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1 Abudayya, Abdallah; Goth, Ursula-Georgine Småland; Asadi-Azarbaijani, Babak; Gullhav, Inga; Jacobsen, Evelyn.
Simulering som didaktisk tilnærming: å tilrettelegge for likeverdige helsetjenester for innvandrerpasienter med kommunikasjonsutfordring. Skandinavisk tidsskrift for yrker og profesjoner i utvikling 2020
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2 Alcoléa, Vitor; Medola, Fausto Orsi; Bertolaccin, Guilherme da Silva; Sandnes, Frode Eika.
Effect of Added Mass Location on Manual Wheelchair Propulsion Forces. I: Human Systems Engineering and Design II Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Human Systems Engineering and Design (IHSED2019): Future Trends and Applications. Springer 2020 ISBN 978-3-030-27927-1. s. 747-753
3 Boiani, Josieli Aparecida Marques; Sandnes, Frode Eika; Paschoarelli, Luis Carlos; Medola, Fausto Orsi.
Satisfaction of Aged Users with Mobility Assistive Devices: A Preliminary Study of Conventional Walkers. I: Human Systems Engineering and Design II Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Human Systems Engineering and Design (IHSED2019): Future Trends and Applications. Springer 2020 ISBN 978-3-030-27927-1. s. 742-746
4 Filho, Idinei Francisco Pires de Carv; Medola, Fausto Orsi; Sandnes, Frode Eika; Paschoarelli, Luis Carlos.
Manufacturing Technology in Rehabilitation Practice: Implications for Its Implementation in Assistive Technology Production. I: Advances in Additive Manufacturing, Modeling Systems and 3D Prototyping: Proceedings of the AHFE 2019 International Conference on Additive Manufacturing, Modeling Systems and 3D Prototyping. Springer 2020 ISBN 978-3-030-20215-6. s. 328-336
5 Pedersen, Hilde; Refvik, Rein Frimannslund; Uy, Johnnadel Salita; Sandnes, Frode Eika.
Joystick versus Mouse in First Person Shooters: Mouse Is Faster than Joystick. I: Human Interaction and Emerging Technologies Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Human Interaction and Emerging Technologies (IHIET 2019). Springer 2020 ISBN 978-3-030-25628-9. s. 378-382
6 Raknes, Ketil; Ihlen, Øyvind; Dan, Viorela.
Political public relations and strategic framing. I: Political Public Relations. Routledge 2020 ISBN 978-1-138-48404-7. s. 146-164
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7 Eriksson, Niklas; Fagerstrøm, Asle.
Exploring showrooming behavior in electronics and clothing retail. Arcada Working Papers 2019
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8 Fagerstrøm, Asle; Eriksson, Niklas; Sigurdsson, Valdimar.
Investigating the impact of Internet of Things services from a smartphone app on grocery shopping. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services 2019 ;Volum 52.(101927) s. -
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9 Aaberge, Kari; Mamen, Asgeir.
A Comparative Study of Fitness Levels among Norwegian Youth in 1988 and 2001.. Sports 2019 ;Volum 7.(2) s. -
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10 Alemu, Mohammed Hussen; Sigurdsson, Valdimar; Fagerstrøm, Asle; Foxall, Gordon.
Developing the e-commerce sector for the fishery industry: What business are we really in?. Managerial and Decision Economics (MDE) 2019 s. 1-17
HK Untitled
11 Alghasi, Sharam.
A ‘Muslim’ response to the narrative of the enemy within. I: Undoing Homogeneity in the Nordic Region: Migration, Difference and the Politics of Solidarity.. Routledge 2019 ISBN 9781138564275. s. 179-195
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12 Arcuri, Andrea.
RESTful API Automated Test Case Generation with EvoMaster. ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology 2019 ;Volum 28.(1) s. -
HK Untitled
13 Arcuri, Andrea; galeotti, Juan Pablo.
SQL Data Generation to Enhance Search-Based System Testing. I: GECCO '19: Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) 2019 ISBN 978-1-4503-6111-8.
