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1 Luccarelli, Mark.
On the Persistence and Difficulties of Political Community: Existential Roots and Pragmatic Outcomes of National Awareness. I: Bringing the Nation Back In: Cosmopolitanism, Nationalism, and the Struggle to Define a New Politics. SUNY Press 2020 ISBN 9781438477732. p. 1-20
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2 Luccarelli, Mark; Forlenza, Rosario; Colatrella, Steven.
Bringing the Nation Back In: Cosmopolitanism, Nationalism, and the Struggle to Define a New Politics. SUNY Press 2020 (ISBN 9781438477732) 196 p.
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3 Luccarelli, Mark.
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4 Luccarelli, Mark.
Reframing American Naturism? Space, History and the Rise of Environmental Discourse. Studies in Environmental Humanities 2017 ;Volume 4. p. 69-92
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5 Saric, Ljiljana; Luccarelli, Mark.
Guest editors' introduction: Symbols and symbolic meanings in constructions of nations and national identity. Druzboslovne razprave 2017 ;Volume 33.(85) p. 5-12
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6 Luccarelli, Mark.
The Eclipse of Urbanism and the Greening of Public Space: Image Making and the Search for a Commons in the United States, 1682-1865. White Horse Press 2016 (ISBN 978-1-874267-94-2) 245 p.
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7 Luccarelli, Mark.
Medieval Green Cities: Thirdspace and the Challenge of History. Studies in Environmental Humanities 2015 ;Volume 2. p. 177-201
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8 Luccarelli, Mark.
Weak Nation - Strong Language? Sociological and Linguistic Legacies of the Nation-State: The Cases of Italy and the United States. I: Language-Nation-Identity: the "Questione della Lingua" in an Italian and Non-Italian Context. Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2015 ISBN 978-1-4438-7206-5. p. 49-69
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9 Luccarelli, Mark; Bergmann, Sigurd.
Reconsidering Environment: Spatial Contexts and the Development of the Environmental Humanities. I: Spaces in-between: Cultural and Political Perspectives on Environmental Discourse. Brill Academic Publishers 2015 ISBN 978-90-04-29884-2. p. 3-23
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10 Luccarelli, Mark; Bergmann, Sigurd.
Spaces in-between: Cultural and Political Perspectives on Environmental Discourse. Brill Academic Publishers 2015 (ISBN 978-90-04-29884-2) 206 p. Studies in Environmental Humanities(2)
NTNU UiO Untitled
11 Luccarelli, Mark.
Landscape, Anti-landscape and the Western Political Imagination: J.B. Jackson's Challemnge to Environmentalism. I: The Anti-Landscape. Brill|Rodopi 2014 ISBN 978-90-420-3886-8. p. 61-76
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12 Brown, Richard Mark; Luccarelli, Mark.
Oslo's Ullevål Garden City : an experiment in urbanism and landscape design. I: Green Oslo : visions, planning and discourse. Ashgate 2012 ISBN 978-1-4094-3896-0. p. 81-115
BI UiO Untitled
13 Luccarelli, Mark; Røe, Per Gunnar.
Green Oslo : visions, planning and discourse. Ashgate 2012 (ISBN 978-1-4094-3896-0) 293 p.
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14 Røe, Per Gunnar; Luccarelli, Mark.
Introduction: Nature, Urbanism and Liveability. I: Green Oslo : visions, planning and discourse. Ashgate 2012 ISBN 978-1-4094-3896-0. p. 1-24
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15 Luccarelli, Mark; Brown, Mark.
Ullevål Hageby and the English garden city: reflections on a designed landscape. Green Oslo Research Symposium; 2010-06-07 - 2010-06-08
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16 Luccarelli, Mark.
Book Review: Frances F. Dunwell The Hudson: America’s River New York, NY: Columbia University Press, 2008. Organization & Environment 2010 ;Volume 23.(3) p. 371-374
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17 Luccarelli, Mark.
The 'Feral' Wilderness: American Studies, Ecoliterature and the Disclosures of American Space. American Studies in Scandinavia 2010 ;Volume 42.(1) p. 25-46
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18 Luccarelli, Mark.
The Hudson: America's River. Organization & Environment 2010 ;Volume 23.(3) p. 371-374
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19 Luccarelli, Mark; Otterberg, Henrik.
Nature in the City: Post-pastoral interludes. Film and History Conference; 2010-11-11 - 2010-11-14
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20 Luccarelli, Mark.
Containers, Contradictions & American Cities. Cities and Discourses of Nature; 2009-02-25 - 2009-02-25
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21 Luccarelli, Mark.
From Revolution to a New Global System: Reflections on the Breakdown of “Globalization” and the Future(s) of the International Order. Logos: a journal of modern society and culture 2009 ;Volume 8.(2) p. -
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22 Luccarelli, Mark.
Hurricane Zones as Anti-Landscapes. Nordic Association of American Studies Biannual Conference; 2009-05-28 - 2009-05-30
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23 Luccarelli, Mark.
Regenerating the Republic. The Common Review 2009 ;Volume 8.(2) p. 48-52
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24 Luccarelli, Mark.
Pilgrimage to Vallombrosa: From Vermont to Italy in the footsteps of George Perkins Marsh. Organization & Environment 2008 ;Volume 21. p. 361-364
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25 Luccarelli, Mark.
