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1 Beal, Charlotte; Hontvedt, Magnus.
Hold that thought; a study of student teachers’ joint meaning making in a simulation and interaction laboratory. NERA Conference 2020; 2020-03-04 - 2020-03-07
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2 Prøitz, Tine Sophie; Hontvedt, Magnus.
Learning outcomes changing education policy and education practice. NERA Conference 2020; 2020-03-04 - 2020-03-06
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3 Hontvedt, Magnus; Silseth, Kenneth; Wittek, Anne Line.
Professional Collaboration in Teacher Support Teams—A Study of Teacher and Nurse Educators’ Creative Problem-Solving in a Shared Space for Professional Development. Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research 2019 p. -
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4 Hontvedt, Magnus; Øvergård, Kjell Ivar.
Simulations at work — a framework for configuring simulation fidelity with training objectives. Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) 2019 ;Volume 29. p. 85-113
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5 Næss, Rakel Rohde; Oddvik, Morten; Hontvedt, Magnus.
Video Blogging in Teacher Education How are teacher students employing university-initiated video blogs as social spaces for articulating and enacting academic discourse?‚Äč. NERA 2019 Education in a globalized world; 2019-03-06 - 2019-03-08
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6 Silseth, Kenneth; Hontvedt, Magnus.
Studying assessment practices from an interactional perspective. Seminar SDS (sociokulturella och dialogiska studier) - Gøteborg; 2019-04-08 - 2019-04-08
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7 Hontvedt, Magnus; Krange, Ingeborg.
High Intensity Learning? — A video-study of academic achievement and physical activities in a 4th grade math class. Earli Sig 10&21; 2018-08-30 - 2018-09-01
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8 Hontvedt, Magnus; Oddvik, Morten.
Fagfornying fra politikk til praksis. SNELD — Skoleledersamling; 2018-11-15 - 2018-11-15
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9 Hontvedt, Magnus; Prøitz, Tine Sophie; Silseth, Kenneth.
Tracing Learning Activities Across Policy and Practice. AERA 2018; 2018-04-13 - 2018-04-17
USN UiO Untitled
10 Hontvedt, Magnus; Silseth, Kenneth; Prøitz, Tine Sophie.
How are learning outcomes enacted and negotiated in process-oriented assessment?. Earli Sig 10&21; 2018-08-30 - 2018-09-01
USN UiO Untitled
11 Hontvedt, Magnus; Prøitz, Tine Sophie; Silseth, Kenneth.
Tracing learning outcomes across policy and practice. ISCAR Congress; 2017-08-28 - 2017-09-01
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12 Øvergård, Kjell Ivar; Sørensen, Linda Johnstone; Hontvedt, Magnus; Smit, Paul Nikolai; Nazir, Salman.
Maritime Bridge Crew Training. I: Simulators for Transportation Human Factors: Research and Practice. CRC Press 2017 ISBN 9781472411433. p. 281-309
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13 Wittek, Anne Line; Silseth, Kenneth; Hontvedt, Magnus.
Professional Collaboration in teacher Support Teams - a study of creative problem-solving processes among teacher and nurse educators. vitenskapelig konferanse; 2016-08-23 - 2016-08-26
USN UiO Untitled
14 Wittek, Anne Line; Thompson, Ian; Daniels, Harry; Makitalo, Åsa; Hontvedt, Magnus; Silseth, Kenneth; Ortega, Lorena; Parilla, Angeles; Sussinos, Teresa; Gallego, Carmen.
Collaboration matters - symposium. The European Conference on Educational Research; 2016-08-23 - 2016-08-26
USN UiO Untitled
15 Hontvedt, Magnus.
Professional vision in simulated environments — Examining professional maritime pilots' performance of work tasks in a full-mission ship simulator. Learning, Culture and Social Interaction 2015 ;Volume 7. p. 71-84
USN UiO Untitled
16 Hontvedt, Magnus.
Simulations in Maritime Training: A video study of the socio-technical organisation of ship simulator training. Unipub forlag 2015 90 p. Doktoravhandlinger forsvart ved Det utdanningsvitenskapelige fakultet, Universitetet i Oslo(234)
USN UiO Untitled
17 Hontvedt, Magnus; Arnseth, Hans Christian.
On the bridge to learn: Analysing the social organization of nautical instruction in a ship simulator. International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning 2013 ;Volume 8.(1) p. 89-112
USN UiO Untitled
18 Hontvedt, Magnus; Sandberg, Magnus; Silseth, Kenneth.
På spill for læring: Om dataspill som læringsressurs i skolen. I: Pedagogiske tekster og ressurser i praksis. Cappelen Damm Akademisk 2013 ISBN 978-82-02-42696-5. p. 199-221
USN UiO Untitled
19 Juuhl, Gudrun Kløve; Hontvedt, Magnus; Skjelbred, Dagrun.
Læremiddelforsking etter LK06. Eit kunnskapsoversyn. Tønsberg: Høgskolen i Vestfold 2010 (ISBN 9788278602188) 79 p. (1)
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20 Kløvstad, Vibeke; Hontvedt, Magnus.
Nye nettfenomener. ITU konferansen "Sosial web og læring"; 2008-10-16
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21 Storsul, Tanja; Arnseth, Hans Christian; Bucher, Taina; Enli, Gunn; Hontvedt, Magnus; Kløvstad, Vibeke; Maasø, Arnt.
New web phenomena. Government administration and the culture of sharing. Oslo: IMK and ITU, University of Oslo 2008 58 p.
UiO Untitled
22 Storsul, Tanja; Arnseth, Hans Christian; Bucher, Taina; Enli, Gunn; Hontvedt, Magnus; Kløvstad, Vibeke; Maasø, Arnt.
Nye nettfenomener. Staten og delekulturen. Universitetet i Oslo: Institutt for medier og kommunikasjon og Forsknings- og kompetansenettverk for IT i utdanning 2008 50 p.
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