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1 Backwell, Lucinda R.; d'Errico, Francesco.
San Elders speak. Ancestral knowledge of the Kalhari San. Wits University Press 2021 (ISBN 1776146638) 312 s.
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2 Banks, William E.; Moncel, Marie-Helene; Raynal, J.P.; Cobos, MC; Romero-Alvarez, D; woillez, M-N; Faivre, Jean-Philippe; Gravina, Brad; d'Errico, Francesco; Locht, Jean-Luc.
An ecological niche shift for Neanderthal populations in Western Europe 70,000 years ago. Science Advances 2021 ;Volum 11.(1) s. 5346-5346
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3 d'Errico, Francesco; Backwell, Lucinda R..
Comment on Pascual-Garrido, F. and Almeida-Warren C. “Group-specific use of raw material for termite-fishing tools by Tanzanian chimpanzees: ecological constraints and cultural variants. Current Anthropology 2021 ;Volum 63.(3)
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4 Doyon, Luc; Li, Z; Wang, H; Geis, L; d'Errico, Francesco.
A 115,000-year-old expedient bone technology at Lingjing, Henan, China.. PLOS ONE 2021 ;Volum 16.(5) s. e0250156-
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5 Hanon, Raphael; d'Errico, Francesco; Backwell, Lucinda R.; Prat, Sandrine; Pathou-Mathis, M; Pean, S; Steininger, Christine M..
New evidence of bone tool use by Early Pleistocene hominins from Cooper’s D, Bloubank Valley, South Africa. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 2021 ;Volum 39. s. 103129-
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6 Martinon-Torres, Maria; d'Errico, Francesco; Alvaro Gallo, Ana; Archer, William; Armitage, Simon J.; Arsuaga, Juan luis; Bermudez de Castro, Jose María.
Earliest human burial in Africa. Nature 2021 ;Volum 593. s. 95-100
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7 Nunez, Rafael; d'Errico, Francesco; Gray, Russell D.; Bender, Andrea.
The perception of quantity ain’t number: Missing the primacy of symbolic reference. Comment to S. Clarke & J. Beck, The Number Sense Represents (Rational) Numbers. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 2021
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8 Pitarch Marti, Africa; Zilhão, João; d'Errico, Francesco; Cantalejo-Duarte, P; Dominguez-Bella, S.
Painting the place: insights from Cueva de Ardales into Middle Palaeolithic symbolic use of caves. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2021 ;Volum 118.(33) s. e2021495118-
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