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1 Lan, Tian; Zhang, Hongbo; Xu, Chong-Yu; Singh, Vijay P.; Lin, Kairong.
Detection and attribution of abrupt shift in minor periods in human-impacted streamflow. Journal of Hydrology 2020 ;Volume 584. p. 1-16
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2 Lin, Kairong; Chen, Haiyan; Xu, Chong-Yu; Yan, Ping; Lan, Tian; Liu, Zhiyong; Dong, Chunyu.
Assessment of flash flood risk based on improved analytic hierarchy process method and integrated maximum likelihood clustering algorithm. Journal of Hydrology 2020 ;Volume 584. p. 1-13
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3 Yang, Wushuang; Chen, Hua; Xu, Chong-Yu; Huo, Ran; Chen, Jie; Guo, Shenglian.
Temporal and spatial transferabilities of hydrological models under different climates and underlying surface conditions. Journal of Hydrology 2020 ;Volume 591. p. -
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4 Bhattarai, Bikas Chandra; Burkhart, John; Stordal, Frode; Xu, Chong-Yu.
Aerosol Optical Depth Over the Nepalese Cryosphere Derived From an Empirical Model. Frontiers in Earth Science 2019 ;Volume 7. p. -
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5 Cai, Jingya; Zhou, Zuhao; Liu, Jiajia; Wang, Hao; Jia, Yangwen; Xu, Chong-Yu.
A three-process-based distributed soil erosion model at catchment scale on the Loess Plateau of China. Journal of Hydrology 2019 ;Volume 578. p. -
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6 Chen, Guiya; Zhao, Xiaofeng; Zhou, Yanlai; Guo, Shenglian; Xu, Chong-Yu; Chang, Fi-John.
Emergency Disposal Solution for Control of a Giant Landslide and Dammed Lake in Yangtze River, China. Water 2019 ;Volume 11.(9) p. -
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7 Chen, Hua; Huo, Ran; Zeng, Qiang; Yang, Wushuang; Chen, Jie; Guo, Shenglian; Xu, Chong-Yu.
Comparative study on the influence of rain-gauge network on the uncertainty of hydrological modeling. Shuikexue Jinzhan 2019 ;Volume 30.(1) p. 34-44
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8 Chen, Qihui; Chen, Hua; Wang, Jinxing; Zhao, Ying; Chen, Jie; Xu, Chong-Yu.
Impacts of climate change and land-use change on hydrological extremes in the Jinsha River Basin. Water 2019 ;Volume 11.(7)
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9 Chen, Xiaohong; Ye, Changqing; Zhang, Jiaming; Xu, Chong-Yu; Zhang, Lijuan; Tang, Yihan.
Selection of an optimal distribution curve for non-stationary flood series. Atmosphere 2019 ;Volume 10.(1) p. -
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10 Chen, Ying; Xu, Chong-Yu; Chen, Xingwei; Xu, Youpeng; Yin, Yixing; Gao, Lu; Liu, Meibing.
Uncertainty in simulation of land-use change impacts on catchment runoff with multi-timescales based on the comparison of the HSPF and SWAT models. Journal of Hydrology 2019 ;Volume 573. p. 486-500
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11 Gu, Lei; Chen, Jie; Xu, Chong-Yu; Kim, Jong-Suk; Chen, Hua; Xia, Jun; Zhang, LiPing.
The contribution of internal climate variability to climate change impacts on droughts. Science of the Total Environment 2019 ;Volume 684. p. 229-246
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12 Hou, Yu-kun; He, Yan-feng; Chen, Hua; Xu, Chong-Yu; Chen, Jie; Kim, Jong-Suk; Guo, Sheng-lian.
Comparison of multiple downscaling techniques for climate change projections given the different climatic zones in China. Theoretical and Applied Climatology 2019 ;Volume 138.(1-2) p. 27-45
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13 Hu, Chen; Xia, Jun; She, Dunxian; Xu, Chong-Yu; Zhang, Liping; Song, Zhihong; Zhao, Lin.
