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1 Mosavi, Amirhosein.
Improving the spatial prediction of soil salinity in arid regions using wavelet transformation and support vector regression models. Geoderma 2021
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2 Westgaard, Sjur; Fleten, Stein-Erik; Negash, Ahlmahz; Botterud, Audun; Bogaard, Katinka; Verling, Trude Haugsvær.
Performing price scenario analysis and stress testing using quantile regression: A case study of the Californian electricity market. Energy 2021 ;Volum 214.
NTNU NMBU Untitled
3 Aarset, Bernt; Carson, Siri Granum; Wiig, Heidi; Måren, Inger Elisabeth; Marks, Jessica.
Lost in Translation? Multiple Discursive Strategies and the Interpretation of Sustainability in the Norwegian Salmon Farming Industry. Food Ethics 2020
4 Alstadsæter, Annette; Bjørkheim, Julie Brun; Kopczuk, Wojciech; Økland, Andreas.
Norwegian and US Policies Alleviate Business Vulnerability Due to the Covid-19 Shock Equally Well. National tax journal 2020
NMBU Untitled
5 Andersen, Fredrik; Rocca, Elena.
Underdetermination and evidence-based policy. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C: Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences 2020
HIOF NMBU Untitled
6 Angelsen, Arild; Aguilar-Støen, Mariel; Ainembabazi, John Herbert; Castellanos, Edwin; Taylor, Matthew.
Migration, Remittances, and Forest Cover Change in Rural Guatemala and Chiapas, Mexico.. Land 2020
UiO NMBU Untitled
7 Ardebili, Aida Tabarroky; Rickertsen, Kyrre.
Personality traits, knowledge, and consumer acceptance of genetically modified plant and animal products. Food Quality and Preference 2020 ;Volum 80.
NMBU Untitled
8 Asioli, Daniele; Mignani, Adriana; Alfnes, Frode.
Quick and easy? Respondent evaluations of the Becker–DeGroot–Marschak and multiple price list valuation mechanisms. Agribusiness 2020
NMBU Untitled
9 Birkenbach, Anna M.; Cojocaru, Andreea-Laura; Asche, Frank; Guttormsen, Atle; Smith, Martin D..
Seasonal Harvest Patterns in Multispecies Fisheries. Environmental and Resource Economics 2020 ;Volum 75.(3) s. 631-655
UIS NMBU Untitled
10 Bratsberg, Bernt; Alstadsæter, Annette; Eielsen, Gaute; Kopczuk, Wojciech; Markussen, Simen; Røed, Knut; Raaum, Oddbjørn.
The First Weeks of the Coronavirus Crisis: Who Got Hit, When and Why? Evidence from Norway. NBER Working Paper Series 2020
11 Bratsberg, Bernt; Eielsen, Gaute; Markussen, Simen; Raaum, Oddbjørn; Røed, Knut; Vigtel, Trond Christian.
Koronakrisens første uker - hvem tok støyten i arbeidslivet?. Samfunnsøkonomen 2020
12 Buason, Arnar; Kristofersson, Dadi; Rickertsen, Kyrre.
Demand systems and frequency of purchase models. Applied Economics 2020
NMBU Untitled
13 Buason, Arnar Mar; Eiriksdottir, Kristin; Kristofersson, Dadi; Rickertsen, Kyrre.
Frequency and time in recreational demand. Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy 2020
NMBU Untitled
14 Dugstad, Anders; Grimsrud, Kristine; Kipperberg, Gorm; Lindhjem, Henrik; Navrud, Ståle.
Acceptance of wind power development and exposure – Not-in-anybody’s-backyard. Energy Policy 2020 ;Volum 147. s. -
15 Dugstad, Anders; Grimsrud, Kristine; Kipperberg, Gorm; Lindhjem, Henrik; Navrud, Ståle.
Scope elasticity and economic significance in discrete choice experiments. SSB - Discussion papers 2020 s. -
UIS NMBU Untitled
16 Gebretsadik, Kidanemariam Abreha; Romstad, Eirik.
Climate and farmers’ willingness to pay for improved irrigation water supply. World Development Perspectives 2020 ;Volum 20.
