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1 Pautov, Anatoly; Yakovleva, Olga; Krylova, Elena; Pautova, Irina; Gusarova, Galina.
Structural changes of large lipid droplets in stomatal complex of Trochodendron aralioides and their possible functional significance. Flora: Morphologie, Geobotanik, Oekophysiologie 2018 ;Volume 242. p. 146-154
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2 Wang, Xumei; Gusarova, Galina; Ruhsam, Markus; de Vere, Natasha; Metherell, Chris; Hollingsworth, Peter M.; Twyford, Alex D..
DNA barcoding a taxonomically complex hemiparasitic genus reveals deep divergence between ploidy levels but lack of species-level resolution. AoB Plants 2018 ;Volume 10.(3)
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3 Gusarova, Galina.
New combinations in Nearctic endemic Euphrasia (Orobanchaceae). Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas 2017 ;Volume 11.(2) p. 289-290
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4 Pautov, Anatoly; Bauer, Svetlana; Ivanova, Olga; Krylova, Elena; Sapach, Yulia; Gussarova, Galina.
Role of the outer stomatal ledges in the mechanics of guard cell movements. Trees 2017 ;Volume 31.(1) p. 125-135
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5 Mewicha, Berihun Gebremedhin; Flagstad, Øystein; Bekele, Afework; Gelete, Desalegn Chala; Bakkestuen, Vegar; Boessenkool, Sanne; Popp, Magnus; Gusarova, Galina; Schrøder-Nielsen, Audun; Nemomissa, Sileshi; Brochmann, Christian; Stenseth, Nils Christian; Epp, Laura.
DNA metabarcoding reveals diet overlap between the endangered walia ibex and domestic goats - Implications for conservation. PLoS ONE 2016 ;Volume 11.(7) p. 1-18
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6 Olonova, Marina; Gussarova, Galina; Brysting, Anne Krag; Mezina, Natalia S..
Introgressive hybridization in mesomorphic bluegrasses, Poa section Stenopoa, in western Siberia. Annales Botanici Fennici 2016 ;Volume 53.(1-2) p. 43-55
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7 Pautov, Anatoly; Yakovleva, Olga; Krylova, Elena; Gussarova, Galina.
Large lipid droplets in leaf epidermis of angiosperms. Flora: Morphologie, Geobotanik, Oekophysiologie 2016 ;Volume 219. p. 62-67
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8 Epp, Laura; Gussarova, Galina; Boessenkool, Sanne; Olsen, J.; Haile, J; Schrøder-Nielsen, Audun; Ludikova, A.; Hassel, Kristian; Stenøien, Hans K.; Funder, S.; Willerslev, Eske; Kjær, K.; Brochmann, Christian.
Lake sediment multi-taxon DNA from North Greenland records early post-glacial appearance of vascular plants and accurately tracks environmental changes. Quaternary Science Reviews 2015 ;Volume 117. p. 152-163
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9 Gussarova, Galina; Allen, Geraldine A.; Mikhaylova, Yulia; McCormick, Laurie J.; Mirre, Virginia; Marr, Kendrick L.; Hebda, Richard J.; Brochmann, Christian.
Vicariance, long-distance dispersal, and regional extinction-recolonization dynamics explain the disjunct circumpolar distribution of the arctic-alpine plant Silene acaulis. American Journal of Botany 2015 ;Volume 102.(10) p. 1703-1720
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10 Soininen, Eeva M; Gauthier, Gilles; Bilodeau, Frederic; Berteaux, Dominique; Gielly, Ludovic; Taberlet, Pierre; Gusarova, Galina; Bellemain, Eva; Hassel, Kristian; Stenøien, Hans K.; Epp, Laura; Schrøder-Nielsen, Audun; Brochmann, Christian; Yoccoz, Nigel Gilles.