A modified regional L-moment method for regional extreme precipitation frequency analysis in the Songliao River Basin of China. Atmospheric research 2019 ;Volume 230. p. -
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14 Huang, Qingzhong; Zhang, Qiang; Xu, Chong-Yu; Li, Qin; Sun, Peng.
Terrestrialwater storage in China: Spatiotemporal pattern and driving factors. Sustainability 2019 ;Volume 11.(23) p. -
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15 Jiang, C.; Xiong, L.H.; Yan, L.; Dong, J.F.; Xu, Chong-Yu.
Multivariate hydrologic design methods under nonstationary conditions and application to engineering practice. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 2019 ;Volume 23.(3) p. 1683-1704
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16 Jiang, Shanhu; Wang, Menghao; Ren, Liliang; Xu, Chong-Yu; Yuan, Fei; Liu, Yi; Lu, Yujie; Shen, Hongren.
A framework for quantifying the impacts of climate change and human activities on hydrological drought in a semiarid basin of Northern China. Hydrological Processes 2019 ;Volume 33.(7) p. 1075-1088
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17 Li, Hong; Xu, Chong-Yu; Sæthun, Nils Roar; Braskerud, Bent Christen; Volden, Erland Per.
Identification of floodways by four approaches. EGU; 2019-04-07 - 2019-07-12
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18 Li, Jia; Zhou, Zuhao; Wang, Hao; Liu, Jiajia; Jia, Yangwen; Hu, Peng; Xu, Chong-Yu.
Development of WEP-COR model to simulate land surface water and energy budgets in a cold region. Hydrology Research 2019 ;Volume 50.(1) p. 99-116
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19 Li, Jingjing; Chen, Hua; Xu, Chong-Yu; Zhao, haoyuan; Li, Lu.
Improvement and Application of Routing Method for Large Scale Semi-Distributed WASMOD. Journal of Water Resources Research 2019 ;Volume 8.(1) p. 56-66
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20 Li, Lu; Shen, Mingxi; Hou, Yukun; Xu, Chong-Yu; Lutz, Arthur; Chen, Jie; Jain, Sharad K.; Li, Jingjing; Chen, Hua.
Twenty-first-century glacio-hydrological changes in the Himalayan headwater Beas River basin. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 2019 ;Volume 23.(3) p. 1483-1503
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21 Li, Wei; Chen, Jie; Li, Lu; Chen, Hua; Liu, Bingyi; Xu, Chong-Yu; Li, Xiangquan.
Evaluation and bias correction of S2S precipitation for hydrological extremes. Journal of Hydrometeorology 2019 ;Volume 20.(9) p. 1887-1906
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22 Li, Xiang-Quan; Chen, Jie; Xu, Chong-Yu; Li, Lu; Chen, Hua.
Performance of post-processed methods in hydrological predictions evaluated by deterministic and probabilistic criteria. Water resources management 2019 ;Volume 33.(9) p. 3289-3302
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23 Li, Yuqing; Zhou, Zuhao; Wang, Kang; Xu, Chong-Yu.
Simulation of flow and agricultural non-point source pollutant transport in a Tibetan Plateau irrigation district. Water 2019 ;Volume 11.(1) p. -
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24 Lin, Kairong; Lu, Pengyu; Xu, Chong-Yu; Yu, Xuan; Lan, Tian; Chen, Xiaohong.
Modeling saltwater intrusion using an integrated Bayesian model averaging method in the Pearl River Delta. Journal of Hydroinformatics 2019 ;Volume 21.(6) p. 1147-1162
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25 Liu, Jiajia; Zhou, Zuhao; Yan, Ziqi; Gong, Jiaguo; Jia, Yangwen; Xu, Chong-Yu; Wang, Hao.
A new approach to separating the impacts of climate change and multiple human activities on water cycle processes based on a distributed hydrological model. Journal of Hydrology 2019 ;Volume 578. p. -
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26 Ma, Qiumei; Xiong, Lihua; Xia, Jun; Xiong, Bin; Yang, Han; Xu, Chong-Yu.