NMBU Untitled
17 Gerlagh, Reyer; Heijmans, Roweno; Rosendahl, Knut Einar.
COVID‑19 Tests the Market Stability Reserve. Environmental and Resource Economics 2020 ;Volum 76. s. 855-865
NMBU Untitled
18 Grimsrud, Kristine; Barton, David Nicholas; Navrud, Ståle; Lindhjem, Henrik.
Verdsetting av naturgoder i FNs naturregnskap. Samfunnsøkonomen 2020
NINA NMBU Untitled
19 Gustavsen, Geir Wæhler; Dong, Diansheng; Nayga, Rodolfo M. Jr.; Rickertsen, Kyrre.
Ethnic Variation in Immigrants’ Diets and Food Acculturation – United States 1999–2012. Agricultural and Resource Economics Review (ARER) 2020 s. 1-20
20 Hadush, Muuz.
Examining the Effect of Animal Resource Scarcity on Farm Labor and Farm Production in Northern Ethiopia. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 2020 ;Volum 52.(2) s. 264-287
NMBU Untitled
21 Haug, Espen.
Asian Options with Zero Cost-of-Carry. EEX Options on Freight and Iron Ore Futures”. Decisions in Economics and Finance (DAF) 2020
NMBU Untitled
22 Haug, Espen.
Collision-space-time: Unified quantum gravity. Physics essays 2020 ;Volum 33.(1)
NMBU Untitled
23 Haug, Espen.
Does Special Relativity Lead to a Trans-Planckian Crisis?. Applied Physics Research 2020 ;Volum 12.(1)
NMBU Untitled
24 Haug, Espen.
Finding the Planck length multiplied by the speed of light without any knowledge of G, c, or h, using a Newton force spring. Journal of Physics Communications 2020 ;Volum 4.(7)
NMBU Untitled
25 Haug, Espen.
Relativistic Newtonian Gravitation That Gives the Correct Prediction of Mercury Precession. Journal of High Energy Physics, Gravitation and Cosmology 2020 ;Volum 6.(2)
NMBU Untitled
26 Haug, Espen.
Squaring The Circle and Doubling the Cube in Space-Time. The Mathematics Enthusiast 2020 ;Volum 18.(1&2)
NMBU Untitled
27 Haug, Espen.
The Relativistic Rydberg’s Formula in Greater Depth and for Any Atom. Journal of Modern Physics 2020 ;Volum 11.(4)
NMBU Untitled
28 Haug, Espen.
The Smallest Possible Money Unit! When Money Crashes into the Laws of Physics. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 2020 ;Volum 560.
NMBU Untitled
29 Holden, Stein Terje; Tilahun, Mesfin.
Farm size and gender distribution of land: Evidence from Ethiopian land registry data. World Development 2020 ;Volum 130.
NMBU Untitled
30 Iversen, Endre Kildal; Grimsrud, Kristine; Mitani, Yohei; Lindhjem, Henrik.
The giving type in stated preference. SSB - Discussion papers 2020
NMBU Untitled
31 Kidane, Anbes Tenaye.
New Evidence Using a Dynamic Panel Data Approach: Cereal Supply Response in Smallholder Agriculture in Ethiopia. Economies 2020 ;Volum 8. s. -
NMBU Untitled
32 Kidane, Anbes Tenaye.
Sources of productivity growth in Ethiopian agriculture. African Journal of Agricultural Research 2020 ;Volum 15.(1) s. 19-32
NMBU Untitled
33 Kidane, Anbes Tenaye.
Technical Efficiency of Smallholder Agriculture in Developing Countries: The Case of Ethiopia. Economies 2020 ;Volum 8.(2) s. 1-27
