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1 Lai, Samson Yuxiu; Cavallo, Carmen; Abdelhamid, Muhammad; Lou, Fengliu; Koposov, Alexey.
Advanced and Emerging Negative Electrodes for Li-Ion Capacitors: Pragmatism vs. Performance. Energies 2021 ;Volum 14.(11) s. -
UiO IFE Untitled
2 Balestra, Lorenzo; Yang, Ruochen; Schjølberg, Ingrid; Utne, Ingrid Bouwer; Ulleberg, Øystein.
Towards Safety Barrier Analysis of Hydrogen Powered Maritime Vessels. I: ASME 2021 40th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering Volume 6: Ocean Engineering. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) 2021 ISBN 978-0-7918-8516-1. s. -
NTNU IFE Untitled
3 Bratland, Magne; Bjerketvedt, Dag; Vågsæther, Knut.
Structural response analysis of explosions in hydrogen-air mixtures in tunnel-like geometries. Engineering structures 2021 ;Volum 231.
USN Untitled
4 Booto, Gaylord Kabongo; Espegren, Kari Aamodt; Hancke, Ragnhild.
Comparative life cycle assessment of heavy-duty drivetrains: A Norwegian study case. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 2021 ;Volum 95. s. -
5 Brennhagen, Anders; Cavallo, Carmen; Wragg, David; Sottmann, Jonas; Koposov, Alexey; Fjellvåg, Helmer.
Understanding the (De)Sodiation Mechanisms in Na‐Based Batteries through Operando X‐Ray Methods. Batteries & Supercaps 2021 ;Volum 4.(7) s. 1039-1063
UiO IFE Untitled
6 Dhillon, Shweta; Hernández, Guiomar; Wagner, Nils Peter; Svensson, Ann Mari; Brandell, Daniel.
Modelling capacity fade in silicon-graphite composite electrodes for lithium-ion batteries. Electrochimica Acta 2021 ;Volum 377. s. 1-9
7 Henriksen, Mathias; Vågsæther, Knut; Lundberg, Joachim; Forseth, Sissel; Bjerketvedt, D..
Laminar burning velocity of gases vented from failed Li-ion batteries. Journal of Power Sources 2021 ;Volum 506. s. 1-11
USN FFI Untitled
8 Hugaas, Eivind; Echtermeyer, Andreas.
Estimating SN curves for local fiber dominated fatigue failure in ring specimens representing filament wound pressure vessels with damage. Composites Part C: Open Access 2021 ;Volum 5. s. -
NTNU Untitled
9 Hugaas, Eivind; Echtermeyer, Andreas.
Filament wound composite fatigue mechanisms investigated with full field DIC strain monitoring. Open Engineering 2021 ;Volum 11.(1) s. 401-413
NTNU Untitled
10 Lach, Agnieszka; Gaathaug, Andre Vagner.
Effect of Mechanical Ventilation on Accidental Hydrogen Releases—Large-Scale Experiments. Energies 2021 ;Volum 14.(11) s. -
USN Untitled
11 Lach, Agnieszka; Gaathaug, Andre Vagner.
Large scale experiments and model validation of Pressure Peaking Phenomena-ignited hydrogen releases. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 2021 ;Volum 46.(11) s. 8317-8328
USN Untitled
12 Marocco, Paolo; Sundseth, Kyrre; Aarhaug, Thor Anders; Lanzini, Andrea; Santarelli, Massimo; Barnett, Alejandro Oyarce; Thomassen, Magnus.
Online measurements of fluoride ions in proton exchange membrane water electrolysis through ion chromatography. Journal of Power Sources 2021 ;Volum 483. s. -
13 McCay, Katie; Lædre, Sigrid; Martinsen, Stig-Yngve; Smith, Graham; Barnett, Alejandro Oyarce; Fortin, Patrick.
In-Situ Monitoring of Interfacial Contact Resistance in PEM Fuel Cells. Journal of the Electrochemical Society 2021 ;Volum 168.(6) s. -
