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1 Ahlers, Anna Lisa.
鲁尔区“变回蓝天”对北京的启示 (Title of English version: "How the Sky over the Ruhr Became Blue Again - Or: A German researcher’s optimism about China’s opportunities to tackle the problem of air pollution"). 小康 Xiaokang (Insight China) 2015 (23)
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2 Hansen, Mette Halskov; Ahlers, Anna Lisa.
Air Pollution: How Will China Win its Self-Declared War Against it?. I: Routledge Handbook of Environmental Policy in China. Routledge 2017 ISBN 1138831115. s. -
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3 Shen, Yongdong.
Protest against Industrial Air Pollution: A Case from Hangzhou City, China.
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4 Svarverud, Rune.
Genealogy of Chinese Perceptions of “Polluted Air”: Conceptual Change and the Terminological Landscape of Air Pollution in Modern China. 東亞觀念史集刊 2019 ;Volum 17.
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5 Svarverud, Rune.
The Terminological Battle for 'Air' in Modern China. Wakumon 2014 ;Volum 26. s. 23-44
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