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1 Asp, Nagham Theres; Kvalvaag, Audun Sverre Myrset; Sandvig, Kirsten; Pust, Sascha.
Regulation of ErbB2 localization and function in breast cancer cells by ERM proteins. OncoTarget 2016 ;Volume 7.(18) p. 25443-25460
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2 Asp, Nagham; Pust, Sascha; Sandvig, Kirsten.
Flotillin depletion affects ErbB protein levels in different human breast cancer cells. BBA - Molecular Cell Research 2014 ;Volume 1843.(9) p. 1987-1996
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3 Pust, Sascha; Klokk, Tove Irene; Musa, Nagham; Jenstad, Monica; Risberg, Bjørn Åke; Erikstein, Bjørn K; Tcatchoff, Lionel; Liestøl, Knut; Danielsen, Håvard Emil; van Deurs, Bo; Sandvig, Kirsten.
Flotillins as regulators of ErbB2 levels in breast cancer. Oncogene 2013 ;Volume 32.(29) p. 3443-3451
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