A censored shifted mixture distribution mapping method to correct the bias of daily IMERG satellite precipitation estimates. Remote Sensing 2019 ;Volume 11.(11) p. -
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27 Qian, Shuni; Chen, Jie; Li, Xiangquan; Xu, Chong-Yu; Guo, Shenglian; Chen, Hua; Wu, Xushu.
Seasonal rainfall forecasting for the Yangtze River basin using statistical and dynamical models. International Journal of Climatology 2019 ;Volume 40.(1) p. 361-377
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28 Reynolds, J.E.; Halldin, S.; Seibert, J.; Xu, Chong-Yu; Grabs, T..
Robustness of flood-model calibration using single and multiple events. Hydrological Sciences Journal 2019 (Special issue) p. -
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29 Shi, Pengfei; Liu, Jiahong; Yang, Tao; Xu, Chong-Yu; Feng, Jie; Yong, Bin; Cui, Tong; Li, Zhenya; Li, Shu.
New methods for the assessment of flow regime alteration under climate change and human disturbance. Water 2019 ;Volume 11:2435.(12) p. 1-25
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30 Shi, Pengfei; Yang, Tao; Xu, Chong-Yu; Yong, Bin; Huang, Ching-Sheng; Li, Zhenya; Qin, Youwei; Wang, Xiaoyan; Zhou, Xudong; Li, Shu.
Rainfall–Runoff Processes and Modelling in Regions characterized by Deficiency in Soil Water Storage. Water 2019 ;Volume 11.(9) p. -
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31 Shi, Pengfei; Yang, Tao; Yong, Bin; Li, Zhenya; Xu, Chong-Yu; Shao, Quanxi; Wang, Xiaoyan; Zhou, Xudong; Qin, Youwei.
A new uncertainty measure for assessing the uncertainty existing in hydrological simulation. Water 2019 ;Volume 11.(4) p. -
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32 Teweldebrhan, Aynom Tesfay; Burkhart, John; Schuler, Thomas; Xu, Chong-Yu.
Assimilation of MODIS fractional snow cover area into a hydrological model using fuzzy-logic based ensemble smoother data assimilation frameworks. International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) general assembly; 2019-07-08 - 2019-07-18
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33 Teweldebrhan, Aynom Tesfay; Burkhart, John; Schuler, Thomas; Xu, Chong-Yu.
Fuzzy-logic based ensemble smoother data assimilation frameworks for improving the informational value of the assimilated data. European Geosciences Union (EGU) general assembly; 2019-04-07 - 2019-04-12
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34 Teweldebrhan, Aynom Tesfay; Burkhart, John; Schuler, Thomas; Xu, Chong-Yu.
Improving the Informational Value of MODIS Fractional Snow Cover Area Using Fuzzy Logic Based Ensemble Smoother Data Assimilation Frameworks. Remote Sensing 2019 ;Volume 11.(1) p. -
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35 Teweldebrhan, Aynom Tesfay; Burkhart, John; Schuler, Thomas; Xu, Chong-Yu.
Snow data assimilation into a hydrological model using fuzzy logic based ensemble smoothers. GeoHyd Friday seminar; 2019-05-10 - 2019-05-10
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36 Treichler, Désirée Silvana; Kääb, Andreas Max; Salzmann, Nadine; Xu, Chong-Yu.
Recent glacier and lake changes in High Mountain Asia and their relation to precipitation changes. The Cryosphere 2019 ;Volume 13.(11) p. 2977-3005
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37 Wang, Hui-Min; Chen, Jie; Xu, Chong-Yu; Chen, Hua; Guo, Shenglian; Xie, Ping; Li, Xiangquan.
Does the weighting of climate simulations result in a better quantification of hydrological impacts?. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 2019 ;Volume 23.(10) p. 4033-4050
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38 Wang, Jia; Zhang, Xin-hua; Xu, Chong-Yu; Wang, Hao; Lei, Xiao-Hui; Wang, Xu; Li, Si-Yu.
