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1 Ramchand, Gillian C.
Perfects, Modals and the Problem of Partial Contents. Colloquium, University of Georgetown; 2021-02-26 - 2021-02-26
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2 Ramchand, Gillian C.
The Productivity of Meaning Composition: Mysteries and Challenges. The 23rd International Seoul Conference on Generative Grammar; 2021-08-11 - 2021-08-13
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3 Ramchand, Gillian C; Minor, Sergey; Vos, Myrte.
Comparing Infrared and Webcam-based Eye Tracking in the Visual World Paradigm. AMLaP (Architectures and Measures for Language Processing) 2021; 2021-09-02 - 2021-09-04
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4 Ramchand, Gillian C; Minor, Sergey; Vos, Myrte; Mitrofanova, Natalia; Guajardo, Gustavo.
Aspect Processing Across Languages: Visual World Eye Tracking Evidence for Semantic Distinctions. LAK Colloquium, University of Koeln; 2021-05-26 - 2021-05-26
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5 Ramchand, Gillian C; Sant, Charlotte.
Korleis gjer me stipendiatar til akademikarar?. 2021
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6 Vos, Myrte; Minor, Sergey; Ramchand, Gillian C.
Exploring the efficacy of webcam-based eye tracking for Visual World experiments. AcqVA Lunch; 2021-03-04 - 2021-03-04
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