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1 Haukås, Åsta; Coutinho Storto, Andre; Tiurikova, Irina.
The Ungspråk project: Researching multilingualism and multilingual identity in lower secondary schools.. Globe: A Journal of Language, Culture and Communication 2021 ;Volum 12. s. 83-98
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2 Haukås, Åsta; Storto, Andre; Tiurikova, Irina.
Developing and validating a questionnaire on young learners’ multilingualism and multilingual identity. Language Learning Journal 2021
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3 Tiurikova, Irina.
Researching intercultural competence in language learners: Gaps between theory and methodology. Intercultural Communication Education 2021 ;Volum 4.(2) s. 122-136
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4 Tiurikova, Irina; Haukås, Åsta; Storto, Andre.
The link between multilingualism, language learning and open-mindedness in secondary school students in Norway. Nordic Journal of Language Teaching and Learning (NJLTL) 2021 ;Volum 9.(2) s. 1-24
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