Highly overlapping winter diet in two sympatric lemming species revealed by DNA metabarcoding. PLoS ONE 2015 ;Volume 10.(1)
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11 Gustafsson, A Lovisa S; Skrede, Inger; Rowe, Heather C.; Gussarova, Galina; Borgen, Liv; Rieseberg, Loren; Brochmann, Christian; Parisod, Christian.
Genetics of cryptic speciation within an arctic Mustard, Draba nivalis. PLoS ONE 2014 ;Volume 9.(4)
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12 Soininen, Eeva M; Ehrich, Dorothee; Lecomte, Nicolas; Yoccoz, Nigel Gilles; Tarroux, Arnaud; Berteaux, Dominique; Gauthier, Gilles; Gielly, Ludovic; Brochmann, Christian; Gussarova, Galina; Ims, Rolf Anker.
Sources of variation in small rodent trophic niche: New insights from DNA metabarcoding and stable isotope analysis. Isotopes in environmental and health studies 2014 ;Volume 50.(3) p. 361-381
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13 Willerslev, E; Davison, J; Moora, M; Zobel, M; Coissac, E; Edwards, ME; Lorenzen, ED; Vestergård, M; Gussarova, Galina; Haile, J; Craine, J; Gielly, L; Boessenkool, Sanne; Epp, Laura; Pearman, PB; Cheddadi, R; Murray, D; Bråthen, Kari Anne; Yoccoz, Nigel Gilles; Binney, H; Cruaud, C; Wincker, P; Goslar, T; Alsos, Inger Greve; Bellemain, Eva; Brysting, Anne Krag; Elven, Reidar; Sønstebø, Jørn Henrik; Murton, J; Sher, A; Rasmussen, M; Rønn, R; Mourier, T; Cooper, A; Austin, J; Moller, P; Froese, D; Zazula, Grant; Pompanon, F; Rioux, D; Niderkorn, Vincent; Tikhonov, A; Savvinov, G; Roberts, RG; Macphee, RDE; Gilbert, MTP; Kjær, KH; Orlando, L; Brochmann, Christian; Taberlet, P.
Fifty thousand years of Arctic vegetation and megafaunal diet. Nature 2014 ;Volume 506.(7486) p. 47-51
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14 Wondimu, Tigist; Gizaw, Abel; Mugizi, Felly; Masao, Catherine; Abdi, Ahmed Abdikhadir; Gussarova, Galina; Popp, Magnus; Nemomissa, Sileshi; Brochmann, Christian.
Crossing barriers in an extremely fragmented system: two case studies in the afro-alpine sky island flora. Plant Systematics and Evolution 2014 ;Volume 300.(3) p. 415-430
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15 Bellemain, Eva; Davey, Marie; Kauserud, Håvard; Epp, Laura; Boessenkool, Sanne; Coissac, Eric; Geml, Jozsef; Edwards, Mary; Willerslev, Eske; Gussarova, Galina; Taberlet, Pierre; Brochmann, Christian.
Fungal palaeodiversity revealed using hight-throughput metabarcoding of ancient DNA from arctic permafrost. Environmental Microbiology 2013 ;Volume 15.(4) p. 1176-1189
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16 Masao, Catherine A.; Gizaw, Abel; Piñeiro, Rosalia; Tusiime, Felly M.; Wondimu, Tigist; Abdi, Ahmed A.; Popp, Magnus; Gussarova, Galina; Lye, Kåre; Munishi, Pantaleo; Nemomissa, Sileshi; Brochmann, Christian.
Phylogeographic history and taxonomy of some afro-alpine grasses assessed based on AFLPs and morphometry: Deschampsia cespitosa, D. angusta and Koeleria capensis. Alpine Botany 2013 ;Volume 123.(2) p. 107-122
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17 Soininen, Eeva Marjatta; Zinger, Lucie; Gielly, Ludovic; Bellemain, Eva; Bråthen, Kari Anne; Brochmann, Christian; Epp, Laura; Gusarova, Galina; Hassel, Kristian; Henden, John-André; Killengreen, Siw Turid; Rämä, Teppo; Stenøien, Hans; Yoccoz, Nigel; Ims, Rolf Anker.
