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1 Antonsen, Tarjei; Mann, Ingrid; Vaverka, Jakub; Nouzák, Libor.
A fragmentation model approach for low velocity impact charging. EGU 2020 Sharing Geoscience Online; 2020-05-05 - 2020-05-08
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2 Baumann, Carsten; Myrvang, Margaretha; Mann, Ingrid.
Dust sputtering within the inner heliosphere. Annales Geophysicae 2020
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3 Antonsen, Tarjei; Mann, Ingrid.
Impact Charging of Nanoscale Ice and Meteoric Smoke Particles. 24th ESA Symposium on European Rocket and Balloon Programmes and Related Research; 2019-06-15 - 2019-06-20
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4 Czechowski, Andrzej; Mann, Ingrid.
Nanodust in the solar wind and in the inner planetary debris disks. NW2SD international conference - From the Nanoworld to Stardust; 2019-07-17 - 2019-09-19
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5 Czechowski, Andrzej; Mann, Ingrid.
Small Charged Grains Outside the Heliopause as a Source of Information About More Distant Regions: An Opportunity for the Interstellar Probe. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting; 2019-12-08 - 2019-12-13
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6 Fredriksen, Åshild; Mann, Ingrid; Antonsen, Tarjei; DeLuca, Michael; Fontanese, John; Sternovsky, Zoltan.
Laboratory simulations of hypervelocity dust impacts on spacecraft. Fysikermøtet i Oslo; 2019-08-07 - 2019-08-09
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7 Mann, Ingrid.
Nanodust and nanoparticle interactions in ionospheric and solar wind plasma. NW2SD international conference - From the Nanoworld to Stardust; 2019-07-17 - 2019-07-19
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8 Mann, Ingrid; Nouzák, Libor; Vaverka, Jakub; Antonsen, Tarjei; Fredriksen, Åshild; Issautier, Karine; Malaspina, David; Meyer-Vernet, Nicole; Pavlů, Jiří; Sternovsky, Zoltan; Stude, Joan; Ye, Shengyi; Zaslavsky, Arnaud.
Dust observations with antenna measurements and its prospects for observations with Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter. Annales Geophysicae 2019 ;Volum 37.(6) s. 1121-1140
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9 Stamm, Johann Immanuel; Czechowski, Andrzej; Mann, Ingrid; Baumann, Carsten; Myrvang, Margaretha.
Dust trajectory simulations around Sun, Vega, and Fomalhaut. Astronomy and Astrophysics 2019 ;Volum 626.
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10 Vaverka, Jakub; Pavlů, Jiří; Nouzák, Libor; Šafránková, Jana; Nem̌ecěk, Zdenêk; Mann, Ingrid; Ye, Shengyi; Lindqvist, Per-Arne.
One-year analysis of dust impact-like events onto the MMS spacecraft. Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR): Space Physics 2019 ;Volum 124. s. 8178-8190
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11 Lindkvist, Jesper; Hamrin, Maria; Gunell, Herbert; Nilsson, Hans; Simon Wedlund, Cyril; Kallio, Esa; Mann, Ingrid; Pitkaenen, Timo; Karlsson, Tomas.
Energy conversion in cometary atmospheres - Hybrid modeling of 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Astronomy and Astrophysics 2018 ;Volum 616. s. 1-10
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12 Baumann, Carsten; Mann, Ingrid.
Scientific backgound of the HelioDust project.
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13 Baumann, Carsten; Myrvang, Margaretha; Stamm, Johann Immanuel; Mann, Ingrid.
The Fate of Nanodust near the Sun - Comparison of Sputtering and Sublimation lifetimes during CMEs. PERC Int'l Symposium on Dust & Parent Bodies; 2018-02-26 - 2018-02-28
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14 Baumann, Carsten; Stamm, Johann Immanuel; Myrvang, Margaretha; Mann, Ingrid; Aasmundveit, Jan Fredrik.
Sputtering through coronal mass ejections and the fate of nanodust near the Sun. EGU General Assembly; 2018-04-09 - 2018-04-09
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15 Czechowski, Andrzej; Mann, Ingrid.
Dynamics of nanodust particles emitted from elongated initial orbits. Astronomy and Astrophysics 2018 ;Volum 617. s. -
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16 Mann, Ingrid.
Faszination Nano-Staubteilchen im Kosmos - Astronomie als Puzzle. Planetarium Talk; 2018-08-30
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17 Mann, Ingrid.
Radar studies of ionospheric dust - plasma phenomena. 16th International Conference on the Physics of Non-Ideal Plasmas; 2018-09-24 - 2018-09-28
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18 Mann, Ingrid; Stamm, Johann Immanuel; Czechowski, Andrzej; Baumann, Carsten; Myrvang, Margaretha; Li, Aigen.
Dust Trajectory Calculations in the Inner Heliosphere and Circumstellar Debris Disks. Solar Wind 15; 2018-06-18 - 2018-06-22
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19 Myrvang, Margaretha; Baumann, Carsten; Mann, Ingrid; Stamm, Johann Immanuel.
Temperature and thermal emission of cosmic dust in the vicinity of the Sun, Vega and Fomalhaut.. Egu General Assembly 2018; 2018-04-09 - 2018-04-13
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20 Stamm, Johann Immanuel; Baumann, Carsten; Czechowski, Andrzej; Mann, Ingrid; Myrvang, Margaretha.
Dynamics of Dust Particles near Sun, Vega and Fomalhaut. Egu General Assembly 2018; 2018-04-09 - 2018-04-13
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21 Vaverka, Jakub; Nakamura, Takuji; Kero, Johan; Mann, Ingrid; De Spiegeleer, Alexandre; Hamrin, Maria; Norberg, Carol; Lindqvist, Per-Arne; Pellinen-Wannberg, Asta.
Comparison of Dust Impact and Solitary Wave Signatures Detected by Multiple Electric Field Antennas Onboard the MMS Spacecraft. Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR): Space Physics 2018 ;Volum 123.(8) s. 6119-6129
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22 Vaverka, Jakub; Pellinen-Wannberg, Asta; Kero, Johan; Mann, Ingrid; De Spiegeleer, Alexandre; Hamrin, Maria; Norberg, Carol; Pitkaenen, Timo.
Detection of meteoroid hypervelocity impacts on the Cluster spacecraft: First results. Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR): Space Physics 2017 ;Volum 122.(6) s. 6485-6494
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