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1 Wilson, Keith.
Are the Senses Silent? Travis’s Argument from Looks. I: The Philosophy of Charles Travis: Language, Thought, and Perception. Oxford University Press 2018 ISBN 9780198783916. p. 199-221
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2 Wilson, Keith; Macpherson, Fiona.
The Senses. I: Oxford Bibliographies in Philosophy. Oxford Bibliographies 2018 ISBN 9780195396577.
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3 Locatelli, Roberta; Wilson, Keith.
Erratum to Introduction: Perception Without Representation. Topoi 2017 ;Volume 36.(2) p. 213-213
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4 Locatelli, Roberta; Wilson, Keith.
Introduction: Perception Without Representation. Topoi 2017 ;Volume 36.(2) p. 197-212
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5 Locatelli, Roberta; Wilson, Keith.
Perception Without Representation [Special Issue]. Topoi 2017 ;Volume 36.(2) p. 197-364
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6 Wilson, Keith.
Review of Perception: Essays after Frege by Charles Travis. Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2014
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7 Wilson, Keith.
Perception and Reality. New Philosopher 2013 ;Volume 1.(2) p. 104-107
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8 Wilson, Keith.
Reid’s Direct Realism and Visible Figure. The Philosophical Quarterly 2013 ;Volume 63.(253) p. 783-803
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9 Wilson, Keith.
Does Attention Exist?. British Journal of Undergraduate Philosophy 2007 ;Volume 2.(2) p. 153-168
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