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1 Kunze, Astrid.
The Gender Wage Gap in Developed Countries. I: The Oxford Handbook of Woman and the Economy.. Oxford University Press 2017 ISBN 9780190628963. s. -
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2 Ejrnæs, Mette; Kunze, Astrid.
Work and Wage Dynamics around Childbirth. The Scandinavian Journal of Economics 2013 ;Volum 115.(3) s. 856-877
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3 Epstein, Gil S.; Kunze, Astrid; Ward, Melanie.
HIGH-SKILLED MIGRATION AND THE EXERTION OF EFFORT BY THE LOCAL POPULATION. Scottish Journal of Political Economy 2009 ;Volum 56.(3) s. 332-352
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4 Kunze, Astrid.
Gender wage gap studies: consistency and decomposition. Empirical Economics 2008 ;Volum 35. s. 63-76
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5 Kunze, Astrid.
Parental Leave and Maternal Labor Supply.. IZA World of Labor 2016 ;Volum 279. s. -
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6 Kunze, Astrid.
The evolution of the gender wage gap. Labour Economics 2005 ;Volum 12.(1) s. 73-97
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7 Kunze, Astrid.
The family gap in career progression. Research in Labor Economics 2015 ;Volum 41. s. 115-142
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8 Kunze, Astrid.
Types of absence from work and wages of young workers with apprenticeship training.. Zeitschrift für Arbeitsmarktforschung 2017 ;Volum 51.(5)
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9 Kunze, Astrid; Fitzenberger, Bernd.
Vocational training and gender: wages and occupational mobility among young workers. Oxford review of economic policy 2005 ;Volum 21.(3) s. 392-415
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10 Kunze, Astrid; Kenneth R., Troske.
Life-cycle patterns in male/female differences in job search. Labour Economics 2012 ;Volum 19.(2) s. 176-185
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11 Kunze, Astrid; Miller, Amalia R..
Women Helping Women? Evidence from Private Sector Data on Workplace Hierarchies.. Review of Economics and Statistics 2017 ;Volum 99.(5) s. 769-775
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12 Kunze, Astrid; Troske, Kenneth R..
Gender Differences in Job Search Among Young Workers: A Study using Displaced Workers in the United States. Southern Economic Journal 2015 ;Volum 82.(1) s. 185-207
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