Development of load duration curve system in data-scarce watersheds based on a distributed hydrological model. Hydrology Research 2019 ;Volume 50.(3) p. 886-900
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39 Wang, Xiaoyan; Yang, Tao; Xu, Chong-Yu; Yong, Bin; Shi, Pengfei.
Understanding the discharge regime of a glacierized alpine catchment in the Tianshan Mountains using an improved HBV-D hydrological model. Global and Planetary Change 2019 ;Volume 172. p. 211-222
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40 Xiang, Yiheng; Li, Lu; Chen, Jie; Xu, Chong-Yu; Xia, Jun; Chen, Hua; Liu, Jie.
Parameter uncertainty of a Snowmelt Runoff Model and its impact on future projections of snowmelt runoff in a data-scarce deglaciating river basin. Water 2019 ;Volume 11.(11) p. -
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41 Xiong, Bin; Xiong, Lihua; Xia, Jun; Xu, Chong-Yu; Jiang, Cong; Du, Tao.
Assessing the impacts of reservoirs on downstream flood frequency by coupling the effect of scheduling-related multivariate rainfall with an indicator of reservoir effects. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 2019 ;Volume 23.(11) p. 4453-4470
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42 Xiong, Feng; Guo, Shenglian; Liu, Pan; Xu, Chong-Yu; Zhong, Yixuan; Yin, Jiabo; He, Shaokun.
A general framework of design flood estimation for cascade reservoirs in operation period. Journal of Hydrology 2019 ;Volume 577. p. -
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43 Xue, Yang; Magnusson, Jan; Xu, Chong-Yu.
Transferability of regionalization methods under changing climate. Journal of Hydrology 2019 ;Volume 568. p. 67-81
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44 Yan, Lei; Xiong, Lihua; Ruan, Gusong; Xu, Chong-Yu; Yan, Pengtao; Liu, Pan.
Reducing uncertainty of design floods of two-component mixture distributions by utilizing flood timescale to classify flood types in seasonally snow covered region. Journal of Hydrology 2019 ;Volume 574. p. 588-608
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45 Yang, Han; Xiong, Lihua; Ma, Qiumei; Xia, Jun; Chen, Jie; Xu, Chong-Yu.
Utilizing satellite surface soil moisture data in calibrating a distributed hydrological model applied in humid regions through a multi-objective Bayesian hierarchical framework. Remote Sensing 2019 ;Volume 11.(11)
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46 Ye, Xuchun; Guo, Qiang; Zhang, Zengxin; Xu, Chong-Yu.
Assessing Hydrological and Sedimentation Effects from Bottom Topography Change in a Complex River–Lake System of Poyang Lake, China. Water 2019 ;Volume 11.(7) p. -
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47 Ye, Xu-chun; Meng, Yuan-ke; Xu, Li-gang; Xu, Chong-Yu.
Net primary productivity dynamics and associated hydrological driving factors in the floodplain wetland of China's largest freshwater lake. Science of the Total Environment 2019 ;Volume 659. p. 302-313
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48 Yu, Huiqian; Zhang, Qiang; Xu, Chong-Yu; Du, Juan; Sun, Peng; Hu, Pan.
Modified Palmer Drought Severity Index: Model improvement and application. Environment International 2019 ;Volume 130. p. -
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49 Yuan, Qifen; Thorarinsdottir, Thordis Linda; Beldring, Stein; Wong, Wai Kwok; Huang, Shaochun; Xu, Chong-Yu.
New approach for bias correction and stochastic downscaling of future projections for daily mean temperatures to a high-resolution grid. Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology 2019 ;Volume 58.(12) p. 2617-2632
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50 Zhang, Fengying; Zhang, Zengxin; Kong, Rui; Chang, Juan; Tian, Jiaxi; Zhu, Bin; Jiang, Shanshan; Chen, Xi; Xu, Chong-Yu.
Changes in Forest Net Primary Productivity in the Yangtze River Basin and Its Relationship with Climate Change and Human Activities. Remote Sensing 2019 ;Volume 11.(12) p. -
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