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1 Boutin, Guillaume; Williams, Timothy; Rampal, Pierre; Olason, Einar; Lique, Camille.
Wave–sea-ice interactions in a brittle rheological framework. The Cryosphere 2021 ;Volume 15.(1) p. 431-437
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2 Kleinherenbrink, Marcel; Korosov, Anton; Newman, Thomas; Theodosiou, Andreas; Komarov, Alexander S.; Li, Yuanhao; Mulder, Gert; Rampal, Pierre; Stroeve, Julienne C.; López-Dekker, Paco.
Estimating instantaneous sea-ice dynamics from space using the bi-static radar measurements of Earth Explorer 10 candidate Harmony. The Cryosphere 2021 ;Volume 15.(7) p. 3101-3118
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3 Olason, Einar; Rampal, Pierre; Danserau, Veronique.
On the statistical properties of sea-ice lead fraction and heat fluxes in the Arctic. The Cryosphere 2021 ;Volume 15.(2) p. 1053-1064
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4 Williams, Timothy; Korosov, Anton; Rampal, Pierre; Olason, Einar.
Presentation and evaluation of the Arctic sea ice forecasting system neXtSIM-F. The Cryosphere 2021 ;Volume 15.(7) p. 3207-3227
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