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1 Gilbert, N.; Parton, N.; Skivenes, Marit.
Child Protection Systems: International Trends and Emerging Orientations. Oxford University Press 2011 (ISBN 9780199793358) 257 s.
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2 Skivenes, Marit; Helland, Hege Beate Stein.
Rapport: Adopsjon som barneverntiltak.. Bergen: Centre for Research on Discretion and Paternalism 2019 303 s.
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3 Archard, David; Skivenes, Marit.
Balancing a Child’s Best Interest and a Child’s Views. The International Journal of Children's Rights 2009 ;Volum 17.(1) s. 1-21
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4 Berrick, Jill Duerr; Dickens, Jonathan; Pösö, Tarja; Skivenes, Marit.
Children's involvement in care order decision-making: A cross-country analysis. International Journal of Child Abuse & Neglect 2015 ;Volum 49. s. 128-141
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5 Berrick, Jill Duerr; Peckover, Sue; Pösö, Tarja; Skivenes, Marit.
The formalized framework for decision-making in child protection care orders: A cross-country analysis. Journal of European Social Policy 2015 ;Volum 25.(4) s. 366-378
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6 Berrick, Jill Duerr; Skivenes, Marit.
Dimensions of high quality foster care: Parenting Plus. Children and Youth Services Review 2012 ;Volum 34.(9) s. 1956-1965
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7 Burns, Kenneth; Križ, Katrin; Krutzinna, Jenny; Luhamaa, Katre; Meysen, Thomas; Pösö, Tarja; Segado, Sagrario; Skivenes, Marit; Thoburn, June.
The hidden proceedings - An analysis of accountability of child protection adoption proceedings in eight European jurisdictions. European Journal of Comparative Law and Governance 2019 ;Volum 6.(4) s. 339-371
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8 Kriz, Katrin; Skivenes, Marit.
Challenges for marginalized minority parents in different welfare systems: Child welfare workers’ perspectives. International Social Work 2015 ;Volum 58.(1) s. 75-87
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9 Magnussen, Anne-Mette; Skivenes, Marit.
The child´s opinion and position in care order proceedings: an analysis of judiciary discretion in the county boards decision-making. The International Journal of Children's Rights 2015 ;Volum 23.(4) s. 705-723
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10 Skivenes, Marit.
Judging the best interests of children - rational reasoning or subjective presumptions?. Acta Sociologica 2010 ;Volum 53.(4) s. 339-353
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11 Skivenes, Marit; Kriz, Katrin.
Child welfare workers’ perceptions of children’s participation: a comparative study of England, Norway and the United States (California). Child & Family Social Work 2015 ;Volum 22. s. 11-22
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12 Skivenes, Marit; Skramstad, Heidi.
Child welfare workers' views of fathers in risk assessment and planned interventions, a comparison between English and Norwegian workers. Child & Family Social Work 2015 ;Volum 22.(1) s. 203-212
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13 Skivenes, Marit; Skramstad, Heidi.
The emotional dimension in risk assessment: a cross-country study of the perceptions of child welfare workers in England, Norway and California (United States). The British Journal of Social Work 2015 ;Volum 45.(3) s. 809-824
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14 Skivenes, Marit; Stenberg, Hanne.
Risk assessment and domestic violence - how do child welfare workers in three countries assess and substantiate the risk level for a 5-year-old girl?. Child & Family Social Work 2013 ;Volum 20.(4) s. 424-436
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15 Skivenes, Marit; Thoburn, June.
Citizens' views in four jurisdictions on placement policies for maltreated children. Child & Family Social Work 2017 ;Volum 22.(4) s. 1472-1479
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16 Skivenes, Marit; Tonheim, Milfrid.
Improving decision-making in care order proceedings: A multijurisdictional study of court decision-makers' viewpoints. Child & Family Social Work 2018
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