NMBU Untitled
34 Killingberg, Nils Magne; Kubberød, Elin; Blenker, Per.
Preparing for a future career through entrepreneurship education: Towards a research agenda. Industry & higher education 2020 s. -
NMBU Untitled
35 Klemetsen, Marit Elisabeth; Rosendahl, Knut Einar; Jakobsen, Anja Lund.
The impacts of the EU ETS on Norwegian plants’ environmental and economic performance. Climate Change Economics 2020 ;Volum 11.(1) s. 1-32
36 Lee, Ji Yong; Qian, Yiwei; Gustavsen, Geir Wæhler; Nayga, Rodolfo M. Jr.; Rickertsen, Kyrre.
Effects of consumer cohorts and age on meat expenditures in the United States. Agricultural Economics 2020 ;Volum 51.(4) s. 505-517
37 Liu, Xiaozi; Tvinnereim, Endre; Grimsrud, Kristine; Lindhjem, Henrik; Velle, Liv Guri; Saure, Heidi Iren; Lee, Hanna.
Explaining landscape preference heterogeneity via machine-learning assisted survey analysis. Landscape Research 2020
38 Markussen, Simen; Bratsberg, Bernt; Røed, Knut; Raaum, Oddbjørn; Eilesen, Gaute.
Koronakrisens første uker - hvem tok støyten i arbeidslivet?. Samfunnsøkonomen 2020
39 Mitani, Yohei; Lindhjem, Henrik.
Meta-analysis of Landowner Participation in Voluntary Incentive Programs for Forest Ecosystem Services. Conservation Biology 2020
NMBU Untitled
40 Mosavi, Amirhosein.
Agricultural Risk Management Using Fuzzy TOPSIS Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA). Agriculture 2020
NMBU Untitled
41 Mosavi, Amirhosein.
Combination of Group Method of Data Handling (GMDH) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for Prediction of Velocity in Channel Intake. Applied Sciences 2020
NMBU Untitled
42 Mosavi, Amirhosein.
COVID-19 Outbreak Prediction with Machine Learning. Algorithms 2020
NMBU Untitled
43 Naime Sanchez Henkel, Julia Del Carmen; Mora, Francisco; Sanchez-Martinez, Mauricio; Balvanera, Patricia; Arreola, Felipe.
Economic valuation of ecosystem services from secondary tropical forests: trade-offs and implications for policy making. Forest Ecology and Management 2020 ;Volum 473. s. -
NMBU Untitled
44 Nakamya, Miria; Romstad, Eirik.
Ethanol for an agriculture-based developing economy: A computable general equilibrium assessment for Uganda. Energy for Sustainable Development 2020 ;Volum 59. s. 160-169
NMBU Untitled
45 Ngoma, Hambulo; Hailu, Amare Teklay; Kabwe, Stephen; Angelsen, Arild.
Pay, talk or ‘whip’ to conserve forests: Framed field experiments in Zambia. World Development 2020 ;Volum 128. s. 1-15
NMBU Untitled
46 Sabyrbekov, Rahat; Dallimer, Martin; Navrud, Ståle.
Nature affinity and willingness to pay for urban green spaces in a developing country. Landscape and Urban Planning 2020 ;Volum 194.
NMBU Untitled
47 Sommervoll, Dag Einar.
Jump bids in real estate auctions. Journal of Housing Economics 2020 ;Volum 49:101713. s. 1-10
NTNU NMBU Untitled
48 Steen, Marie; Moussawi, Julian Taghawi; Gjølberg, Ole.
Is There a Relationship between Morningstar’s ESG Ratings and Mutual Fund Performance?. Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment 2020 s. -
NMBU Untitled
49 Tione, Sarah Ephrida; Holden, Stein Terje.
Urban proximity, demand for land and land shadow prices in Malawi. Land Use Policy 2020 ;Volum 94.
NMBU Untitled
50 Trædal, Leif Tore; Angelsen, Arild.
Policies Drive Sub-National Forest Transitions in Vietnam. Forests 2020 ;Volum 11.(10) s. -
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