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1 Enoksen, Anette; Træen, Bente.
How gay men living with HIV experience and perceive HIV-stigma: A qualitative study. Scandinavian Psychologist 2018 (5) s. 28-
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2 Fischer, Nantje; Træen, Bente; Hald, Gert Martin.
Predicting Partnered Sexual Activity among Older Adults in Four European Countries: The Role of Attitudes, Health and Relationship Factors. Sexual and Relationship Therapy 2018 s. 1-19
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3 Kvalem, Ingela Lundin; Træen, Bente; Markovic, Aleksandra; von Soest, Tilmann.
Body Image Development and Sexual Satisfaction: A Prospective Study From Adolescence to Adulthood. Journal of Sex Research 2018
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4 Prell, Emilie; Træen, Bente.
Minority Stress and Mental Health Among Lesbian and Bisexual Women in Norway. Journal of Bisexuality 2018 s. 278-298
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5 Schaller, Sidsel; Træen, Bente; Kvalem, Ingela Lundin; Hinchliff, Sharron.
Linking the past and the present: constructing meaning from childhood emotional and sexual experiences towards present sexual well-being in older adults. Sexual and Relationship Therapy 2018
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6 Stulhofer, Aleksandar; Hinchliff, Sharron; Jurin, Tanja; Carvalheira, Ana; Træen, Bente.
Successful aging, change in sexual interest and sexual enjoyment in couples from four European countries. European Journal of Ageing 2018
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7 Stulhofer, Aleksandar; Hinchliff, Sharron; Jurin, Tanja; Hald, Gert Martin; Træen, Bente.
Successful Aging and Changes in Sexual Interest and Enjoyment among Older European Men and Women. Journal of Sexual Medicine 2018 ;Volum 15.(10) s. 1393-1402
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8 Stulhofer, Aleksandar; Jurin, Tanja; Graham, Cynthia; Enzlin, Paul; Træen, Bente.
Sexual well-being in older men and women: Construction and validation of a multi-dimensional measure in four European countries. Journal of Happiness Studies 2018
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9 Træen, Bente.
Predictors of internalized homonegativity in Norwegian men who have sex with men (MSM).. Scandinavian Psychologist 2018 ;Volum 5.(1)
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10 Træen, Bente; Carvalheira, Ana; Hald, Gert Martin; Lange, Theis; Kvalem, Ingela Lundin.
Attitudes Towards Sexuality in Older Men and Women Across Europe: Similarities, Differences, and Associations with Their Sex Lives. Sexuality & Culture 2018 s. 1-25
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11 Træen, Bente; Carvalheira, Ana; Kvalem, Ingela Lundin; Hald, Gert Martin.
European Older Adults’ Use of the Internet and Social Networks for Love and Sex. Cyberpsychology : Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace 2018 ;Volum 12.(3)
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12 Træen, Bente; Stulhofer, Aleksandar; Janssen, Erick; Carvalheira, Ana; Hald, Gert Martin; Lange, Theis; Graham, Cynthia.
Sexual Activity and Sexual Satisfaction among Older Adults in Four European Countries. Archives of Sexual Behavior 2018 ;Volum 48.(3) s. 815-829
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13 Træen, Bente; Stulhofer, Aleksandar; Jurin, Tanja; Hald, Gert Martin.
Seventy-five years old and still going strong: Stability and change in sexual interest and sexual enjoyment in elderly men and women across Europe. International Journal of Sexual Health 2018 ;Volum 30.(4) s. 323-336
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