HK Untitled
14 Aschim, Thomas Bekken; Gjerstad, Julie Lidahl; Lien, Lars Vidar; Tahsin, Rukaiya; Sandnes, Frode Eika.
Are Split Tablet Keyboards Better? A Study of Soft Keyboard Layout and Hand Posture. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2019 ;Volum 11748 LNCS. s. 647-655
15 Atukunda, Prudence; Muhoozi, Grace Kyamazima Mehangye; van den Broek, Tim; Kort, Remco; Diep, Lien My; Kaaya, Archileo; Iversen, Per Ole; Westerberg, Ane Cecilie.
Child development, growth and microbiota: follow-up of a randomized education trial in Uganda. Journal of Global Health 2019 ;Volum 9.(1) s. 1-11
HK OUS UiO Untitled
16 Atukunda, Prudence; Muhoozi, Grace Kyamazima Mehangye; Westerberg, Ane Cecilie; Iversen, Per Ole.
Nutrition, hygiene and stimulation education for impoverished mothers in rural Uganda: Effect on maternal depression symptoms and their associations to child development outcomes. Nutrients 2019 ;Volum 11:1561.(7) s. 1-13
HK OUS UiO Untitled
17 Baker, Raniin Chantel; Haddara, Moutaz.
EXPLORING CONSULTANTS’ ROLE IN ERP SYSTEMS IMPLEMENTATIONS. IADIS International Journal on Computer Science and Information System 2019 s. 163-170
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18 Begnum, Miriam Eileen Nes; Pettersen, Lene; Sørum, Hanne.
Identifying Five Archetypes of Interaction Design Professionals and Their Universal Design Expertise. Interacting with computers 2019
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19 Begnum, Miriam Eileen Nes; Pettersen, Lene; Sørum, Hanne.
INTO THE WILD: EDUCATING INTERACTION DESIGNERS. NOKOBIT - Norsk konferanse for organisasjoners bruk av informasjonsteknologi 2019
HK UiO Untitled
20 Birch, Stephen.
Inter-rater agreement in traditional Chinese medicine: On the potential contribution of Popplewell's work. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 2019 ;Volum 25.(11) s. 1077-1079
HK Untitled
21 Biørn-Hansen, Andreas; Grønli, Tor-Morten; Ghinea, Gheorghita.
A Survey and Taxonomy of Core Concepts and Research Challenges in Cross-Platform Mobile Development. ACM Computing Surveys 2019 ;Volum 51.(5) s. -
HK Untitled
22 Biørn-Hansen, Andreas; Grønli, Tor-Morten; Ghinea, Gheorghita.
Animations in Cross-Platform Mobile Applications: An Evaluation of Tools, Metrics and Performance. Sensors 2019 ;Volum 19.(9) s. -
HK Untitled
23 Biørn-Hansen, Andreas; Grønli, Tor-Morten; Ghinea, Gheorghita; Alouneh, Sahel.
An Empirical Study of Cross-Platform Mobile Development in Industry. Wireless Communications & Mobile Computing 2019 ;Volum 2019. s. 1-12
HK Untitled
24 Bjerkenes, Marius; Haddara, Moutaz.
Blockchain Technology Solutions for Supply Chains. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 2019 ;Volum 1069. s. 909-918
HK Untitled
25 Boiani, Josieli Aparecida Marques; Barili, Sara Raquel Martins; Medola, Fausto Orsi; Sandnes, Frode Eika.
On the non-disabled perceptions of four common mobility devices in Norway: A comparative study based on semantic differentials. Technology and Disability 2019 ;Volum 31.(1-2) s. 15-25
26 Borgli, Rune Johan; Stensland, Håkon Kvale; Halvorsen, Pål; Riegler, Michael Alexander.
Saga: An Open Source Platform for Training Machine Learning Models and Community-driven Sharing of Techniques. I: Proceedings of Content Based Multimedia Information (CBMI 2019). IEEE conference proceedings 2019 ISBN 978-1-7281-4673-7.