"Bill McKibben on the End of Nature and the Reconstruction of American Environmentalism". American Studies in Scandinavia 2007 ;Volume 39.(2) p. 59-71
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26 Luccarelli, Mark.
Rethinking nature - Foundations for a revitalized environmentalism. Organization & Environment 2007 ;Volume 20.
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27 Luccarelli, Mark.
After the Cartoons. Common Review 2006 ;Volume 5.(2) p. 6-10
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28 Luccarelli, Mark.
Bill McKibben's "Wandering Home": Middle Landscape, Wilderness and the Fate of Environmental Politics. Representing Nature: Literary, Historical and Cultural Perspectives; 2006-09-30 - 2006-09-30
UiO Untitled
29 Luccarelli, Mark.
Conserving words: How American nature writers shaped the environmental movement. Organization & Environment 2006 ;Volume 19. p. 291-295
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30 Luccarelli, Mark.
Mumford, Lewis. I: Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology. Blackwell Publishing 2006 ISBN 1405124334. p. -
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31 Luccarelli, Mark.
The American Wilderness Tradition, "Neotechnics" and the "Artificial City-Region". Globalization, Environmental Ethics and Environmental Justice; 2006-08-24 - 2006-08-27
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32 Luccarelli, Mark.
"Restless Europeans". The Common Review 2005 ;Volume 3.(4) p. 6-11
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33 Luccarelli, Mark.
Review of "Irresistible Empire" by Victoria de Grazia. Logos : A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture 2005 ;Volume 4.(3) p. -
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34 Luccarelli, Mark.
"Walking and Imagining: Civic Landscapes in Thoreau's The Maine Woods". Nordic Association for American Studies; 2005-05-26 - 2005-05-29
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35 Luccarelli, Mark; Mauk, David C.
"Norway's Election: Right Next Time?". 2005 p. -
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36 Luccarelli, Mark.
Aesthetics of Landscapes/Cityscapes and the Sustainability of Urban Environments: An Historical Commentary. International Urban Planing and Environment Association; 2004-09-04 - 2004-09-08
UiO Untitled
37 Luccarelli, Mark.
American foreign policy in a global perspective. Washingtonseminaret 2004; 2004-09-16 - 2004-09-17
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38 Luccarelli, Mark.
Review of From Apocalypse to Way of Life: Environmental Crisis in the American Century by Frederick Buell (New York/London: Routledge, 2003). Organization & Environment 2004 ;Volume 17.(3) p. 404-408
UiO Untitled
39 Luccarelli, Mark.
Review of Nature's Nation Revisited: American concepts of Nature from Wonder to Ecological Crisis, ed. by Hans Bak & Walter Hobling ((Amersterdam: VU Press, 2003). American Studies in Scandinavia 2004 ;Volume 36.(2) p. 105-108
UiO Untitled
40 Luccarelli, Mark.
Review of The Wizard of Washington: Emil Hurja, Franklin Roosevelt and the Birth of Public Opinion Polling by Melvin Holli (New York: Palgrave, 2002). American Studies in Scandinavia 2004 ;Volume 36.(1) p. 123-126
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41 Luccarelli, Mark.
What�s Driving Bush�s Foreign Policy?. Transatlantic Forum; 2004-03-30 - 2004-03-30
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42 Luccarelli, Mark; Tizard, Will.
Prague hosts major academic conference: European scholars take a hard look at American studies. [Newspaper] 2004-04-01
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43 Luccarelli, Mark.
Re-thinking American Studies for the 21st Century: A Critical Commentary. American Studies in Scandinavia 2004 ;Volume 36.(1) p. 17-41
UiO Untitled
44 Luccarelli, Mark.
Bokanmeldelse av "Right Face: Organizing the American Conservative Movement, 1945-1965" av Niels Bjerre-Poulsen, København: Museum Tusculanum Press/Universitetet i København, 2002. American Studies in Scandinavia 2003 ;Volume 35. p. 97-102
UiO Untitled
45 Luccarelli, Mark.
Bokanmeldelse av "The Bulldozer in the Countryside: Suburban Sprawl and the Rise of American Environmentalism" av Adam Rome, Cambridge University Press, 2001. Organization & Environment 2003 ;Volume 16. p. 126-129
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46 Luccarelli, Mark.
Re-thinking American Studies for the 21st Century. Nordic American Studies Association biennial conference; 2003-08-06 - 2003-08-09
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47 Luccarelli, Mark.
The Ecological Regionalism of the 1920s: is it time for a revival?. Harvard University Center for the Environment; 2002-04-24 - 2002-04-24
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48 Luccarelli, Mark.
American foreign policy and American identity: What has gone wrong. Idé : Tidsskrift for kristendemokratisk samfunnsdebatt 2002 (3) p. 34-41
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49 Luccarelli, Mark.
Benton MacKaye's Appalachian Trail: Imagining/Engineering a Landscape. I: Technologies of Landscape: From Reaping to Recycling. Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press 2000 ISBN 1558492291. p. 207-217
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50 Luccarelli, Mark.
Along the Appalachian Trail and into the Heart of America. Anmeldelse av Bill Bryson, " Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail" (New York: Broadway Books, 1998), og Ian Marshall, "Story Line: Exploring the Literature of the Appalachian Trail" (Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 1998). I: Terra Nova: Culture and Nature. : 1998
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