SINTEF Untitled
14 Stadlerova, Sarka; Schütz, Peter.
Designing the Hydrogen Supply Chain for Maritime transportation in Norway. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) 2021 ;Volum 13004. s. 36-50
NTNU Untitled
15 Sundvor, Ingrid; Thorne, Rebecca Jayne; Danebergs, Janis; Aarskog, Fredrik Gundersen; Weber, Christian.
Estimating the replacement potential of Norwegian high-speed passenger vessels with zero-emission solutions. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 2021 ;Volum 99:103019. s. 1-17
TØI IFE Untitled
16 Thorne, Rebecca Jayne; Hovi, Inger Beate; Figenbaum, Erik; Pinchasik, Daniel Ruben; Amundsen, Astrid Helene; Hagman, Rolf.
Facilitating adoption of electric buses through policy: Learnings from a trial in Norway. Energy Policy 2021 ;Volum 155.(August 2021) s. 1-11
TØI Untitled
17 Tuset, Jørgen Kristoffer.
Modelling and Validation of a Fuel Cell Electric Bus. : Department of Technology Systems, University of Oslo 2021 73 s.
UiO IFE Untitled
18 Ulvestad, Asbjørn; Skare, Marte Orderud; Foss, Carl Erik Lie; Krogsæter, Henrik; Reichstein, Jakob; Preston, Thomas J.; Mæhlen, Jan Petter; Andersen, Hanne Flåten; Koposov, Alexey.
Stoichiometry-Controlled Reversible Lithiation Capacity in Nanostructured Silicon Nitrides Enabled by in Situ Conversion Reaction. ACS Nano 2021 ;Volum 15.(10) s. 16777-16787
NTNU UiO IFE Untitled
19 Weydahl, Helge; Valset, Kjetil; Gilljam, Martin; Lian, Torleif; Gandrud, Knut Bjarne.
Comparison of thermal runaway initiation methods for a cylindrical Li-ion cell. : Forsvarets forskningsinstitutt 2021 (ISBN 978-82-464-3366-0) 38 s.
FFI Untitled
20 Zenith, Federico.
Battery-powered freight trains. Nature Energy 2021
SINTEF Untitled
21 Østli, Elise Ramleth; Tesfamhret, Yonas; Wenner, Sigurd; Lacey, Matthew J.; Brandell, Daniel; Svensson, Ann Mari; Selbach, Sverre Magnus; Wagner, Nils P..
Limitations of Ultrathin Al<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf>Coatings on LNMO Cathodes. ACS Omega 2021 s. 1-12
22 Aarskog, Fredrik Gundersen; Danebergs, Janis.
Estimation of Energy Demand in the Norwegian high-speed Passenger Ferry Sector Towards 2030. Kjeller: Institutt for energiteknikk 2020 (ISBN 978-82-7017-926-8) 15 s. IFE/E(2020/003)
IFE Untitled
23 Aarskog, Fredrik Gundersen; Danebergs, Janis; Strømgren, Trond; Ulleberg, Øystein.
Energy and cost analysis of a hydrogen driven high speed passenger ferry. International Shipbuilding Progress 2020 ;Volum 67. s. -
IFE Untitled
24 Andersen, Håkon; Xu, Kaiqi; Malyshkin, Dmitry; Strandbakke, Ragnar; Chatzitakis, Athanasios Eleftherios.
A highly efficient electrocatalyst based on double perovskite cobaltites with immense intrinsic catalytic activity for water oxidation. Chemical Communications 2020 ;Volum 56.(7) s. 1030-1033
UiO Untitled
25 Danebergs, Janis; Aarskog, Fredrik Gundersen.
Future compressed hydrogen infrastructure for the domestic maritime sector. Kjeller: Institutt for energiteknikk 2020 (ISBN 978-82-7017-930-5) 33 s. IFE/E(2020/006)
IFE Untitled
26 Figenbaum, Erik.
Battery Electric Vehicle Fast Charging–Evidence from the Norwegian Market. World Electric Vehicle Journal 2020 ;Volum 11.(2) s. -
TØI Untitled
27 Foss, Carl Erik Lie; Müssig, Stephan; Svensson, Ann Mari; Vie, Preben Joakim Svela; Ulvestad, Asbjørn; Mæhlen, Jan Petter; Koposov, Alexey.