27 Brathovde, Kristian; Farner, Mads Brændeland; Brun, Fredrik Krag; Sandnes, Frode Eika.
Effectiveness of Color-Picking Interfaces Among Non-designers. I: International Conference on Cooperative Design, Visualization and Engineering CDVE 2019. Springer 2019 ISBN 978-3-030-30948-0. s. 181-189
28 Carrillo, Irma Magana; Svensson, Göran; Neira, Maria del Carmen Otero.
The impact of perceived justice on satisfaction and behavioral intentions in service encounters ? a comparison and validation study. International Journal of Quality and Service Sciences 2019 ;Volum 11.(3) s. 378-394
HK Untitled
29 Chan, Rita Wai Yu; Kisa, Adnan.
A Scoping Review of Health Literacy Measurement Tools in the Context of Cardiovascular Health. Health Education & Behavior 2019 ;Volum 46.(4) s. 677-688
HK UiO Untitled
30 Dahlen, Øystein Pedersen.
Modernity and the development of PR in Norway: Influences and interactions. Public Relations Review 2019 ;Volum 45.(2) s. 192-201
HK Untitled
31 Dang Nguyen, Duc Tien; Piras, Luca; Riegler, Michael; Zhou, Liting; Lux, Mathias; Tran, Minh Triet; Le, Tu-Khiem; Ninh, Van-Tu; Gurrin, Cathal.
Overview of Imagecleflifelog 2019: Solve my life puzzle and lifelog moment retrieval. CEUR Workshop Proceedings 2019 ;Volum 2380.
HK UiB Untitled
32 Eg, Ragnhild; Krumsvik, Arne H..
Personality filters for online news interest and engagement. Nordicom Review 2019 ;Volum 40.(Special Issue 1) s. 177-194
HK Untitled
33 Eg, Ragnhild; Krumsvik, Arne H..
Personality filters for online news interest and engagement. Nordicom Review 2019 ;Volum 40.(Special Issue 1) s. 177-194
HK Untitled
34 Egeberg, Ole.
Samlerens fysiognomi. Om Walter Benjamins Ich packe kuriv meine Biblithek aus. I: Biblioteket i litteraturen. Pax Forlag 2019 ISBN 9788253040912. s. 353-366,381-383,-409
HK Untitled
35 Elragal, Ahmed; Haddara, Moutaz.
Design Science Research: Evaluation in the Lens of Big Data Analytics. Systems 2019 ;Volum 7.(2)
HK Untitled
36 Faber, Benedict; Michelet, Georg; Weidmann, Niklas; Mukkamala, Raghava Rao; Vatrapu, Ravi.
BPDIMS: A Blockchain-based Personal Data and Identity Management System. Proceedings of the Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences 2019
HK Untitled
37 Fagerstrøm, Asle; Bendheim, Liv Marie; Sigurdsson, Valdimar; Foxall, Gordon R.; Pawar, Sanchit.
The marketing firm and co‐creation: The case of co‐creation by LEGO. Managerial and Decision Economics (MDE) 2019 s. -
38 Fagerstrøm, Asle; Bendheim, Liv Marie; Sigurdsson, Valdimar; Pawar, Sanchit; Foxall, Gordon R..
The marketing firm and co‐creation: An empirical study of marketer and customer's co‐creation process. Managerial and Decision Economics (MDE) 2019
39 Ferguson, Leila Eve; Bubikova-Moan, Jarmila.
Argumentation as a pathway to critical thinking. I: Proceedings of the Ninth Conference of the International Society for the Study of Argumentation. Amsterdam: International Society for the Study of Argumentation 2019 ISBN 9789090316369. s. 352-362
