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1 Næss, Åshild.
Äiwoo: momalâ. Ordfestivalens språkutstilling; 2021-01-18
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2 Næss, Åshild.
Bidirectional borrowing of grammar and lexicon: the case of the Reef Islands. I: The Oxford Handbook of Language Contact. Oxford University Press 2020 ISBN 9780199945092. p. 627-642
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3 Næss, Åshild.
Looking for words in the Reef Islands: bound roots in Äiwoo and their descriptive and documentary challenge. I: Du terrain á la théorie: les 40 ans de Lacito. Lacito Publications 2020 ISBN 978-2-490768-01-1. p. 199-220
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4 Næss, Åshild; Margetts, Anna; Treis, Yvonne.
Demonstratives in discourse. Language Science Press 2020 (ISBN 978-3-96110-286-0) 350 p.
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5 Næss, Åshild; Margetts, Anna; Treis, Yvonne.
Introduction: Demonstratives in discourse. I: Demonstratives in discourse. Language Science Press 2020 ISBN 978-3-96110-286-0. p. 1-20
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6 Næss, Åshild; Sauppe, Sebastian.
Bringing psycholinguistics to the field: experiences from the Solomon Islands. 12th Austronesian and Papuan Languages and Linguistics Conference; 2020-06-18 - 2020-06-20
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7 Næss, Åshild.
Chasing the clause: the challenges of describing person indexing in Äiwoo. Descriptive grammars and typology; 2019-03-27 - 2019-03-29
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8 Næss, Åshild.
Evig eies kun det uavhendelige (eller: eier du egentlig foten din?). Språkprat 2019
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9 Næss, Åshild.
Global grammatikk: språktypologi for språklærere, 2. utgave. Gyldendal Akademisk 2019 (ISBN 9788205522305) 272 p.
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10 Næss, Åshild.
How to grow grammatical relations: modelling the transition from symmetrical voice to subject-object structure in Austronesian. Workshop on Austronesian Voice and related phenomena; 2019-12-06 - 2019-12-06
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11 Næss, Åshild.
How to grow grammatical relations: modelling the transition from symmetrical voice to subject/object structure in Austronesian. Language Change seminar; 2019-11-21 - 2019-11-21
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12 Næss, Åshild.
(Im)perfectivity and phasal aspect in Äiwoo. Societas Linguistica Europaea 52nd Annual Meeting; 2019-08-21 - 2019-09-24
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13 Næss, Åshild.
Nouns and verbs yet again: new questions in an old debate. 11th Austronesian and Papuan Languages and Linguistics Conference (APLL11); 2019-06-13 - 2019-06-15
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14 Næss, Åshild.
Språkmangfaldet i Stillehavsregionen. Mål og makt 2019 ;Volume 49.(3) p. 33-37
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15 Næss, Åshild; Vander Klok, Jozina Madolyn; Evans, Bethwyn.
Prominence in Austronesian: introduction. Workshop on Prominence in Austronesian languages; 2019-12-09 - 2019-12-10
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16 Roversi, Giovanni; Næss, Åshild.
Jespersen in the Reef Islands: single versus bipartite negation in Äiwoo. Oceanic Linguistics 2019 ;Volume 58.(2) p. 324-352
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17 Bedford, Stuart; Blust, Robert; Burley, David; Cox, Murray; Kirch, Patrick; Matisoo-Smith, Elizabeth; Næss, Åshild; Pawley, Andrew; Sand, Cristophe; Sheppard, Peter.
Ancient DNA and its contribution to understanding the human history of the Pacific Islands. Archaeology in Oceania 2018 ;Volume 53. p. 205-219
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18 Næss, Åshild.
Aspect, evidentiality and mirativity in Äiwoo. Austronesian and Papuan Languages and Linguistics (APLL10); 2018-05-04 - 2018-05-05
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19 Næss, Åshild.
Beyond roots and affixes: Äiwoo deverbal nominals and the typology of bound lexical morphemes. Studies in Language 2018 ;Volume 41.(4) p. 914-955
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20 Næss, Åshild.
Fra Stillehavet til norske klasserom: Hva stillehavsforskning har lært meg om norsk grammatikk. Sensorsamling; 2018-09-04 - 2018-09-04
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21 Næss, Åshild.
Plural-Marking Strategies in Äiwoo. Oceanic Linguistics 2018 ;Volume 57.(1) p. 31-62
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22 Næss, Åshild.
Standing up to the canoe: Competing cognitive biases in the encoding of stative spatial relations in a language with a single spatial preposition. Cognitive Linguistics 2018 ;Volume 29.(4) p. 807-841
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23 Næss, Åshild; Evans, Bethwyn; Vander Klok, Jozina Madolyn.
The rise of grammatical relations in Austronesian. The shaping of transitivity and argument structure: theoretical and empirical perspectives; 2018-10-25 - 2018-10-27
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24 Næss, Åshild.
A short dictionary of Äiwoo. Pacific Linguistics 2017 (ISBN 9781922185372) 203 p.
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25 Næss, Åshild.
Standing up to the canoe: directionals and stative spatial relations in Äiwoo. Austronesian and Papuan Languages and Linguistics (APLL9); 2017-06-21 - 2017-06-23
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26 Næss, Åshild; Evans, Bethwyn.
Prominence and the typology of grammatical relations. 12 Conference of the Association for Linguistic Typology; 2017-12-12 - 2017-12-14
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27 Næss, Åshild.
Deverbal nouns in Äiwoo: derivations, compounds or phrases?. 49th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea; 2016-08-31 - 2016-09-03
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28 Næss, Åshild.