Anodes for Li‑ion batteries prepared from microcrystalline silicon and enabled by binder’s chemistry and pseudo‑self‑healing. Scientific Reports 2020 ;Volum 10.(1) s. -
IFE NTNU Untitled
28 Halvorsen, Ivar Johan; Pivac, Ivan; Bezmalinovic, Dario; Barbir, Frano; Zenith, Federico.
Electrochemical low-frequency impedance spectroscopy algorithm for diagnostics of PEM fuel cell degradation. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 2020 ;Volum 45.(2) s. 1325-1334
SINTEF Untitled
29 Henriksen, Mathias; Vågsæther, Knut; Gaathaug, Andre Vagner; Lundberg, Joachim; Forseth, Sissel; Bjerketvedt, Dag.
Laminar burning velocity of the dimethyl carbonate–air mixture formed by the Li-ion electrolyte solvent. Combustion, explosion, and shock waves 2020 ;Volum 56.(4) s. 383-393
FFI USN Untitled
30 Hovi, Inger Beate; Pinchasik, Daniel Ruben; Figenbaum, Erik; Thorne, Rebecca Jayne.
Experiences from battery-electric truck users in Norway. World Electric Vehicle Journal 2020 ;Volum 11.(5)
TØI Untitled
31 Lach, Agnieszka; Gaathaug, Andre Vagner; Vågsæther, Knut.
Pressure peaking phenomena: Unignited hydrogen releases in confined spaces – Large-scale experiments. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 2020 ;Volum 45.(56) s. 32702-32712
USN Untitled
32 Lai, Samson Yuxiu; Mæhlen, Jan Petter; Preston, Thomas; Skare, Marte Orderud; Nagell, Marius Uv; Ulvestad, Asbjørn; Lemordant, Daniel; Koposov, Alexey.
Morphology engineering of silicon nanoparticles for better performance in Li-ion battery anodes. Nanoscale Advances 2020 ;Volum 2.(11) s. 5335-5342
IFE UiO Untitled
33 Tezel, Ahmet Oguz; Daniel, Streich; Gueguen, Aurelie; Hahlin, Maria; Sunde, Svein; Edstrøm, Kristina; Novak, Petr; Svensson, Ann Mari.
Solid Electrolyte Interphase (SEI) Formation on the Graphite Anode in Electrolytes Containing the Anion Receptor Tris (hexafluoroisopropyl) borate (THFIPB). Journal of the Electrochemical Society 2020 ;Volum 167.(13) s. -
NTNU Untitled
34 Thomassen, Magnus.
SINTEF Untitled
35 Ulvestad, Asbjørn; Reksten, Anita; Andersen, Hanne Flåten; Almeida Carvalho, Patricia; Jensen, Ingvild Julie Thue; Nagell, Marius Uv; Mæhlen, Jan Petter; Kirkengen, Martin; Koposov, Alexey.
Crystallinity of silicon nanoparticles: Direct influence on the electrochemical performance of lithium ion battery anodes. ChemElectroChem 2020 ;Volum 7.(21) s. 4349-4253
36 ; Hæstad, Ida.
Modelling of Hydrogen Bunkering System for Maritime Applications. Porsgrunn: Universitetet i Sørøst-Norge 2020 101 s.
USN Untitled
37 Zenith, Federico.
Diagnostics and prognostics of fuel-cell systems: A review with focus on on-board techniques for low-temperature PEMFC automotive systems. Trondheim: SINTEF 2020 (ISBN 978-82-14-06588-6) 38 s. SINTEF Rapport(2020:01002)
SINTEF Untitled
38 Aarskog, Fredrik Gundersen; Hansen, Olav R.; Strømgren, Trond; Ulleberg, Øystein.
Concept risk assessment of a hydrogen driven high speed passenger ferry. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 2019 s. 1-14
IFE Untitled
39 Bettzüge, Marc Oliver; Blok, Kornelius; Bradshaw, Alex; Bruce, Peter; Duic, Neven; Frank, Harry; Georges, Gil; Giannopoulos, George; Hamacher, Thomas; Johnsson, Filip; Kretzschmar, Jan; La Poutré, Han; Laurikko, Juhani; Oswald, Kirsten; Schmidt, Thomas Justus; Sturm, Peter-Johann; Ulleberg, Øystein; Gillett, William; Boulouchos, Konstantinos.