Shedding new light on the diet of Norwegian lemmings: DNA metabarcoding of stomach content. Polar Biology 2013 ;Volume 36.(7) p. 1069-1076
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18 Gussarova, Galina; Alsos, Inger Greve; Brochmann, Christian.
Annual plants colonizing the Arctic? Phylogeography and genetic variation in the Euphrasia minima complex (Orobanchaceae). Taxon 2012 ;Volume 61.(1) p. 146-160
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19 Jiménez-Mejías, Pedro; Luceño, Modesto; Lye, Kåre; Brochmann, Christian; Gussarova, Galina.
Genetically diverse but with surprisingly little geographical structure: the complex history of the widespread herb Carex nigra (Cyperaceae). Journal of Biogeography 2012 ;Volume 39.(12) p. 2279-2291
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20 Bendiksby, Mika; Brysting, Anne Krag; Thorbek, Lisbeth; Gusarova, Galina; Ryding, Olof.
Molecular phylogeny and taxonomy of the genus Lamium L. (Lamiaceae): Disentangling origins of presumed allotetraploids. Taxon 2011 ;Volume 60.(4) p. 986-1000
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21 Gustafsson, A Lovisa S; Borgen, Liv; Gusarova, Galina; Brochmann, Christian.
Cryptic Speciation in Arctic Plants. For Bio Annual Meeting; 2011-01-01 - 2011-02-02
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22 Gustafsson, A Lovisa S; Brochmann, Christian; Gusarova, Galina; Borgen, Liv.
Cryptic Speciation in the Arctic. International Botanical Congress; 2011-07-23 - 2011-07-30
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23 Bendiksby, Mika; Schumacher, Trond; Gusarova, Galina; Nais, Jamili; Mat-Salleh, Kamarudin; Sofiyanti, Nery; Madulid, Domingo; Smith, Steven A.; Barkman, Todd.
Elucidating the evolutionary history of the Southeast Asian, holoparasitic, giant-flowered Rafflesiaceae: Pliocene vicariance, morphological convergence and character displacement. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 2010 ;Volume 57.(2) p. 620-633
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24 Gustafsson, A Lovisa S; Brochmann, Christian; Borgen, Liv; Gusarova, Galina.
High Biological Species Diversity in the Arctic Flora?. International Polar Year Oslo Science Conference; 2010-06-08 - 2010-06-12
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25 Gustafsson, A Lovisa S; Parisod, Christian; Schranz, Eric; Borgen, Liv; Gusarova, Galina; Brochmann, Christian.
Genetics of Intrinsic Postzygotic Isolation in Draba nivalis (Brassicaceae). Annual Meeting of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution; 2010-07-04 - 2010-07-08
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26 Gustafsson, Lovisa; Borgen, Liv; Gusarova, Galina; Brochmann, Christian.
High Biological Species Diversity in the Arctic Flora?. Systematikdagarna 2009; 2009-11-23 - 2009-11-24
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27 Gusarova, Galina; Popp, Magnus; Vitek, E; Brochmann, Christian.
Molecular phylogeny and biogeography of the bipolar Euphrasia (Orobanchaceae): Recent radiations in an old genus. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 2008 ;Volume 48. p. 444-460
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28 Gusarova, Galina.
Euphrasia amurensis, E-hirtella var. ramosa and var. karoiana (Orobanchaceae). Botanical journal of the Linnean Society 2007 ;Volume 154.
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29 Gusarova, Galina; Popp, Magnus; Vitek, E; Brochmann, Christian.
Molecular phylogeny and biogeography of Euphrasia (Orobanchaceae). History, Evolution and Future of Arctic and Alpine Flora; 2007-06-25 - 2007-06-27
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30 Gusarova, Galina; Brochmann, Christian.
Systematics, phylogeny and biogeography of Euphrasia inferred from morphology and molecular markers. XVII International Botanical Congress; 2005-07-17 - 2005-07-23
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