Looking for words in the Reef Islands: bound roots in Äiwoo and their descriptive and documentary challenges.. From field to theory: 40 years of LaCiTO; 2016-11-15 - 2016-11-17
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29 Næss, Åshild.
Å se verden med nye verbformer: kategorier i grammatikken og i virkeligheten.. Norskkonferansen 2016; 2016-04-20 - 2016-04-21
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30 Berthele, Raphael; Whelpton, Matthew; Næss, Åshild; Duijff, Pieter.
Static spatial descriptions in five Germanic languages. Language Sciences 2015 ;Volume 49. p. 82-101
31 Næss, Åshild.
The Äiwoo verb phrase: syntactic ergativity without pivots. Journal of Linguistics 2015 ;Volume 51.(01) p. 75-106
32 Næss, Åshild.
Voice at the crossroads: symmetrical clause alternations in Äiwoo, Reef Islands, Solomon Islands. Oceanic Linguistics 2015 ;Volume 54.(1) p. 270-307
33 Vejdemo, Susanne; Levisen, Carsten; van Scherpenberg, Cornelia; Gúdmundsdóttir Beck, Thórhalla; Næss, Åshild; Zimmermann, Martina; Stockall, Linnea; Whelpton, Matthew.
Two kinds of pink:development and difference in Germanic colour semantics. Language Sciences 2015 ;Volume 49. p. 19-34
34 Næss, Åshild.
From Austronesian voice to Oceanic transitivity: Äiwoo as the 'missing link'. Oceanic Linguistics 2013 ;Volume 52.(1) p. 106-124
35 Boerger, Brenda H.; Næss, Åshild; Vaa, Anders; Emerine, Rachel; Hoover, Angela.
Sociological factors in Reefs-Santa Cruz language vitality: a 40 year retrospective. International Journal of the Sociology of Language 2012 (214) p. 111-152
UiO Untitled
36 Næss, Åshild.
Cutting and breaking in Äiwoo: event integration and the complexity of lexical expressions. Cognitive Linguistics 2012 ;Volume 23.(2) p. 395-420
37 Næss, Åshild.
Structural parallels between Vaeakau-Taumako and the Vanuatu Outliers: Capell revisited. Oceanic Linguistics 2012 ;Volume 51.(2) p. 567-588
38 Næss, Åshild.
Case on the margins: Pragmatics and argument marking in Vaeakau-Taumako and beyond. I: Case, animacy and semantic roles. John Benjamins Publishing Company 2011 ISBN 978 90 272 0680 0. p. 305-328
UiO Untitled
39 Næss, Åshild.
Directional verbs in Vaeakau-Taumako. Oceanic Linguistics 2011 ;Volume 50.(1) p. 120-139
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40 Næss, Åshild.
Global grammatikk: Språktypologi for språklærere. Gyldendal Akademisk 2011 (ISBN 978-82-05-40193-8) 274 p.
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41 Næss, Åshild.
"Natur i Norge er det litt forskjellig": Det-setninger som topikaliseringsstrategi i tekster skrevet av vietnamesiske innlærere. NOA - Norsk som andrespråk 2011 (2) p. 5-23
UiO Untitled
42 Næss, Åshild.
Reefs-Santa Cruz: reclassifying a language group. I: Identity matters: Movement and place. Oslo: The Kon-Tiki Museum 2011 ISBN 978-82-92967-03-4. p. 63-77
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43 Næss, Åshild.
reel-refusjon, roe-rognvaffel, rumba-rumstera. I: Norsk Ordbok. Ordbok over det norske folkemålet og det nynorske skriftmålet. Band 9. Det Norske Samlaget 2011 ISBN 978-82-521-7858-6. p. -
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44 Næss, Åshild.
The grammar of eating and drinking verbs. Language and Linguistics Compass 2011 ;Volume 5/5. p. 413-423
UiO Untitled
45 Næss, Åshild; Berg-Olsen, Sturla; Engø, Anne Torunn; Selvik, Kari-Anne; Svardal, Terje.
rå-råda. I: Norsk Ordbok. Ordbok over det norske folkemålet og det nynorske skriftmålet. Band 9. Det Norske Samlaget 2011 ISBN 978-82-521-7858-6. p. -
UiO Untitled
46 Næss, Åshild; Hovdhaugen, Even.
A Grammar of Vaeakau-Taumako. Mouton de Gruyter 2011 (ISBN 978-3-11-023826.6) 538 p.
UiO Untitled
47 Næss, Åshild; Hovdhaugen, Even.
Language is power: The impact of fieldwork on community politics. I: Documenting Endangered Languages - Achievements and Perspectives. De Gruyter Mouton 2011 ISBN 978-3-11-026002-1. p. 291-304
UiO Untitled
48 Næss, Åshild; Jenny, Mathias.
Who changes language? Bilingualism and structural change in Burma and the Reef Islands. Journal of Language Contact 2011 ;Volume 4. p. 217-249
UiO Untitled
49 Næss, Åshild; Hovdhaugen, Even.
Language contact in the Reef Islands: keeping one's distance at close quarters. I: The Gotland Papers. Selected Papers from the VII International Conference on Easter Island and the Pacific: Migration, Identity, and Cultural Heritage. : Gotland University 2010 ISBN 9789186343071. p. 455-464
UiO Untitled
50 Næss, Åshild.
How transitive are 'eat' and 'drink' verbs?. I: The Linguistics of Eating and Drinking. John Benjamins Publishing Company 2009 ISBN 978-90-272-2998-4. p. 27-43
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