligences: Where are we headed?”. Science Fiction Festival: RUR; 2017-01-28 - 2017-01-28
UiO Untitled
32 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
"Science fiction and the social imagination". [Artistic or museum-related presentation] Nodes on fish, stars and the social. Black Box Theatre; . 2017-01-20 - 2017-01-20
UiO Untitled
33 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
Speculative Utopianism in Kalpavigyan: Mythologerm and Women’s Science Fiction. Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction 2017 ;Volume 46.(2)
UiO Untitled
34 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
The Urban in Posthuman Science Fiction. I: Defining the Urban: Interdisciplinary and Professional Perspectives. Routledge 2017 ISBN 9781472449528.
UiO Untitled
35 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva; Wiedlocha, Julia.
On Stanislaw Lem, with Pawel Frelik, Agnieszka Gajewska and Julia Wiedlocha. Litteratur på Blå: Stanislaw Lem's Solaris; 2017-11-07 - 2017-11-07
UiO Untitled
36 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
“Adventures in Orientalist Pharmacognosy: Translating and Synchronizing Botanical Knowledge.”. Nahda Temporalities Workshop; 2016-09-20 - 2016-09-20
UiO Untitled
37 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
Ecotopia 2121 by Alan Marshall. Strange Horizons 2016
UiO Untitled
38 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
“Genre-making.”. English Literary Society Invited Lecture; 2016-09-19 - 2016-09-19
UiO Untitled
39 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
On The Mythologerm: Kalpavigyan and the Question of Imperial Science. Science Fiction Studies 2016 ;Volume 43.(3) p. 435-458
UiO Untitled
40 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
“Pathways to Possible Worlds: Science Fiction and Sustainability”. Organizer and Panelist; 2016-05-27 - 2016-05-27
UiO Untitled
41 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
“Redefining Science in IWE Women’s Literature.”. Department of History; 2016-02-04 - 2016-02-04
UiO Untitled
42 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
Rev. of “The Return of Vaman: A Scientific Novel. Springer Books, 2015.” Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction 123. (2016.)116-119.. Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction 2016
UiO Untitled
43 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
“The Outcast City.”. Department of Film and Media Studies; 2016-04-28 - 2016-04-28
UiO Untitled
44 Stene, Øystein; Haug, Hallvard; Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
Samtale om science fiction-litteratur, trans- og posthumanisme og teater.. Litteratur på Blå/Sci-fi spesial; 2016-10-25
KHIO UiO Untitled
45 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
“Designing Utopia.”. Design and the Anthropocene; 2015-12-04 - 2015-12-04
UiO Untitled
46 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
“Materia Medicas in the Bengal Renaissance.”. Temporalities, Historiographies, and Concepts.; 2015-12-02 - 2015-12-02
UiO Untitled
47 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
Rev. of "Noga Applebaum. Representations of Technology in Science Fiction for Young People. Routledge, 2010.". Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction 2015
UiO Untitled
48 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
“Science Fiction, Architecture Fiction, and the Future City: An Introduction.”. Guest Lecture; 2015-03-27 - 2015-03-27
UiO Untitled
49 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
“Synchronization in Colonial Bengal.”. Department of English; 2015-11-30 - 2015-11-30
UiO Untitled
50 Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva.
“Synchronization in the History of Medicine.”. South Asia Symposium; 2015-10-27 - 2015-10-27
UiO Untitled
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