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1 Dahlberg, Stefan; Linde, Jonas.
The dynamics of the winner–loser gap in satisfaction with democracy: Evidence from a Swedish citizen panel. International Political Science Review 2016 s. 1-17
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2 Dahlberg, Stefan; Linde, Jonas; Holmberg, Sören.
Democratic discontent in old and new democracies: Assessing the importance of democratic input and governmental output. Political Studies 2015 ;Volum 63.(S1) s. 18-37
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3 Linde, Jonas.
Why feed the hand that bites you? Perceptions of procedural fairness and system support in post-communist democracies. European Journal of Political Research 2012 ;Volum 51.(3) s. 410-434
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4 Linde, Jonas; Ekman, Joakim.
Satisfaction with Democracy: A Note on a Frequently Used Indicator in Comparative Politics. European Journal of Political Research 2003 ;Volum 42.(3) s. 391-408
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5 Linde, Jonas; Erlingsson, Gissur Ó.
The Eroding Effect of Corruption on System Support in Sweden. Governance. An International Journal of Policy, Administration and Institutions 2013 ;Volum 26.(4) s. 585-603
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