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1 Alfonso, Jose Hernan; Afanou, Komlavi Anani; Holm, Jan Øivind; Stylianou, Eva.
Skin bioengineering in the diagnosis of occupational protein contact dermatitis. Occupational Medicine 2020 ;Volume 70.(4) p. 282-285
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2 Holm, Jan Øivind; Berents, Teresa Løvold; Balieva, Flora Nicol; Endre, Kim M.A.; Slevolden, Ellen Margrethe.
Behandlingsreiser for pasienter med psoriasis Travel for treatment abroad for patients with psoriasis. Tidsskrift for Den norske legeforening 2020 ;Volume 140.(6) p. -
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3 Lossius, Astrid Haaskjold; Berents, Teresa Løvold; Sætre, Frank Ove; Nilsen, Hogne Røed; Bradley, Maria; Asad, Samina; Haraldsen, Guttorm; Sundnes, Olav; Holm, Jan Øivind.
Early transcriptional changes after UVB treatment in atopic dermatitis includes inverse regulation of IL‐36γ and IL‐37. Experimental Dermatology 2020 ;Volume 30.(2) p. 249-261
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4 Lundborg, Mina; Holm, Jan Øivind; Sandvik, Leiv; Lossius, Astrid Haaskjold; Rehbinder, Eva Maria; Sitek, Jan Cezary; Berents, Teresa Løvold.
Multidisciplinary educational programme for caregivers of children with atopic dermatitis- in South East Norway – an observational study. BMC Dermatology 2020 ;Volume 20:20. p. 1-6
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5 Holm, Jan Øivind.
Vorte fra Kl?fta. Tidsskrift for Den norske legeforening 2019 ;Volume 139.(7) p. -
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6 Sandvik, Anniken; Holm, Jan Øivind.
Severe allergic contact dermatitis in a detergent production worker caused by exposure to methylisothiazolinone. Contact Dermatitis 2018 p. 1-3
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7 Koppes, Sjors A.; Engebretsen, Kristiane A.; Agner, Tove; Angelova-Fischer, Irena; Berents, Teresa Løvold; Brandner, Johanna; Brans, Richard; Clausen, Maja-Lisa; Hummler, Edith; Jakasa, Ivone; Jurakić-Tončic, Ružica; John, Swen M.; Khnykin, Denis; Molin, Sonja; Holm, Jan Øivind; Suomela, Sari; Thierse, Hermann-Josef; Kezic, Sanja; Martin, Stefan F.; Thyssen, Jacob P..
Current knowledge on biomarkers for contact sensitization and allergic contact dermatitis. Contact Dermatitis 2017 ;Volume 77.(1) p. 1-16
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8 Alfonso, Jose Hernan; Tynes, Tore; Thyssen, Jacob P; Holm, Jan Øivind; Johannessen, Håkon Andre.
Self-reported occupational skin exposure and risk of physiciancertified long-term sick leave: A prospective study of the general working population of Norway. Acta Dermato-Venereologica 2016 ;Volume 96.(3) p. 336-340
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9 Næss, Elise; Hofgaard, Antje; Skaug, Vidar; Gulbrandsen, M.; Danielsen, Tor Erik; Grahnstedt, Svein; Skogstad, Asbjørn; Holm, Jan Øivind.
Titanium dioxide nanoparticles in sunscreen penetrate the skin into viable layers of the epidermis: A clinical approach. Photodermatology, Photoimmunology & Photomedicine 2016 ;Volume 32.(1) p. 48-51
10 Alfonso, Jose Hernan; Danielsen, Tor Erik; Holm, Jan Øivind.
Re: Arbeidsmiljøet gir fremdeles sykdom. Tidsskrift for Den norske legeforening 2015 ;Volume 135.(1) p. 10-11
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11 Alfonso, Jose Hernan; Løvseth, Eva Kristin; Samant, Yogindra; Holm, Jan Øivind.
Work-related skin diseases in Norway may be underreported: Data from 2000 to 2013. Contact Dermatitis 2015 ;Volume 72.(6) p. 409-412
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12 Alfonso, Jose Hernan; Tynes, Tore; Thyssen, Jacob P; Holm, Jan Øivind; Johannessen, Håkon Andre.
Self-reported occupational skin exposures and risk of long-term sick leave in Norway. A prospective study of the general working population. Norsk Epidemiologi, Supplement 2015 ;Volume 25. Suppl. 1
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13 Gulbrandsen, M.; Holm, Jan Øivind; Hoenen, Antje; Skaug, Vidar.
Sunscreen titanium nanoparticles penetrate stratum corneum in human skin. Journal of Investigative Dermatology 2013 ;Volume 133. p. S165-S165
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14 Helsing, Per; Gjersvik, Petter; Holm, Jan-Øivind; Steinkjer, Bjarte; Holsen, Dag Sollesnes; Johnsson, Margareta; Braun, Rosemarie N K; Vårdal, Mari H; Austad, Joar.
Variability in patch test reactions - first report from the Norwegian Patch Test Registry*. Contact Dermatitis 2010 ;Volume 62.(5) p. 309-313
15 Halvorsen, Jon Anders; Olesen, Anne Braae; Thoresen, Magne; Holm, Jan-Øivind; Bjertness, Espen; Dalgard, Florence.
Comparison of Self-reported Skin Complaints with Objective Skin Signs among Adolescents. Acta Dermato-Venereologica 2008 ;Volume 88. p. 573-577
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