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1 Amberger, Maria Laura; Christensen, Mikkel; Hauer, David; McQueen, Caitlin; Braovac, Susan; Kutzke, Hartmut; Hjulstad, Guro; Helgeland, Kirsten Jensen; Teigen, Mårten; McHale, Emily; Steindal, Calin Constantin; Andriulo, Fabrizio.
Saving Oseberg Forskningsprosjekt.
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2 Braovac, Susan; Hjulstad, Guro; Storbekk, Elin Christine.
Decisions about moving collections – where do conservators fit in? How can we contribute?. I: Moving Collections. Processes and Consequences. Archetype Publications Ltd. 2012 ISBN 978-1-904982-84-5. p. 175-184
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3 Braovac, Susan; Jensen, Maria; Aarseth, Bjarte Einar; Bill, Jan; Hjulstad, Guro; Løchen, Ragnar; Storbekk, Elin Christine; Dionisi Vici, Paolo; Allegretti, Ottaviano.
Long term responses in archaeological wood to ambient temperature and relative humidity – case study: the Oseberg Ship. Shipwrecks 2011 Chemistry and Preservation of Waterlogged Wooden Ships; 2011-10-18 - 2011-10-21
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4 Dionisi Vici, Paolo; Aarseth, Bjarte Einar; Bill, Jan; Hjulstad, Guro; Jensen, Maria Malherbes; Løchen, Ragnar; Storbekk, Elin Christine; Uzielli, Luca; Braovac, Susan.
In-situ deformation measurements on a large wooden archaeological artefact: the Viking Age Oseberg ship. COST Action IE0601 International Conference on Wooden Cultural Heritage: Evaluation of Deterioration and Management of Change; 2009-10-07 - 2009-10-10
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5 Storbekk, Elin Christine; Hjulstad, Guro.
Is this the way to treat an Old lady?. ICOM-CC 2008 15th Triennial Conferance; 2008-09-22 - 2008-09-26
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