HK NIFU Untitled
40 Ferro, Carlos; Padin, Carmen; Høgevold, Nils; Svensson, Göran; Sosa Varela, Juan Carlos.
Validating and expanding a framework of a triple bottom line dominant logic for business sustainability through time and across contexts. The journal of business & industrial marketing 2019 ;Volum 34.(1) s. 95-116
HK Untitled
41 Fitzmaurice, Christina; Akinyemiju, Tomi F.; Alam, Tahiya; Alsharif, Ubai; Alvis-Guzman, Nelson; Amini, Erfan; Vollset, Stein Emil; Weiderpass, Elisabete; Aremu, Olatunde; Artaman, Al; Assadi, Reza; Avila-Burgos, Leticia; Awasthi, Ashish; Bhakta, Nickhill; Brenner, Hermann; Catalá-López, Ferrán; Choi, Jee-Young Jasmine; Christopher, Devasahayam Jesudas; Curado, Maria Paula; das Neves, José; Dey, Subhojit; Dharmaratne, Samath Dhamminda; Doku, David Teye; Dubey, Manisha; Ebrahimi, Hedyeh; El-Khatib, Ziad; Endries, Aman Yesuf; Kisa, Adnan; Al Lami, Faris Hasan; Murray, Christopher J.L.; Fischer, Florian; Force, Lisa M.; Gopalani, Sameer Vali; Gupta, Rahul; Hamadeh, Randah Ribhi; Hamidi, Samer; Hassen, Hamid Yimam; Hay, Roderick J.; Hay, Simon I.; Horita, Nobuyuki; Hosgood, H. Dean; Innos, Kaire; Islami, Farhad; Jakovljevic, Mihajlo B.; Jonas, Jost B.; Kasaeian, Amir; Kassa, Tesfaye Dessale; Khader, Yousef Saleh; Khan, Ejaz Ahmad; Khang, Young-Ho; Khosravi, Mohammad Hossein; Khubchandani, Jagdish; Lad, Deepesh; Lan, Qing; Leigh, James.
Global, regional, and national cancer incidence, mortality, years of life lost, years lived with disability, and disability-adjusted life-years for 29 cancer groups, 1990 to 2017: A systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study. JAMA Oncology 2019 ;Volum 4.(11) s. 1553-1567
42 Flygansvær, Bente Merete; Dahlstrøm, Robert; Nygaard, Arne.
Green Innovation in Recycling, - A Preliminary Analysis of Reversed Logistics in Norway.. World Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development 2019
BI HK NTNU Untitled
43 Fredriksen, Per Morten; Olsen, Helene Kristin; Meza, Trine Johansen.
Changes in Quality of Life in Elementary School Children-The Health Oriented Pedagogical Project (HOPP). Sports 2019 ;Volum 7.(1) s. -
HK Untitled
44 Frogner, Joakim Ihle; Noori, Farzan Majeed; Halvorsen, Pål; Hicks, Steven Alexander; Garcia-Ceja, Enrique; Tørresen, Jim; Riegler, Michael.
One-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Networks on Motor Activity Measurements in Detection of Depression. I: Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Multimedia for Personal Health & Health Care. ACM Digital Library 2019 ISBN 978-1-4503-6914-5. s. 9-15
45 Froud, Robert James; Meza, Trine Johansen; Ernes, Kjell Ove; Slowther, Anne Marie.
Research ethics oversight in Norway: structure, function, and challenges.. BMC Health Services Research 2019 ;Volum 19:24. s. 1-6
HK Untitled
46 Garcia Ceja, Enrique Alejandro; Riegler, Michael Alexander; Kvernberg, Anders Kongsli; Tørresen, Jim.
User-adaptive models for activity and emotion recognition using deep transfer learning and data augmentation. User modeling and user-adapted interaction 2019 s. 1-29
HK SINTEF UiO Untitled
47 Garousi, Vahid; Pfahl, Dietmar; Fernandes, Joao M.; Felderer, Michael; Mäntylä, Mika V.; Shepherd, David; Arcuri, Andrea; Coşkunçay, Ahmet; Tekinerdogan, Bedir.
Characterizing industry-academia collaborations in software engineering: evidence from 101 projects. Empirical Software Engineering 2019 ;Volum 24.(4) s. 2540-2602
HK Untitled
48 Gaustad, Tarje; Samuelsen, Bendik Meling; Warlop, Luk; Fitzsimons, Gavan J..
Too much of a good thing? Consumer response to strategic changes in brand image.. International Journal of Research in Marketing 2019 ;Volum 36.(2) s. 264-280
BI HK Untitled
49 Goth, Ursula-Georgine Småland; Voll, Liv Oddrun; Schønfeldt, Espen Braathen.
Opplæring for yrkeslivet: Samsvar mellom ferdigheter som undervises og ferdigheter som etterlyses. Skandinavisk tidsskrift for yrker og profesjoner i utvikling 2019
HK UiO UIS Untitled
50 Grant, Mary; O-Beirne-Elliman, Joanne; Froud, Robert James; Underwood, Martin; Seers, Kate.
The work of return to work. Challenges of returning to work when you have chronic pain: a meta-ethnography. BMJ Open 2019 ;Volum 9.(6)
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