Decarbonisation of transport: Options and challenges. Germany: European Academies' Science Advisory Council (EASAC Secretariat) 2019 (ISBN 978-3-8047-3977-2) 58 s.
IFE Untitled
40 Bjerkan, Kristin Ystmark; Karlsson, Hampus; Sondell, Rebecka Snefuglli; Damman, Sigrid; Meland, Solveig.
Governance in Maritime Passenger Transport: Green Public Procurement of Ferry Services. World Electric Vehicle Journal 2019 ;Volum 10.(4) s. 1-15
SINTEF Untitled
41 Bjerkan, Kristin Ystmark; Sondell, Rebecka Snefuglli; Karlsson, Hampus; Damman, Sigrid; Meland, Solveig.
Public tendered maritime passenger services. Opportunities and barriers for zero-emission operation.. : SINTEF Community 2019 46 s.
SINTEF Untitled
42 Chatzitakis, Athanasios Eleftherios; Sartori, Sabrina.
Recent Advances in the Use of Black TiO2 for Production of Hydrogen and Other Solar Fuels. ChemPhysChem 2019 ;Volum 20.(10) s. 1272-1281
UiO Untitled
43 Danebergs, Janis.
Techno-economic Study of Hydrogen as a Heavy-duty Truck Fuel, A Case Study on the Transport Corridor Oslo – Trondheim. : Digitala Vetenskapliga Arkivet 2019 101 s.
IFE Untitled
44 Henriksen, Mathias; Vågsæther, Knut; Lundberg, Joachim; Forseth, Sissel; Bjerketvedt, Dag.
Explosion characteristics for Li-ion battery electrolytes at elevated temperatures. Journal of Hazardous Materials 2019 ;Volum 371. s. 1-7
FFI USN Untitled
45 Hovi, Inger Beate; Pinchasik, Daniel Ruben; Thorne, Rebecca Jayne; Figenbaum, Erik.
User experiences from the early adopters of heavyduty zero-emission vehicles in Norway. Barriers and opportunities. Oslo, Norway: Transportøkonomisk institutt 2019 (ISBN 978-82-480-2282-4) 130 s. TØI-rapport(1734/2019)
TØI Untitled
46 Hval, Halvor Høen.
Slik jobber jeg for å gjøre fremtidens oppladbare superbatterier trygge. 2019
UiO Untitled
47 Lian, Torleif; Vie, Preben Joakim Svela; Gilljam, Martin; Forseth, Sissel.
Changes in Thermal Stability of Cyclic Aged Commercial Lithium-Ion Cells. ECS Transactions 2019 ;Volum 89.(1) s. 73-81
FFI IFE Untitled
48 Rogstad, Daniel Tevik; Røe, Ingeborg Treu; Østli, Elise Ramleth.
Råd for å bevare elsykkelbatteriet i vinterkulda. Gemini 2019
NTNU Untitled
49 Sun, Xinwei; Simonsen, Stian Christopher; Norby, Truls Eivind; Chatzitakis, Athanasios Eleftherios.
Composite Membranes for High Temperature PEM Fuel Cells and Electrolysers: A Critical Review. Membranes 2019 ;Volum 9.(7)
UiO Untitled
50 Tomasgard, Asgeir; Berstad, David Olsson; Blekkan, Edd Anders; Karstad, Per Ivar; Burheim, Odne Stokke; Dawson, James; Espegren, Kari Aamodt; Løvås, Terese; Meyer, Julien; Møller-Holst, Steffen; Nekså, Petter; Pollet, Bruno; Størset, Sigmund Østtveit; Sundseth, Kyrre; Thomassen, Magnus; Ulleberg, Øystein.
Hydrogen i fremtidens lavkarbonsamfunn. Trondheim: Center for Sustainable Energy Research (CenSES), NTNU 2019 (ISBN 978-82-93198-31-4) 40 s.
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